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The more that you read,
the more you will know.
The more you learn,
the more places you'll go.
- Dr. Seuss

Welcome to Teaching Heart's Reading Rug, your one stop site for reading resources! Below you will find reading resources galore. Printables, literature units, reading activities, links to reading topics, and more!

Literature Units/Themes by Teaching Heart





*Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

*Clifford the Big Red Dog

*The Cat in the Hat

*Click Clack Moo

*Caps for Sale



*Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

*There was a Cold Lady who Swollowed Snow


*Dem Bones

*A Dark Dark Tale



*Frog and Toad


*The Gingerbread Baby

*The Gingerbread Man

*The Grinch


*Hooway For Woodney Wat

*Hop on Pop


*If You Give A Mouse a Cookie


*Johnny Apple Seed

*Jack and the Beanstalk


*The Kissing Hand


*Listen Buddy

*The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

*Lillys' Purple Plastic Purse


*Miss Nelson is Missing

*Mary Wore Her Red Dress

*The Mitten


*Never Spit on Your Shoes

*No David


*Oh, the Places You'll Go

*One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

*One Zillion Valentines


*Pumpkin, Pumpkin

*The Polar Express



*Shake Dem Halloween Bones

*The Snowy Day


*The Teacher From the Black Lagoon

*The Talking Eggs

*The Three Little Pigs

*True Story of the Three Little Pigs

*The Tenny-Tiny Women

*Thomas the Train


*The Valentine Bears

*The Very Hungy Caterpillar


*Wemberly Worried


You will find emergent readers, pocket chart activities, center materials, sight word books, activities to match the popular books that teachers use in their classrooms, and tons more.  Over 250 files!! All you have to do is print and sometimes laminate & cut before you use these ideas or manipulatives with your students. All of the files are in word format. This means that you may modify each sheet to meet your needs. You can add to the sheet, take somthing off of it, or use as it is. This is great for busy teachers who want to create creative lessons that meet the needs of their students and also meet educational standards!
Primary Teacher Time Savers
For Teaching Reading & Literature

CD #4 - Click the picture to learn more & to print free samples

All About Books!



Fingerplays help children learn the fun of counting, repetition, and rhyme!  Fingerplays help a child develop their memory and recall skills.

A Few of My Favorite Fingerplays

I Wiggle
(great for starting Storytime)

I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my fingers, (wiggle fingers)
I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my toes. (wiggle toes)
I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my shoulders, (wiggle shoulders)
I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle my nose. (wiggle nose)
Now no more wiggles are left in me, (shake head)
So I will be as still as I can be. (sit still)

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel, grey squirrel

Swish your bushy tail. ( have the children shake their imaginary tails)

Grey Squirrel, grey squirrel

Swish your bushy tail.

Wrinkle up your funny nose (touch your nose with your finger and wriggle it)

Put a nut between your toes (pretend to do so)

Grey squirrel, grey squirrel

Swish your bushy tail.

(Can be sung brown or black squirrel too. Could substitute any color for fun I suppose.)

Funny Bunny

Here is a bunny (raise two fingers)
With ears so funny
And here is a hole in the ground. (make hole with fingers of other hand)
At the first sound she hears,
She pricks up her ears (straighten fingers)
And pops right into the ground. (put fingers in hole)

Amazing Fingers

I have ten fingers and they all belong to me;
I can make them move - would you like to see?
I can shut them tight, I can open them wide,
I can put them together, I can make them hide,
I can make them jump high, I can make them jump low,
I can fold them quietly and hold them just so

Choo-o! Choo-o! Choo! Choo! (run finger along arm to shoulder slowly)

This little train goes up the track,

Choo! Choo! Choo! Choo! (at shoulder turn "train" and head down arm)

But this little train comes quickly back,



Choo-choo-choo-choo! (run fingers down arm quickly)

Whoo-o! Whoo-w! Whoo-o-oo! (imitate train whistle using right hand to pull down “whistle” like conductor)

Ten Little Fingers

I have ten little fingers (all fingers out, wiggling)

And they all belong to me (make all fingers touch chest)

I can do all kinds of things with them (arms extend forward and outward, palms open)

Would you like to see? (bring fingers to eyes in shape of glasses)

I can shut them up tight (hands in fist)

I can open them up wide (hands splayed)

I can put them all together (hands in prayer)

And I can make them all hide (hands behind back)

I can raise them up high, (hands over head)

I can put them down low (hands to floor)

And I can fold them together (fingers intertwined)

Just like so. (lower to lap)

Up To The Ceiling

Up to the ceiling (raise hands up over your head)

Down to the floor (lower hands to floor)

Back to the window (motion hands forward from teacher, toward what is in backward for the children; if window is on children’s right, for example, say, “Right to the window” and point with left hand since you are mirroring them)

Front to the door (motion hands toward front; if door is “back” or “right” to the children, say that)

This is my right hand -- raise it up high (raise left hand, raise it over head)

This is my left hand -- reach for the sky (raise right hand, raise it over head)

Right hand, left hand (raise left hand, raise right hand)

Twirl them around (spin hands around each other)

Right hand, left hand (raise left hand, raise right hand)

Pound, pound, pound! (pound fist into open hand)

Three Little Nickels
Three little nickels in a pocketbook new, (hold up three fingers)
One bought a peppermint, and then there were two, (bend down one finger)
Two Little nickels before the day was done,
One bought an ice cream come, and then there was one (bend down another finger)
One little nickel I heard it plainly say,
"I'm going into the piggy bank for a rainy day!"
Here is a Beehive
Here is the beehive, where are the bees? (clench fist and bring out fingers quickly one by one)
Hidden away were nobody sees
Watch and you will see them come out of their hives,
One, two, three, four, five,
Buzz, buzz, buzz.


Well I stuck my head in a little skunk's hole
And the little skunk said "Gode bless your soul"
Take it out(clap two times)
Take it out(clap two times)
Remove it! Well I didn't take it out And the little skunk said
If you don't take it out
You'll wish you had
Take it out
Take it out
I removed it to late!(holding nose)

Ten Red Apples

Ten red apples growing on a tree,
(hold hands up high)
Five for you and five for me.
(shake one hand, then the other)
Help me shake the tree just so,
(shake whole body)
And ten red apples fall down below.
(lower hands while fluttering fingers)
One, two, three, four, five,
(count fingers on one hand)
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
(count fingers on other hand)

Good Morning Boogie

Hello Neighbor, what do you say?
(Children bow to each other)
It's going to be a happy day.
(Children clap hands together)
So greet your neighbor,
(Children give each other high fives)
And boogie on down.
(Children wiggle their hips)
Give 'em a bump,
(Children bump their hips together)
and turn around.
(Children turn around)

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