There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!!!

You have probably read, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly to your class. If you enjoyed that book, you will love this one and so will your students. Why would a cold lady swallow snow? Read the book and find out!

I fell in love with this little book. As a result, I have created this page to share with you. Below you will find some of my ideas of how to use this in your classroom (k-2). You will also find many free printables I created to match this fun story. I searched the web for more lesson ideas on this book and there did not seem to be any. However, there are many for the other Old Lady Swallowed books and I have included them here. Enjoy!

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Updated: 2014

I made the Cold Lady Above using a dolalr store swing trash can! I allow the children to feed the Cold Lady items from the story!

If you are interested in getting the files to make this Cold Lady - Click here to learn more!


Prior Knowledge - Before Reading:

*Ask the students if they have ever eaten something strange by accident.
*Show the cover of the book and have the students describe the cover and what the lady appears to be doing on the cover.
*Once the students realize that it looks like the lady is swallowing snow, encourage them to think of reasons why she might be swallowing snow.

Vocabulary to Discuss:
Write on Flash Cards and Display



















After Reading:

Something to think about???

1.) Do you think that a person could swallow snow, a pipe, coal, a hat, a stick, and a scarf in real-life or was the author using his imagination?

2.) What was your favorite part of the story?

3.) Who remembers why the old lady swallowed the pipe?

Make an Old Lady To Retell the Story

If you are interested in getting the files to make this Cold Lady - Click here to learn more!

This is Dr. Jean's Old Lady. You can make your own and have her swallow just about anything. Here she is swallowing letter sounds.

Have your student make their own old lady! All you need is a ziploc baggie. Your students create legs, arms, and a head to attach to the lady.

Above is one I created using a child's apron found at Michael's Craft store. The printables come from KizClub. Click here for the link to the printable. I printed, laminated, and then hot glued the lady to the apron. I would suggest you make a few of these and have your students retell the story using the vests. They will love this activity. Also you could have the lady swallow letters and say the sound as she swallows the letters.

Click here to print objects for the Little Old Lady to Swallow that match The Cold Lady Who Swallowed some Snow!

More ideas

-Taste Snow and descibe what it tastes like.

-Graph Cold Lady Pictures by using this activity sheet.
Click here to downlaod

- Pocket Chart Sequence. Place the following in a pocket chart:

First the cold lady swallowed

Then she swallowed a

Next she swallowed some

After that she swallowed a

Then she swallowed a

Finally she swallowed a

Have the students place the graphics in the right order at the end of each sentence. I created a printable that you can use with this activity. Click here to download it! After the student completes the activity sheet, you may wish to have them copy the sentences into their journals.

For the younger student, make a set of pictures for each student and have them just sequence the pictures in order.

I created an activity sheet that has the student write in the words of the items the cold lady swallowed. The student is also asked to draw a picture of the items the cold lady swallowed.

Click Here to Download this activity sheet!

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A great couple of lessons would be to compare and contrast these books.
How are they similar and how aren't they alike?

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