Apple Theme/Unit

Welcome to Teaching Heart's Apple Unit. Grab a basket and start picking some ideas for your theme on apples. An apple unit is a great way to start the school year. Below you will find my favorite ideas, poems, printables, & other great apple sites.

Last Updated October 2013

Let's learn about apples! These websites will give you great background for your unit.

The Story of Johnny Apple Seed - print this story out and read it to your class.
For grades 2--4, make enough copies for each student to read. Discuss the story.

Click here to learn how to make these rice krispie treats!

Apple Tree Snack
Apple Tree Snack From Teaching Heart

A is for Apple!  Here is a fun snack that you can have your students make… 
Just supply 2 crackers, 2 pretzel sticks, six Fall themed M&M’s and some green icing.



Cute snack and yummy too!  You can even add some bears to hang out around the tree.  They have the apple Teddy Grahams by Honey Maid out now that would go well with the theme…  Or any Teddy Grahams will do!



Apple Facts
Print these facts on sentence strips and share them with your class. After you have gone over the sentence strips with you class, place them in a pocket chart and store them in a center. Have your student pick a sentence to write and illustrate.

These facts are taken from the Vermont Apple Website. Visit this site for great resources.

In an average year, U.S. farmers grow about 250 million bushels of apples.
About 60 percent of the U.S. apple crop is consumed fresh.
Red Delicious is the apple variety with the greatest production in the U.S.
The top U.S. apple varieties are: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji and McIntosh.
The average American consumes about 19 pounds of fresh apples each year. 
The average American eats just over 4 pounds of canned apples and about 1.7 gallons of apple juice annually.
Around the world, apple growers grow over 1 billion bushels of apples.
Largest apple producers (in decreasing order): China, United States, Italy, France, Poland and Germany.

Apple Math Ideas
Some math ideas with an apple theme

Sort laminated apples of different sizes/colors. Have students place different sizes in different baskets. You could make this a center.

Have students put different size apples in order.

Use different color construction paper apples to make apple patterns.

Provide tiny apples and a booklet with One apple, two apples, etc. on the booklet. Have the students paste the correct number of apples on each page.

Make sets of apples with matching numbers or letters for your students to match.

Graph favorite drinks made from apples. (Apple cider or apple juice)

Cut apples in halves, thirds, fourths. Use these to teach fractions.

Like my apple glyph???
As you can see if you use the key.
My favorite apple is yellow.
I have never swallowed a seed.
Apples are yummy but the stem tells you they are not my all time favorite fruit. (strawberries are!)
The leaves of my apple tell you that I like apples best in a pie.
Who could argue?
Isn’t this the cutest and simplest way to get some math chart making and reading going on in your classroom?
The file is found in the teachingheart apple packet #1 and it includes the patterns and the key to create great apple glyphs in your classroom!!!

For more math fun with apples, go grab some Playdoh and these adorable apple Play Doh Mats!!!

I adore these. All you need to do is print them and laminate them for years of use.
Supply some play doh and have your kids make seeds to match the number. Also, have them outline the A in play doh and lastly, that pie needs some crust!!!
Go get it! Apple Packet # 1- It's part of our apple packet!!!

Or you may want these two Mats which are found in our Apple Bundle (click here) or Apple Packet #2 (click here)

How about making the apple coffee filter craft below. This packet (click here) and the bundle (click here) contains a template and directions for this craft!

Learn to make the little apples above -
click here!

Apple Printables From Teaching Heart

Apple Making Words - Includes cutouts for making words activity and four activities for the student to complete using the words made. This makes a great independent center activity.
Grades 1-3

CDROM # 2- This CD includes two apple activities & 100's of other fall goodies. Check it out!
Grades k-3

CDROM #4 - This CD has six printables to match Johnny Appleseed

Apple Book- Student colors the apples and writes in the number of apples seen on the page. After the book is complete, the student can read it to a friend.
Grades k-1

Apple Math - Story problems.
Grades 1-2


This is an apple take it to your seat center. I store mine in a ziploc. Pretty simple, student matches the tally mark apple to the correct tree. Also, I have included a pencil sheet for your students to complete once they make the center!!!! Great way to make sure they got the concept.

This 5 page free apple printable can be downloaded for free — Click here to download the free apple tally center!!! Now those are some good apples!

Apple Seed Toss- Have your students break into teams of 2-3. Give each player five apple seeds. Each player takes a turn tossing their five seeds onto the board. They add up the points for each seed that lands on an apple square. The person with the highest number wins. Play agian!
Grades k-3


You print the pages and write the words you want on the apples.  Students take an apple out of the bucket one at a time and write the word on the apple next to the given number.  This could be used as a center activity as well!

This is free to download below…

Click to download bobbing for apple activity

Apple Dauber - Use this activity sheet with a bingo Dauber to review what you have learned!

Here’s another activity that fits with a fall apple theme. All you need is the activity sheet and a bingo dauber. I programed this activity sheet with things my daughter needed to review. I would call out an item on the chart and she would have to find it and daub it! Of course she loved this and didn’t even realize she was reviewing some pre-k skills. You can download the sheet I used with her here in PDF.

