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Happy Holiday! Glad you are here. This page is filled with so many goodies to make teaching using a Christmas theme fun for you and educational for your students. We have placed all these goodies in one place - be patient while the page loads - we promise you will be glad you waited! You will find free activity sheets, lesson ideas, bboard ideas, and much more. Enjoy!

Updated 2013


Write all about it!

*Draw Santa's sleigh and reindeer.
*What do you think the North Pole looks like?
*At Christmas, I can smell/hear/see/taste/feel...... 
*All I want for Christmas is...
*If you worked for Santa, what would your job be?
*What would is the best gift you could give someone?
*What would be the best present to give your Mom or Dad? 
* The presents were all wrapped in pretty bows, Zachary decided to....
*I love to give to others because....
*T'was the night before Christmas and .....

I created three free Santa letter forms you can use to create your letters.

Free Santa Letter Templates
Free letters to Santa Templates to download the set!

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for each child,
video each classmate reading the letter and set it to DVD. 
Click here to see an example of one I did for my son’s second grade class years ago.

Some Math Ideas

Graphing Ideas: Where we will spend the holiday, Our favorite kind of Christmas Cookie, Our favorite Christmas Song...

The dollar shops often sell the seasonal metallic confetti that you place inside greeting cards.  Use it in your class for a fun math readiness activity.  Tape a few short rows of scotch tape (sticky side up) onto a small
square of paper.  The children then place the seasonal shapes onto the tape and form patterns. They "read" them to the class when they are
done..."Snowflake, snowflake, holly, snowflake, snowflake, holly..."  Well, you get the idea!

Fun With Christmas Foods!

This time of year it is easy to find Holiday themed activities for Math fun! I know some school cannot use food - sorry! I also realize that it is important to make sure there are no allergies in your classroom before doing these activities.

Find the winter shapes macaroni and you have many a math lesson at your finger tips with the macaroni and the free printables from Teaching Heart!

Pages 2 and 3 have sorting and graphing activities to use with these shapes. I put a few of each in a Ziploc and then give each student a bag to work with. Page 2 is Preschool and Kindergarten level!

Page 3 is first and second grade level.

Page 6 is patterning. You can even have students glue the correct shape on.

Teaching Heart Winter Shapes Macaroni Activities – Click to Download!

Holiday Christmas Themed Marshmallows

I love all the Holiday Themed Marshmallows they have out this year. Not sure if they had the snowmen last year or if they are new this year, but they are yummy!!! I have a free set of printables to go along with the Gingerbread, Snowmen, and Holiday shapes. You just need to buy the mallows and you are set! I got mine at Walmart.

The following page is for first and second graders. They must sort, tally, graph, and then read their results by answering questions about their data.

The first page in the set is for Preschool and Kindergarten. They must sort, count, write the numbers, and then circle the shape they have the most and least of! (I put a set amount in a baggie for each student)

Gingerbread and Snowman Marshmallow Sheet – Click Here! to download these two sheets.

I have a similar sheet in my Preschool and Kindergarten Gingerbread Packet here. It only uses the Gingerbread and Holiday Mallows.

You can learn more about this sheet by clicking here!

Christmas themed fruit snacks

Found these at Target the other day. They are cute Christmas themed fruit snacks in the shapes of Santa, trees, stars, and candy canes. So of course I had to make a sorting and graphing sheet!!!

Above is a simple sorting sheet. Great for Pre K and Kindergarten classes.

Below is a sorting and graphing sheet great for first and second grades.

Click to Download Fruit Snack Sorting and Graphing From Teaching Heart

For more free winter planning ideas – click here – there are TONS!!!

Support TEaching Heart and shop our store. Lots of winter files to make learning fun!

Christmas themed Goldfish Shapes
Goldfish Holiday Shapes Graph and Sorting Free Printable

My file has a sorting sheet and
a graph, tally, and read-it sheet to use with these fish!!! 

Click here to download the free printables!

