Welcome to Teaching Heart's Ultimate Back to School Stop! Here you will find free printables, lessons, lists of great Back to School books, resources, and ideas galore! You will see an organized index below. Don't miss a thing!

My goal for this Back to School Page is to create a resource that is extremely helpful to new teachers and first year teachers. I also would like this to be a place where veteran or somewhat experienced teachers can come to find fresh ideas. Teachers are very generous people, they enjoy sharing their ideas and that is why you will find so much wonderful information here. Thank you to the wonderful teachers that have an idea or comment on one of these pages.

As you get ready for the new school year, why not jot down your ideas or send us something you created. Share with other teachers around the world. New teachers, feel free to add an idea, you have some of the best ideas. I was once in your shoes and was lucky to start my profession working with all veteran teachers (10 plus years). I was the youngest teacher there! They were very willing to listen to yet another idea come out of my mouth. I can imagine I was pretty annoying. Some of them even used my ideas and came to me for advice (I couldn't believe it at first). I know because of that group of people, I am the teacher I am today! They made me confident that first day on the job. So share away, the people that visit this site are just like that group of teachers I started to work with.

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