In the classroom, you could use this sheet to review anything you are working on. Click Here to download a blank one you can print and program with items you would like to review. You do not need to use a dauber. You could use a highlighter, sticky notes to cover up given item, or a pencil to mark off the items. You can review math problems or use it to study for a test. I ideas are endless!!!

Love me some Bingo Daubers… Check out my other post on this!

Apple Investigation -
Give each student an apple and this sheet. Allow them to explore their apple.
Grades k-2




Here is a free activity to go along with Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss.

apples up on top

It includes pages to print and apples to print.  You print the four kids heads and the apples.  I laminated and added Velcro so students can manipulate by putting the correct number of apples up on top of the correct head!

aplles up on top activity

The file includes an independent activity sheet the student can color and then glue or stick the correct number of apples above the heads.

Click here to download the free Apples on Top File



Apple Packet For Prek, Kindergarten, and First

1.) Apple Roll Say Keep—Directions for play.  Cards include alphabet letters/sounds and Dolch Pre-Primer Words.

2.) Apples Numbers—Make into a center.  Student matches the apple with the seeds to the correct number.  Independent sheet is included. 

3.) Apples Playdoh Mats—Covers numbers 3 to 10.  Students make seeds to match number.  Also includes a pie to finish making and an /a/ to trace with the dough.

4.) Apple Glyph—Pattern and

I Have Who Has Apple Picking Edition—A Game for 12. 

6.) Apple Sequence—Student cuts out seven apple pictures and glues them in order. 

7.) Apple Open House Topper—Tags to attach to apples to hand out to parents at open house!!!

8.) Apple Parts—Students cut and glue to label the apple.

9.) Apple Jacks Math—provide a small cup of Apple Jacks for each student.  Complete the activities on  the sheet as a class or independently. 

10.) Roll and draw a happy apple—Supply dice.  Students take turns rolling dice and drawing in parts of the happy apple.  First one to finish their apple is the winner.

10.) Ten on Top—Beginning Sounds Game. 

11.) Apple Beginning Sound Coloring Sheet—Color apples based on beginning sound of picture. 

12.) Trace, Cut, Glue Numbers 1-20

12 Files for one LOW price - Pages and Pages of Hands On Apple Activities.

or get our 2 APPLE Packets for one low price of $13.00! You get everything above as well as all below...

Add to Cart View Cart

In This packet:

~ Page 4 and 5 Apples on Top Picture Frame Activity and a fun lesson idea.

Page 6 and 7 Apple Coffee Filter Craft and Template

~Page 8 to 10 Apple Play Dough Mats with ideas.

~Page 11 to 15 Apples Happy Poem activities.  Includes pocket chart pieces

~Page16 Position Words Activity.  Students glues an applebased on dictated text.

~Page17 Apples in my Basket Glyph.  A simple glyph for asmall group of students to work on.

~Page18 Roll an Apple Orchard Dice Game.  Students taketurns rolling a dice and collecting images for their orchard.  First person to collect all the pictures wins.

~Page 19 to Page 23 Apple Life Cycle.  Includes a coloring page.  Includes pocket chart pieces.  Includes a cut and sequence activity sheet.  Includes a little book to color.

~Page 24 through Page 30 Apple Coloring Code.  Studentscolor apples on the tree based on the letter that Is on each apple.  Includes all letters of the alphabet.

~Page 31 is a simple cut and paste math counting activity.  

~Page 32 should be used with lesson on page 4.

Or you can purchase the above packet seperately!

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OR.. You can get the two Apple Packet in our Fall Bundle!

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It includes, Sacrecrows, Apples, Fall Leaves, Pumpkin...
Teaching Heart Fall Bundle of Printables
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Apple Language Arts Ideas
Some ideas with an apple theme

Write Apple Vocabulary Words on Apple Die-cuts. Display these on your word wall. Your students can look at the words when needed.

Read various apple books to your class. Have students pick a book to report on.

After reading 4 -6 books with an apple theme, graph your students favorites.

Use the letters in the word apple to make words. Give each student a letter tile with the letters a, p, p, l, e, s. Instruct them to make the following words at their seat.

as, pal, lap, sap, ape, pea, sea, spa, slap, pals, apes, peas, apple, apples

Have your students write these words in their journals. Give them a highlighter and ask them to highlight all the words that rhyme snap. (sap, lap, slap). Have them use the word apple in a sentence. Check their work.

Johnny Appleseed

Read this story to your class.

Have students name their favorite kinds of foods with apples. Place these on a large apple cut-out.

Johnny is often remembered for his generosity to people and his respect for nature. Ask your students to share different ways they have shown generosity to others or respect to nature.

Important events in Johnny's life took place in many different states. As you come across state names in the book, list them on chart paper and record the events. Dispaly a map of the US and have students visualizes the travels of Johnny Appleseed.

Your chart may look like this:





born in 1774

mom died

lived with his large family
(10 brothers and sisters)

picked apples

loved nature

lived like the Indians

planted trees

planted apple orchards

helped the settlers

shared stories with children

planted trees

became ill and died 1845

Ideas From Other Teachers
A big thanks to those that use this site and send in ideas to share with others. If you have an apple idea, link, activity sheet, or resource, send it to . Great teachers share!