Bingo!!!  Winter and Christmas sets!!!

Christmas and Winter Bingo!

The GREAT thing about these two Bingo Games
is that every picture called will be
on the card (just in a different order) – this allows for everyone to cover a
picture at every turn but still just one winner. (Keeps all engaged knowing they
must find the picture on every turn.) You get 12 different cards for each game +
A set of larger calling cards.

This is part of our easy print and go games for Christmas and Winter... Four great and easy to use games for $3.50!

Buy Now

BBoard ideas

Cover a board with a white background and place the title Stocking Stuffers on the board. Make a large stocking out of poster board. Staple it to the board. Make sure the top is opened so that it can be stuffed. Have each child write his or her name on a strip of paper. Ask them to cut out pictures from magazines of things they would like for Christmas and glue them to their strip. Now stuff the stocking!

Class Choir

Have each student draw his or her portrait on a paper plate. ask them to draw the mouth in a singing position. Attach a red bow to the chin of each face. Arrange the faces on the class bulletin board with the title, "Our Class Choir".

Dear Santa

In the center of your bulletin board put a picture of a reindeer or Santa. Give each of your children a piece of paper folded in half. Have them write or draw the list of gifts they want Santa to bring them.

Here are some pictures of some bulletin board art projects!

My Favorite Songs, Poems, and Fingerplays

Isn't it the strangest thing,
That Santa is so shy?          (hide face with hands)
We can never, never catch him, (make fingers run)
No matter how we try.
It isn't any use to watch,     (hold hand to eyes and look)
Because my parents said,
"Santa Claus will only come
When children are in bed!"     (shake finger)

10 Little Elves
Jumping in the slay
One falls off and.... slides away
Santa calls the reindeer and the reindeer say
"No more jumping in Santa's slay

9 little elves
jumping in the slay

Try a video that your class can sing and dance with!

Christmas Presents
See the many presents by the Christmas tree,
(Point to eye; sweep hand in wide half-circle; form tree with hands.)

Some for you,
(Point to others.)
And some for me.
(Point to self.)

Long ones,
(Spread hands wide apart.)
Tall ones,
(Hold hand high above head.)
Short ones, too.
(Hold hands close together.)

And here is a round one
(Make circle with arms.)
Wrapped in blue.

Isn't it fun to look and see

(Point to eyes.)
All the presents by the Christmas tree?
(Sweep hand in wide half-circle; form tree with hands.)

A precious song from the 1974 show, “T’was the Night Before Christmas”

This has to be my favorite Christmas TV show. I remember watching this when I was a kid. Last year I searched everywhere to find this on DVD or even on TV to share with my kiddos. I could find it on VHS but never on DVD. I hit the jackpot this year however. I began searching again and kept ending up on a Frosty the Snowman DVD (the one where he meets his wife). Luckily I read the reviews and found that Twas the Night Before Christmas is not out on DVD by itself, rather, it is on the DVD “
Frosty’s Winter Wonderland” (The Rankin Bass Version) If you want this DVD, check it out and pick it up, it will not let you down…It is the same version as we all know and love!!!

Below is the link to the DVD on Amazon… Gotta love the price! Also, the song on the DVD that I love is called Even a Miracle Needs a Hand. I found the lyrics to the song here. I have listed them below!

Even A Miracle Needs a Hand
Miracles happen most every day
to people like you and me
but don’t expect a miracle
unless you help make it to be

You hope while I hurry
You pray while I plan
We’ll do what’s necessary cause
Even a miracle needs a hand

You love and I’ll labor
You sit while I stand
Get help from a next door neighbor cause
Even a miracle needs a hand

We’ll help our maker
to make our dreams come true
but I can’t do it alone
So here’s what we’re gonna do

You hope while I hurry
You pray while I plan
We’ll do what’s necessary cause
Even a miracle needs a hand

We’ll help our maker
to make our dreams come true
but we can’t do it alone
So what are we’re gonna do

You wish while I whittle
You drip while I dry
Lets all try to help a little cause
Even a miracle needs a hand

Christmas Games

Winter and Christmas Dice Games - Color a Snowman - Decorate a Tree!

