Teaching Heart's Dem Bones Ideas...
and Other Edible Halloween Treats!!!

Lots and Lots of FREE Printables Below to match all of the treats above and even more below!!!

Yes, this is where you will find the ORIGINAL Dem Bones Graph!!! Also you will find other ideas
to use while working with DEM Bones. I believe you can no longer buy Dem Bones, but Oriental Trading makes
bone candy which is the same thing as the Dem Bones candy. Go to Oriental Trading and search for skeleton
candy or bone candy and you will see the new packs.

Tired of Dem Bones? Want another treat to share with your
class that will encourage learning??? You will see some other foods that I have found that would be fun to
learn with on Halloween. Also, there are some free printables to match a few of the ideas found below.

Updated: October 2011

Dem Bones Activities

Awesome you can buy the bones candy on Amazon!!

Click Here to Print Your Free Dem Bones Graph! -
It has been updated in 2004! Now in PDF format!
The orginal was made by Colleen in 1999.

New in 2005 -
Kimberly, a member of the Teaching Heart Mailring, has kindly shared a
dem bones sorting sheet she made.
Click here to download!!

Purchase Dem Bones candy made by Brach's Candies at a local drug store. I have found them at Ekerds, Rite Aide, and Target. Sometimes they are difficult to find. If you are having trouble you can order 24 small bags for under $4.00 from Oriental Trading. Oriental Trading changed the name of the bones and they are now called just bones. So when you search to buy the bones, search bones.

In the bags you will find sugar flavored skulls, ribs, bones, and feet. This is a great lesson to do in October. It doesn't scream the word Halloween. Still, it is fun to do around this time of year.

I have done the lessons below with a General Grade 2 classroom and grades k-3 in a Special Education Resource Room.

To start my lesson, I like to read the students books about bones. Two of my favorite are found below. If you click on the books you can learn more about them at AMAZON.COM! You can even purchase them there if you would like to!

Other books on Bones!

1.) After we read a few stories about Dem Bones. I like to pass out the Dem Bones Candy. There is so much you can do with this candy. The first thing I like to have my students do is sort the candy on a sorting sheet I created. Here is a small graphic of it. It is available in 24 hours with the purchase of our Fall Packet found at http://www.teachinghear.net/fallpacket1.html or you can make your own. Or if you would rather to have our packet on CD go to:

The students lay the candy on the correct section of the sorting sheet. Then they answer questions about the candy.

I allow them to try the candy after they are finished. We talk about the different flavors. I draw a graph on the whiteboard and each student comes up and places a check next to their favorite flavor. Then we look at the results on the whiteboard and discuss them as a group.

2.) On the next day we get a new bag of Dem Bones and complete the Dem Bones Graph that I created and modify every year since 1999. Here is a small graphic of the graph that is found in our fall packet. This is a free one for you to download. Click the image and you will be taken to the word document. You can then print the Dem Bones Graph and use it with your class.

I have the students color the graph to match the bones in their bag. When they are done, they switch graphs with a neighbor. The neighbor completes the graph questions on their friend's graph.

3.) During Center Time I put out a Dem Bones Dice Game for Halloween week. Here is a small graphic of the Dice Game. This too is found in our Halloween Packet that is sent via email. To learn more click here

Roll and Eat Dem Bones Game – Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut game boards.  Now that we have finished using our snack pieces, let’s play a game.  Your teacher will break you up into groups and give your group dice.  Sit in a circle and take turns rolling the dice & following the directions.  Use the chart below to decode what each roll means.  If you roll something that you can’t do, pass the dice on and do not do anything.  The game is over when one player has no pieces left after their turn!  If you wish not to eat the candy, throw it away instead. (1-3)

4.) The last thing we do to sum up our learning fun with Dem Bones, is to work on a mini book that I created for my students to fill out. To your right is a picture of the eight pages found in the book. This is a great way to end your graphing and sorting lesson. If you would like a copy of this and the other three printables click here to learn more or to order. All the Dem Bones Activities are found in our fall packet or on Packet CDROM Volume I.

When I taught in a K-3 resource room. I had each grade graph their entire groups candy. Each colored dot represents a grade level. We used the large graph seen here to decide which grade had the most of certain bones or how many total each grade had. Then we hung the graph and placed our finished graphs around the large graph.


Have you seen the ghost marshmallows around? They are hard to find... I found some at Target in September and haven't seen them since... You know how ghosts can be? Anyhow, if you do find them, you can have your kiddos sort and graph them. You can download my sorting sheet and graph here

I found something good at Oriental Trading. They are called Spooky Cookies. They are so cute and they come with a good amount in each package. My kids think they are yummy and at only 7g of sugar per package, I am happy to give them the treat. Perfect Halloween snack for graphing (K-2) and sorting (Prek-1). Of course, I made a sorting sheet and graphing sheet I will share with you. So hop over to Oriental Trading and order those cookies for your class or or a Halloween party. Not only will the kids say yummy, they will be learning too!
Print the sorting sheet
Print the graphing sheet For more learning fun with Halloween yum, try here!

Gooey Ghosts

Oriental Trading is sells a candy called Gooey Ghosts. Basically, a colored gummy candy shaped like ghosts.
If you would like to order the candy, fall the link below and search for Gooey Ghosts.

I have created a few activity sheets to match these. They are in PDF format and free to download. Click here
to print the free sheets!

Like our activities? Check out our six CDROMS. Click Here!

Gummy Bears and Scares.

I found this candy in 2003 and could not find it in 2004. Maybe some of you can find it. If you can, follow the link below to
more free printables to use with this candy.


A Teaching Heart visitor told me about these pretzels and asked if I could create a simple Pre-K to K level activity sheet to use with them!  Of course and here it is...

Click here to download the sheet.  I found the pretzels ad Sam's Club.  They come in a large box of 40 packs! 

You could have fun with this activity at home or at school!!!

Trick or Cheesy – Printable to match macaroni…

Did you hear me scream in Target today when I saw these little Halloween shaped macaroni and cheese noodles from Kraft???

Adorable right? Good enough to eat, but even better for some math fun!!!!

You can sort them and you can graph them! Talk about what you have more of and what you have the least of… You can add them up and subtract them!!! You can see how many are in a box. The ideas are endless!!!

Click here to download the free sheet I created to use with this activity!!!