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Candy Cane Relay
Divide players into two teams. Give each player a chopstick. (The cheap, disposable wooden ones work fine.) Each team forms a line, and each player holds his or her chopstick in front of him or her. Place a candy cane on the chopstick of the first student. At a given signal, the player must turn and pass the chopstick on to the next player who in turn passes it on down the row. Players may touch the candy cane only with their chopstick. If the candy cane falls to the ground, and players cannot retrieve it with their chopsticks, the player who was passing it may pick it up and put it back on his or her chopstick, but a ten-second penalty will be assessed. When the candy cane reaches the last player, the player must run to the front of the line with the candy cane on his or her chopstick. The first team to get the candy cane back to the front of its line wins.

We make a candy canes as part of a patterning activity. I use a 6 x 9 = (a 12 x 18 sheet cut in 4ths) piece of dark blue with the thin outline of acandy cane drawn on it. With red and white 1-inch squares the children make a pattern along the line. I help a little, if necessary, going around the curve. Then they paste the squares on. They really look cute. This year Iwas thinking of having them practice with 1-inch tiles first so they get = the=20 idea.

Make many different candy cane shapes with different numbers of stripes. Have the children count the stripes on the cnady canes. Ask the children who had the most, the least and make a chart of how many lines were on the candy canes. Which number of stripes did most people have?

Candy Cane Weighing
Supply the children with a balance and candy canes to experiment with.

Have you made Rudolph with them? give each student a candycane. Have them glue on 2 wiggly eyes, a tiny red
pompom, twist a brown pipecleaner around the head. use some other smaller pipecleaner pieces to twist around the first one to make antlers. We make candy cane pins using a half of a pipe cleaner and red and white tri beads..2 white, 2 red..etc..i hot
glue a pinback on when they are finished. By

We made candy cane patterns. I have seen them done with inch squares in red and white. I made a sheet of circles on the computer and printed them on red and white. The children cut them out and glued them together, using the pattern of their choice in the shape of a candy cane. They are really cute! I did this with kindergarten children. by Belva Buchan"

Take a square piece of paper and color red half an inch stripe on 2 adjacent
sides. Turn the paper over so the red is facing the table. Put a pencil in
the white corner and roll the paper around the pencil to the opposite
corner. Hold the corner in place. GENTLY release a tiny bit of tension so
that the pencil falls out. Tape the corner. You have a peppermint stick.
Bend the top into a hook and you have a candy cane.

I give my preschoolers a large white paper candy cane (no stripes) and then
give them a strip of red paper. They have to cut strips off the red paper
to make stripes for the candy canes. After they cut their stripes they just
glue them on. A good cutting activity for very young ones.

Sue Youngblut
Freeport, IL

I just made cute candy canes with my pre-k class today.  I put candy cane patterns on the easels and the children painted candy canes with red paint mixed with mint extract.  They smell like real candy canes and make the whole room smell good too!  It is a great sensory experience for small children. - Amy

I am in the middle of a candy cane unit with my second graders. I first read Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick by Kevin Henkes. We then used each of our senses to write describing words as we ate the candy cane. We then used the words to write descriptive paragraphs. Today we made the candy canes to go with them. I mixed Peppermint Extract in with the red paint to give it a peppermint smell. We then used popsicle sticks to drizzle the paint onto white paper . Monday we will cut them out in the shape of candy canes. My class really enjoyed eating the candy canes and they loved the smell of the paint. It gave my classroom a nice smell too! Lauren in NJ Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick Board Book and Finger Puppet

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Read a Great Book!

Candy Cane Seeds

Picture Coming!

(Use round, red and white peppermint candies - Place in small envelope or baggie. These are fun to hand out to students after reading a great Candy Cane Book!)

I once knew a gardner who knew how to grow
Bright tasty candies, from under the snow
I asked her to share her secret with me
And this is what she replied quite readily
To garden in winter snow is difficult you see
It takes lots of care and a very special seed
Here are a couple seeds to grow your own treats
And you'll soon reap a harvest of
candy cane treats!

`Author Unknown

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