Decorate a Christmas Tree Dice Game and a Color a Snowman Dice Game!!!  Fun, right???

You can get this here on E_junkie! 

Easy to Print and Play Christmas and Winter Games!!!

You can get this here on E_junkie! 

FREE Center Ideas

Christmas Card Express-Old and new Christmas cards, stamps(old/new),pens, pencils, markers, stickers, envelopes, scale, mailbag, mailbox (these last two can be handmade). Let children make and send christmas cards.

Program Santa cut-outs with numbers. You could program them with counts. Count by 2's, 5's, 10's. Place the cutouts in a ziploc baggie. This becomes a center that the student can take back to their desk.

Check out the Teaching Heart Blog for More Christmas Ideas and centers!

Two FREE Christmas Math Centers.
Center 1:(ADDING) Students match the math problem to the present with the correct answer. (First and Second Grade).
Center 2: (COUNTING) Or Students match the bells to the
correct present by counting the bells.
(PreK and Kindergarten)

Visit Teaching Heart for More Winter Ideas

Shop our store if you like our products. Thanks!

Download Counting and Adding CHristmas Presents Center – Click Here!

Great Books and Activities To Match

Rotten Ralph's Rotten Christmas

Discuss all the rotten things Ralph did and then have your students write
about what they think was Ralph's most rotten moment!

  The Littlest Christmas Tree: A Tale of Growing & Becoming

Christmas ABC

After reading this
book, have your
class brainstorm holiday words.
Give each student a large construction paper Christmas tree with the letters: C, H, R, I, S, T, M, A, S  printed vertically.  Have students fill in Christmas words that begin with those letters:

How Santa Lost His Job

The Snowy Day
Ezra Jack Keats

Boardbook - bigbook / Hardcover / paperback

Click for a large unit to match this book!

  Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve?
by Jan Brett

Cold Lady!!

For Great Ideas to match, click here!!

Polar Express

by Chris Van Allsburgh (Houghton Mifflin 1985)

Get the hardback / Get the tape / Get the gift pack

Click for many ideas to go with this book!

Auntie Claus

The Night Before Christmas : Poem

get the tape/ hardback/paperback

Click here for ideas to match this book

17 Christmasesis a Christmas adventure for a family that goes on a holiday road trip to visit relatives and friends in 17 states.  They start in Californiamake their way all over the USA seeing new things and experiencing how Christmas is different depending on where you live.  One thing that remains constant is the celebration of the birth of Jesus by their family and friends no matter what state they are in.  We enjoyed reading this especially because my eight year old son loves Geography.  They discuss 17 states and many of which we were familiar with and the ones we weren’t we learned a little about.  My 4 year old daughter enjoyed the story.  The text is fun to read with the rhyming on each page.  The illustrations do a good job of showing what a certain state may look like at Christmas Time. Then the ending of the story finds the little boy thankfully climbing into bed in his home state saying, "I thank God for Jesus and family galore, For seventeen Christmases---never a chore."  I highly recommend this Christmas story especially if you find yourself traveling from place to place to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
We all know the story of Spookley The Square Pumpkin, by Joe Troiana! However, how many of you know The Legend of Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens written by Joe Troiana and illustrated by Lydia Halverson??? I didn’t until I was kindly sent a copy of the book and the cutest little stuffed plush kitten… Even better I have a book and a plush to give away to one lucky reader… Plus, you know you want to compare and contrast these two books with the printable I made. Read on to learn more.

