The Ultimate Site For Student Teachers and First Year Teachers!

Congratulations, you are here because you are a New Teacher or a Student Teacher. Student teaching is one of the most rewarding and challenging times. Being a first year teacher is a time of more professional growth than you can ever imagine! This page will prove to be a huge resource for you. I and other teachers that have been in your shoes, have put all our helpful tips in one organized place - this page. I remember being a new teacher. I know what new teachers and student teacher look for online. I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for topics of interest to new and student teachers. I have organized many useful resources for you! I am confident that this page will prove to be a great resource to you. Enjoy your visit!

A special thanks to the loving and generous teachers who have shared their ideas with all the new and student teachers that visit this page!

Update - July 26, 2004


Great Books For New Teachers
Look here for books that are great for New Teacher
or student teachers. You will also find my suggestions of
books that are hardly ever on the shelf!
Resume Help
Yes, everyone has one and you need one.
Look for some great tips here!
Sell yourdelf with your portfolio. This page will help
you do just that!
Awesome Tips For New Teachers
Teacher share their tips for the first year.
The Interview
Tips, sample questions, links, and job fair
advice will be found here!
At your University you were probably asked to
write on of these. Often when soon to be teachers are
asked what their philosphy is, they draw a blank. This page
will help you clear your mind and write that philosophy of
Bulletin Boards
A student teachers are usually required to make a bulletin board
during a field experience. This page is filled with ideas and pictures of
bulletin boards.
Classrooms Around the World
It's your first year and you walk into a classroom that is
yours. Can you believe it, you finally have
your own classroom to do whatever you want with it.
Come visit many teacher's classrooms
on this site. They will help
you get an idea of how to set-up your room!
Awesome Tips For Student Teachers
Student teaching is a wonderful time! Unfortunately,
many students have bad experiences. Start your student teaching off on the right foot with these
Back To School
This page isn't just for new and student teachers, it for all teachers.
Back to School is stressful time for a teacher,
no matter how long you have been
teaching. Come see all the great ideas found on this site.
I promise it will be one of the only pages you will need during the first few weeks of school!

All New Teachers and Student Teachers Need These!
Here you will find the answer to a new teachers prayers. Your lessons will be exciting with our CDROMS. You may print free samples here or order a CDROM or two.

Behavior Management
I believe that you need to have excellent behavior management in a classroom in order for students to learn to their full potential. Even as a student teacher, you need to have awesome behavior management skills to be a good teacher. This pagewill help you in this department!
Classroom Management
Teachers share what works for them.
Learning Centers