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Well the weather outside may be frightful, but I am sure the learning inside your classroom is delightful. This page will help you teach during the winter months. Ideas of all kinds can be found here! You may want to bookmark this page now and use it during the winter months. We have three categories that are loaded with many topics: themes, literature units, and free gifts. Enjoy exploring them all. Many of the ideas are my ideas, some come from other thoughtful teachers (as stated next to idea), and many are ideas I have collected through the years from various sources.

Updated - 2013

Here are some of our favorite themes for winter!
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Easy to Print and Play Christmas and Winter Games!!!

You can get this here on E_junkie! 

Book Activities
These books are so wonderful. The students love them and there are so many great teaching activities you can do with them. Click on a book title for activities to match it!


Naughty or Nice

So have you been a good teacher this year? Teaching Heart
thinks you have... Teaching Heart would like to thank all the teachers that visit this site and share ideas. Here are a few free winter gifts from us to you!

Polar Express Train Ticket

A Bear with a Surprise - Student completes by reading (2-3) or listening (k-1) - Free From our CDROM

Gingerbread Cookie Graph - Teacher gives out gingerbread cookies, student graphs the part that was eaten first by classmates and then uses the graph to answer some questions (1-3) - Free From our CDROM

Gingerbread Measurement - A large gingerbread man for your students to measure using various units of measurement (marshmallows, raisins, & Red Hots). Student writes the measurements. Can be done as a group or individual. (k-3). - Free From our CDROM

Monthly Reading Homework Slip - November- Free From our CDROM

December Journal Cover - Free From our CDROM

Winter Multiplication - Free From our CDROM

December Weekly News Form - Free From our CDROM

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Winter Lucky the Charms Graph and Questions

Modified Winter Lucky Charms Graph by Maureen k-kids1@msn.com http://www.bcdk-kids.com

Sites For Teachers

Reindeer Food Gift Tag

Snowman Soup-
All the materials needed
to make this often requested craft.
The labels are no longer free. Due to people using them on ebay, I was forced to charge a small fee if you decide to use them. You will also find many other ideas for treats you can make your students!

Snowman, Snowman Book

Snowman, Snowman Book 2 words modified by Maureen k-kids1@msn.com http://www.bcdk-kids.com

Conversation Snowflake Activity Sheet

The candy used for this sheet can be purchased at oriental trading. Follow the link and search for conversation snowflake.

My Mitten
An Easy to Read book for you to print and use. This books uses the sight words like, my, do, you, they, are, and the. The student must color the mittens to match the text!
Two Gingerbread Boys
An Easy to read book.
Gingerbread Erase a Rhyme
Three Sheets of fun ideas that will help your students have a great time with rhymes!
Polar Express Cereal
Our CDROMS & Packets
If you enjoy our free sheets, you will love our CDROMS.
Jingle Bell Graphing
Give each student this graph and a baggie filled with some small, medium, and large bells!
  Cold Lady Printables Winter Bingo Card
Print a card and then rearrange the pictures and print again to create a set for your class!

Little Winter Books By Maureen

These easy to read books are free to download. They were sent to me by Maureen Tumenas. She wanted to share them with Teaching Heart visitors. A HUGE thanks goes out to her. I know you will be happy to see that they can be downloaded in both Word and/or PDF format.

Christmas Lights (PDF)
Christmas Lights (Word)
This a a cute little book that uses color words and the sight words see, I, and lights. Your students will need to color in the lights to match the text.

Here is Santa (PDF)
Here is Santa (Word)
This is about Santa and what he has on. It uses the sight words; here, is, are, & my. Some of the pages are color and some are black and white.

I Can See Christmas (pdf)
I Can See Christmas (Word)
This is a book for your students to read and color. Each page has the sentence, I can see _________ and a picture of a Holiday item, such as; lights, wreath, stockings...

My Snowman (PDF)
My Snowman (Word)
Watch your snowman melt in this cute story.

The Polar Express (PDF)
Very cute book using the Brown Bear Format. This will make a good activity to use with your Polar Express Unit.

Snowman Snowman (PDF)
Snowman, Snowman (Word)
What does the snowman see, smell, eat, and feel?

Teachers Sharing Their Winter Files

Each of these files have been shared with Teaching Heart. The teachers below have created these documents and are happy to share them with you. Thanks so much! Please share your files by sending them to

Make an estimate for how many cranberries long each object is. Then work with your partner to use the cranberries to record the true measurement. From

Candy Cane Story Starters

Candy Cane Measurement

Silly Santa Math Mat

Rudy Reindeer Math Activity

 The Printables Below are From
This Contest

Thanks to all who sent in a printable. Kelly Brown, Leslie Myers, Sally Summer, and KAren Moss also sent in entries that were not included below.... But all of you were enetered in the giveaway as well.

FROM : Robin Sellers, 2nd grade, use this for poetry in the lower grades -

FROM: Laura Rieben
A Gingerbread Roll and dot!
FROM: Mary Ann Jarman
Snowman Pattern Activity Grade Prek-K
FROM: Elizabeth Gallagher
Snow Patterning Activity.

The children cut the 4 pictures at the bottom and then past them in the correct box. Then the children will draw their own pattern. It can be done in small group, whole group, or homework. It can be used as an assessment, review, or extension activity.
Christmas Tree Pattern
BY: Amanda Dover
Gingerbread Pattern
BY: Amanda Dover
Polar Express Counting
BY: Amanda Dover
Gingerbread Counting
BY: Amanda Dover
December Calendar
By: Laura Spearman
Dear Santa Form
From: Krissy Miner
Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business
Magical Christmas Eve Sack
From: Krissy Miner
Where is the Snowman
By : Jeanine Bura It is a spin off of the Valerie Welk "Where is the spider?" book, but uses snowmen instead. After the book is assembled, the students read the minibook and place the snowman in the position stated on the page. For example, on the page that says next to the house, the student puts the snowman next to the house. I have used other books such as this, but glued or stamped the character in the position. The students seem to learn the positional words well using these books.
By: Marlana Howerton of
Lil' Country Kindergarten

Penguin FILES
By: Marlana Howerton
I'm a Little Penguin Song!
By: Marlana Howerton
Gingerbread Files
Gingerkids song for shared reading, number sight word recognition, concepts of print, etc. I also included a page of gingerbread counters for hands-on experiences for counting and matching objects to the number words.
Match the number cards, words and value in a pocket chart or at a learning station.
By: Marlana Howerton of
Lil' Country Kindergarten
Candy Cane Math Journal Prompts with Counters
By: Marlana Howerton
Thanks to all the teachers above! You have TRUE Teaching Hearts!

Wonderful Winter Books By Theme.

Need a winter book to read to your class. Here is a quick way to grab a book. Pick a topic and you will see a list of books that match it. You can click on a title and purchase at Amazon or write down the title and get it from your school library.

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Stop by often for many wonderful winter ideas! We will be adding new ideas often during the winter months!


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