Ready to Print Resources to Accompany Mosaic and Strategies That Work!

Below you will find a summary of both of these books, printable activities and charts, lessons that relate to the books, and books that will help you teach comprehension!

I first read, Mosaic of Thought in a Literature Circle and I was impressed with the book and began using the terms with my students. Mosaic stresses that we need to teach children what good readers do when they read. Good readers make connections with the text. They make text to text connections, text to self connections, and text to world connections. Teachers need to model the connections they make while they read and encourage their students to do the same. This book really made me think about how I read and what I DO while I read. Mosaic of Thought redefines teaching reading comprehension in a workshop approach. Teaching comprehension as a strategic process enables readers to make connections and move beyond literal recall. This book will get you excited about teaching reading. After reading Mosaic, I suggest you read Strategies That Work.

One year later, I read Strategies that worked. This book tells how to teach your students to think while reading (through think-alouds) and gives many minilessons for teaching comprehension. This book is divided into three parts: Part 1, THE FOUNDATIONS OF MEANING, explains how research based comprehension strategies support and enhance student learning; Part 2, STRATEGY LESSONS AND MORE, focuses on strategy lessons, response options, and assessment practices; Part 3, RESOURCES THAT SUPPORT STRATEGY INSTRUCTION, numerous resources listing picture books to use for teaching each of the seven comprehension strategies. Throughout the book, the author's talk about "anchor lessons" and the importance of using the first lessons as a way for students to remember a specific strategy and apply it. The idea of anchor lessons really assist the student in learning and applying the strategies taught! This book teaches us that we want our students to come to realize how important their thinking is when they read.

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Here are some resources that I created after reading these two OUTSTANDING books. I hope you find the resources useful!

The posters below were created for my classroom after I read the two books Strategies That Work and Mosaic of Thought. These two books discuss how important it is for us to teach kids how to comprehend and how to think while they read. The posters are visuals to remind the students of the kind of connections they may make while they read. Text to Text, Text to Self, and/or Text to World. Print them and have them laminated for display!

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Text to Self Poster

Text to Text Poster

Text to World Poster

How to Make A Story Map Poster

Reading Quilt - Here is an activity for your students to complete during Independent Reading Time(SSR). The first page is the main page of the book. This is the quilt they color. The other pages ask them to complete questions for the books they read in the different categories.

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Connection Bookmark

According to the books Startegies That Work and Mosiac of Thought students need to be taught how to comprehend text. We need to teach them to look for connections while they read. Good readers constantly make connections to the text, world, and self. Here are three graphic organizers that students may use to find connections is stories.


Text to Text Sheet

Text to Self Sheet

Text to World Sheet

Questions Teachers may ask to assist their students in using the strategies good readers use… I created this sheet as a resource for myself to use when reading aloud to a class or when meeting with students individually to discuss a book they are reading.

Other Resources I have Created!



Below are books that the Authors from Mosaic of Thought suggest you use to teach comprehension strategies. What I have done and suggest you should do is buy some of these great books, spend time reading them and placing sticky notes on the pages. Be sure to note when you make a connection and what the connection is (TTC, TTS, TTW). As you read write I wonder statements and note when you used a strategy such as to infer or use schema. Remember, the goal is to show students how readers think about connections to enhance their understanding of text. Now you are ready to use these books as think alouds to demonstrate the strategies you used and the connections you made!

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Here are some resources that I have found online that apply to these two books!


A few books that prompt questioning!

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The Potato Man - Questions about behavior of the children.

Charlie Anderson

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth

A few books that paint a picture in the mind of the reader!

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A few books that stimulate inferential thinking!

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More Great Books To Help You Work With Comp, in Your Class!

Drawing Inferences:

Determing What's Important in Text:

Schema/Background Knowledge:


Monitoring Comprehension: Synthesis:

Using Sensory (Visualizing) and Emotional Images:

Monitoring for Meaning

Books for Practicing and Modeling Comprehension Strategies