1.) Dem Bones Sorting Sheet - Use with Dem Bones Candy to Sort the Candy. Includes questions for students to answer when they finish sorting. You can read the questions to them (K-1) or have them read the questions and answer them on their own (1-3).

2.) Dem Bones Graph (FREE TO PRINT) - Use with Dem Bones Candy (MADE BY BRACHS) after you do the sorting activity. Students color the graph to match the candy in their bag. Students switch graphs with a partner and answer the questions about their partner’s graph. (This activity is found on CDROM # 2 - It has been updated and the sheet looks a little different than the one found on CDROM # 2)

3.) Dem Bones Mini Book – Have your students complete this book after they have done the Dem Bones Graph and Sorting Sheet.  This is a great way to end your sorting and graphing lessons.  You can complete the book as a group (K-1) or have the students complete the book independently (2-3

4.) Roll and Eat Dem Bones Game – Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut game boards.  Now that we have finished using our snack pieces, let’s play a game.  Your teacher will break you up into groups and give your group dice.  Sit in a circle and take turns rolling the dice & following the directions.  Use the chart below to decode what each roll means.  If you roll something that you can’t do, pass the dice on and do not do anything.  The game is over when one player has no pieces left after their turn!  If you wish not to eat the candy, throw it away instead. (1-3) (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)

5.) Picture Poem Activities - This is a five page document of printables and cut-outs for you to use. The first page is a Halloween Poem. Students read the words and the pictures (1-2) or the teacher reads the poem as the student reads along (k-1). The second page includes large graphics of the nouns in the poem. The teacher can print, laminate, and cut these to use with the poem. The last page is an independent activity sheet for your student to complete after you have done some activities with the poem.  The sheet asks the student to answer questions by drawing an answer (k-2).   (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)

6.) Roll A Pumpkin Game (1-3) – Print on cardstock, laminate, and cut game boards.  This is a dice adding game that your students play in teams of 2-4 players.  Students work on adding and following directions while they play this fun game.  (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)

7.) Witches Making Words Activities (1-3) – Includes the letters in the word Witches.  Your student must use the letters to complete various activities.  This can be done independently or as a group. (THIS IS FOUND ON OUR CDROM # 4)

8.) Shopping For Fall Words (1-2) – This is a math activity that involves adding more than two digits.  Students are given a word.  Each letter in the word represents a dollar amount.  Students add up all the letters in the word to get a total cost of the given word. (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)

9.) Pumpkin Poop Bag Topper – A cute gift for your staff or another adult.  Just print these labels and stick them to a ziplock baggie.  Place candy corn in the baggie.  Slip a bag in a favorite friend’s mailbox on Halloween Day.  Sure to be a hit with your teacher friends. They print on 3 1/3" x 4"mailing labels/ AVERY 8164  (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)


10.) Candy Corn Rhyme Center -   Here is an easy center to make.  Print, Laminate, and Cut the pieces given.  Then have the students organize the pieces on a pocket chart.  All the words that rhyme are placed next to each other in the pocket chart.  When the students have completed the center, you may choose to have them complete the center sheet found on page 3 of this document.
NOTE:  You may choose to make Ziploc centers.  Place all the materials in a Ziploc and have the student find the rhyming words at their seat.

11.) On a Fall Day Mini Book (k-2) - Have your students color page two of this document.  Then have them cut out the pictures and glue them into the book on pages 3 – 4.  When they are finished have them cut the book and staple together.  They can finish the sentence and illustrate the last page.  This book is a simple counting/following directions book. (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)

12.) Graphing For Fall (1-3) -  Print pages 1 -2 on separate sheets of paper.  Cut out a few of the fall pictures and show your students how to place them on the graph.  Then, allow them to complete the rest.  When they are finished, instruct them to complete the graph questions. (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)

13.) Fall Mini Book – 13 page file - Includes Pocket Chart Vocab. Cards.  A Big Book For the Teacher.  A Mini Book for each student.  An independent sheet to complete.  (k-2) (NOT FOUND ON CDROMS)

14. – 16.) Fall Telling Time Game – Comes with printable gameboard, game pieces, and telling time flash cards.  Three files.  Fall board game directions are included.  Files in PDF and Publisher or Word.

17.) Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper in PDF – give out cute Halloween treats.  Just print on regular paper and wrap a Hershey Bar.

18.) Fall Graphing Center – Manipulatives for making a class graphing center.  Includes a center sheet.

19. -20.) Halloween and Pumpkin Spinner Games - Practice reading and writing skills with these two ready to print games. Players take turns with their partners and spin the spinner. When they land on a letter, they write it in the corresponding space on the card provided.  The first player to spell the word is the winner!

21.) Spider Tally Mark Center – In Publisher and PDF.  4 pages.  Put all materials in an envelope.  Student takes center to their seat.  They match the spider to their web by counting the tally marks.  A center sheet is included.


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