I usually have the kids bring in an apple and then we graph the different types of apples such as agranny Smith, REd delicious and t he yellow apples. I usually allow them to eat their apples at
canteen/recess time that day.

Then we read about Johnny Appleseed and discuss the story. Then we talk about the type genre the story is etc....

I usually end up completing an art project where the kids follow directions by drawing the hand on a sheet of paper and coloring it brown. This becomes the trunk of the tree and the fingers are branches. Then I use green tempera paint and sponges cut in the shape of leaves to sponge paint the leaves on the tree. Then I use the end of a carrot and red tempera paint to put the apples on the tree.

Then sometime during that week I have a video that I got free off the internet that talks about how apples grow and then are harvested and made into different things and how the apples finally make it to us in the store. The kids really enjoy the video since most of the kids just seem to think the apples magically appear there in the store.

The next time I use apples is usually when I teach fractions and this time I cut them into various size pieces and have them tell me who would have the larger slices.

A friend of mine uses apples to teach the layers of the earth. It goes something like this---The core of the apple represents the core of the earth --surrounding the core is the mantle which is the
meaty part. Then the peel becomes the outer layer orcrust. Then she usually adds a layer of caramel to the apple and that becomes the soil.
Janna Tipton

Hello, Apples are wonderful! I try to do something with apples each
day during September. I do an apple project with my second
graders. They have to create something from an apple. They have a
month for the project, parents may only help by doing what my
student tells them to do on the project (they love this part). For
this project I have students tell me about the process they went
through to make their project. This is usually the second project
of the year for us. Here are pictures of some of the projects we

In class I have each of my students bring in a different kind of
apple, we cut them up and share them, everyone gets a taste. We make
a graph out of the number of seeds we find in each kind of apple. We
graph our favorite apple. I have them make an apple person using
the different size apples you can cut out by using the Ellison Dies
and red and green paper (like the heart people). We write adventure
stories about our apple person. One day we do apple flavored
snacks. I try to make it fun for my class.
Janet Vines
Mt. Carmel Elementary

Apple Poems, Songs, and Fingerplays
These are great to have students illustrate. You could also have them highlight all the verbs... There is so much you can do with these.

Apples Off My Tree
(Tune: Skip to My Lou)
Pick some apples off my tree,
Pick some apples off my tree
Pick some apples off my tree
Pick them all for you and me.

Apple, Apple
(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Apple, apple on the tree,
I know that you are good for me.
You are fun to munch and crunch
For a snack and for my lunch.
Apple, apple on the tree,
I know that you are good for me.

Ten Rosy Apples
Ten rosy apples high in a tree,
Safely hiding where no one can see.
When the wind goes rocking to and fro,
Ten rosy apples to the ground must go.

Apples Big
Apples big,
Apples small.
Guess what?
I like them all!

Red apples,
Green apples,
Yellow apples, too.
Big apples,
Little apples,
Shiny apples, too.
Crunchy apples,
Soft apples,
Rotten apples, ooh!

Tune Yankee Doodle?

Peel an apple,
Cut it up,
Cook it in a pot.
When you taste it
You will find
It's applesauce you've got!

A Wiggly Worm
(Tune: "Boom! Boom! Ain't It Great to Be Crazy?")
Yum! Yum! Don't you know I love apples?
Yum! Yum! Don't you know I love apples?
Red and green and yellow, too…
Yum! Yum! Don't you know I love apples?

Verse 1
Way up high in an apple tree, I saw two eyes look at me.
I reached for an apple; it started to squirm…oops! I found a wiggly worm!


Verse 2
That wiggly worm is a friend of mine. We eat apples all the time.
I let him crawl back to that tree… hey! I see that worm looking at me!


Eat An Apple
Eat an apple;
(Bring right hand to mouth)
Save the core.
(Close right hand in fist)
Plant the seeds.
(Bend down touch hand to ground)
And grow some more.
(Extend both arms out)

Great Books With an Apple Theme
Click on a book to learn more or to purchase at

The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree

How Do Apples Grow?

Johnny Appleseed

Ten Apples Up on Top!

Apple Farmer Annie

Autumn Is for Apples (Pictureback Shape)

Apples Here!

Ten Red Apples


Apple Fractions

Apples, Apples, Apples

Up, Up, Up: It's Apple-Picking Time

Red Are the Apples

Apple Trees (Plants: Life Cycles)

Learn how to make apple sauce with the kiddos

Early Themes: Apples, Pumpkins, and Harvest (Grades K-1)

Apple Add-Up (Instant File-Folder Games, Grades K-2)

Scholastic Bulletin Boards: Giant Apple

Quick Crafts: Apples, Pumpkins & Harvest

Free on the Web to Print!
Here are some other sites that offer free printables to match this theme.

Favorite Apple Graph - From ABCTEACH

Apple Word Search

Enchanted Learning Apple Prints

Apple Numbers Cut and use these in a center or on a calendar.

Other Great Apple Units.
If you did not find what you were looking for here, try some of these awesome apple units by other teachers.


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