Mistletoe like Spookley is different yet so loveable and cute you want to grab him out of the pages of the book. You can’t help but love this uniquely striped green cat with little red paws. “Mistletoe was born on Christmas day and when the other kittens saw him… they ran away.” The first few pages are sad as Mistletoe grows up trying to find a home and spending his first Christmas alone. Then he meets three kittens. Mistletoe is no longer concerned with himself and his quest to find a home, but focuses on the kittens he has found. One night Mistletoe hustles through a storm with the kittens on his back in hopes of finding a warm place for his new found kittens. Mistletoe finds a warm farmhouse to sneak into and a special surprise under the tree from Santa… or is Mistletoe himself the gift? Read and find out how happily this story turns out. As a parent and teacher one of my goals is to teach my children that giving is always better than receiving. This little story shows just that from the super colorful illustrations to way the story flows and teaches the lesson that it is better to receive.

How about a Printable to match the book?


A Class Book Idea

Santa Helper Class Book

Make a title page; "If we were Santa's Helpers" You may place a graphic of Santa on the cover.

Give each student a page. Leave a space at the top for the student to illustrate their paragraph. The paragraph may read:

I would like to be Santa's Helper.

We would fly to_________________.

I would wave to _________________as I flew in Santa's sleigh.

The best part about being a helper to Santa would be ________________________________________.

The students fill in the blanks and illustrate. Bind all the pages together to make a class book!

Here is my blacklines for the book. You could purchase these or make your own. Click to learn more!

Individual Books

Here is a book that the student colors to match the words in the book. It is a seven page book called See Santa. You could make one of these for each student in your class. The students color the part of Santa after they read the sentences. After they finish this, it becomes and easy to read book. They can use the pictures to decode the words. The pages in this book read:

See Santa's red hat.
See Santa's pink cheeks.
See Santa's black boots.
See Santa's green mittens.
See Santa's blue eyes.
See Santa's white beard.
See Santa's red suit.

Here is my blacklines for the book, I have colored some of the pages,. You could purchase these or make your own. Click to learn more!

Make a book that each student in your class can illustrate to match the words. It is fun to make these type of books using the Brown Bear Pattern. One book I like to make with my class is called, Little Boy, Little Boy What Do You See? I place a graphic of a tree on the front cover. The words in the book read:

I see a green tree looking at me. (student would draw a green tree)
Follow this pattern using other objects.

For grade k-1 - use this book as a group activity. When the book is finished they have a book that is easy to read at home.

For grades 2-3 - use this book as a comprehension tool. The student reads it independently and illustrates after reading.

Check out all the ideas here and be sure to follow!

Free Christmas Activity Sheets
One thing I like to do with fun activity sheets is to print a few of each and place them in a box with the title, "FUN TIME SHEETS". I allow my students to take a sheet during indoor recess or free time. This is also great for early finishers. They enjoy this special activity!

Santa Mail

Match The Mittens

Tree Crosswords

Fill in missing letters to make presents

Gingerbread Baby coloring page (Jan Brett)
Hedgie's Cookies Coloring Page (Jan Brett)
Christmas Trolls Coloring Page (Jan Brett)
Reindeer Ornaments Coloring Page (Jan Brett)
Santa and His Elves Coloring Page (Jan Brett)
Hedgie Trims the Christmas Tree Coloring Page (Jan Brett)
Santa's Winterfarm Towers Coloring Page (Jan Brett)

Go here and look for the free sign - tons to print!

Glowing Behavior Award

Christmas Tree File Folder Game

Santa Count Down

Santa Sticker Chart

Candy Cane Sticker Chart

Bingo Cards


Math pages

Elf by Number  

Make your own beautiful Christmas Tree Topper from Jan Brett

Make a paper medallion, dove, and heart ornament (Jan Brett)

Make your own beautiful Christmas Tree Topper from Jan Brett

Christmas Alphabet Book (Bry-Back)

Help the elf put presents in the right box (Bry-Back)

Guide Santa to the House (maze, Bry-Back)

Activity Books From
Click on a title to learn more!

Some Helpful Links
My Faves!

Gingerbread Theme

Great Christmas Crafts -
I made the santa hats last year with my class
they turned out too cute!

Polar Express Theme

Some Craft Or Parent Gift Ideas!

Teacher Resources

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