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Guess who turns one on September 10th? My son!!!! It is hard to believe a year has past. The best year of my life! I thank God for this great gift he has allowed me to borrow!!! In honor of his birthday I have decided to put this birthday unit on the site.

Updated Sept 2, 2003

Let's Start With Some of My Favorite Birthday Poems!!!

Our Calendar

Hang the calendar
High on the wall.
See winter and spring days,
And summer and fall.
Play days and work days,
And warm days and colder.
One day’s my birthday
And then I’ll be older!!

Spider Birthday Cake

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the birthday cake,
he ate up all the frosting,
and got a tummy ache,
and when they brought the ice cream,
he ate even more,
and the itsy bitsy spider fell sick upon the floor.
They took him to the doctor because he felt so bad,
it was the worst tummy ache that he ever had,
and when they brought the medicine it was WAY TOO SWEET,
just a drink of water would be a great big treat,so the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout,
down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout

Tune--"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle goes this song.
It's your birthday all day long.
Last year you were ____ years old.
This year you are ______ we're told.
Happy birthday, little star.
Now we know how old you are.


Someone's Birthday
(to tune of London Bridge)

Someone's birthday is today,
Is today, is today.
Someone's birthday is today,
And it's ______!

Let's prepare a birthday cake,
Birthday cake, birthday cake.
Let's prepare a birthday cake,
Just for __________!

Add a candle for each year,
For each year, for each year.
Add a candle for each year,
Just for __________!

Make a special birthday card,
Birthday card, birthday card.
Make a special birthday card,
Just for ___________!

Sing a happy birthday song,
Birthday song, birthday song.
Sing a happy birthday song,
Just for ________!

The Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday.
I think I'll make a cake.
Mix and stir, stir and mix,
Then into the oven to bake.

Here's the cake so nice and round,
I'll put icing on so white.
I'll put on all the candles
To make my birthday bright!

Happy birthday to me

Great Books For Your Unit!

Moira's Birthday by Robert Munsch


Have students design a party invitation for Moira's Birthday.

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A Math Lesson Using This Story

Reader's Theater Script For This Story

Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch

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A lesson by Deb Smith

The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle

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Even More IDeas

Various - Some activities that I have completed with my classes.

Have students find their birthday on a calendar.

Remembering Birthdays of Our Classmates:
Give each student a birthday cake cutout. Have them write their name and birthday date on the cake. Place tape on the back of each cake. Organize the birthdays in order on the board. Next, give each a large candle. Have them write the birthdays in order on the candle. Explain that candles burn. When each student celebrates a birthday the students cross out the name on their candle. This candle can be kept in the MOOSE notebook.

How we celebrate:
Discuss Traditions. Tell the children about the birthday traditions at your home. Have the students think of a tradition that is done on birthdays at their house. If possible have them find out where the tradition came from and how it got started.

Ways to Make Your Students Feel Special on Their Big Day

Buy a large birthday flag with a pole. When a student in your classroom is having a birthday, hang the flag outside the room on their day. This is an extra special greeting!

I let the student sit in my calendar chair during silent reading & when we sing happy birthday to them at the end of the day. They love this!

As a gift I give a certificate (you can download one that is on CD #1 by going to http://www.teachingheart.net/CDBDAYTAG.doc , a happy birthday present from Oriental Trading company, and I stuff an empty toilet paper roll with candy. I wrap the roll with birthday paper and place ribbon on each side of the roll to shut it. It looks very pretty. They are asked to open this at home.

Do a search for birthday at OT and see all the goodies you will find! Just click the picture below!

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Another idea that I have done is to ask the students to donate a NEW book to their class as an alternative to bringing in treats to share. They sign the inside of their book with their name and birthdate.

Play a special birthday song for your students!
Happy Birthday Album

Birthday Books - My Faves!
Click a Book to Learn more or purchase at Amazon!

Good Resources For Teachers!

Share a Birthday Video With Your Class

Clifford the Big Red Dog Happy Birthday Game

Allow the birthday girl or boy to choose a friend to play this special birthday game or this one

The Happy Birthday Game: Ages 5-8 for 2-4 Players

How to say Happy Birthday!

"Happy birthday!" or...

Feliz Cumpleanos - Spanish

Frohlicher Geburtstag -

Gratulerer med magen -
Manuia lou aso fanau -

Tanjobi omedeto -

SangilulchŪukhahamnida -

Scaslivy naradzeŮnia -

Blahoprani k narozeninam -

Birthday Math

Distribute multi-colored strips of paper (1" x 3"). Have students arrange the colored strips of paper onto another paper to look like a rectangular rainbow birthday cake. They can glue it into place and decorate the cake with candles. Below they write the fraction of each color in their cake. Example: My cake is 1/6 orange, 3/6 blue and 2/6 red - From Jen

Birthday Bulletin Boards
Ideas Compiled From:

I used cupcakes with a candle for each birthday and the border is made up of birthday blowers...jenn nj pk on 8/31/03

I used birthday badges, wrote their name and birthdate on the badge and then made a graph, so we could see how many birthdays were in each month. I added a birthday border, letters saying Happy Birthday, and a few balloons to brighten it up. Easy! -Barb/MN on 8/31/03

Mine isn't really for a whole bulletin board. You just need a small vertical space. I made an ice cream cone and each of the kid's name and birthday is on a scoop of ice cream. I have the Rainbow Room so the scoops are a pattern of the the 6 colors of the Rainbow with red at the top (don't forget a cherry too). I put the first birthday of the school year on the bottom so it is easily seen. My preschoolers use it all year to figure out whose birthday is next, how many more until theirs etc. pam on 8/31/03

Birthday express...train with each month on one of the cars. Precut kid figures with names on them to ride the train car of their birth.

Fish with children's names and birthday dates swimming in a blue "sea". Next to this fish bowl with each month's name labelled on them. When it's the child's birthday they go fishing for their fish and place it in the correct fish bowl.hth! - maryel on 8/31/03

I have a kite for each month with string hanging from the bottom. The kids names and birthdays are written on bows that are attached to the strings -Catherine on 8/31/03

I used the ice cream cones/scoops that someone else talked about. But I did a cone for each month (pattern of pointy cone then flat bottom cone) and the kids will color the scoops like their favorite flavor of ice cream with their name/birthday on it. Then the scoops will make a graph of how many birthdays are in each month. Melanie on 8/31/03

Click http://www.everythingpreschool.com/bulletinboards/birthday.htm For More Ideas

See an Out of This World Board

Birthday Dog B-Board

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