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Back To School Bulletin Boards!

Updated July 2007

Take a Leap Into First Grade"
I covered the board in blue. Made a large frog, with my name on it, sitting on a lilypad and surrounded the large frog with small, die-cut frogs with the names of the children.

"Fishin' For a Great Class"
I covered the B.Board to look like a pond. Used brown paper to make a dock. Reproduced a child sitting and fishing. I had each child's name on a fish.

"We'll Have a T-rrific year"
T-shirt cuttouts with the names of the children. they decorated the shirts at "Meet Your Teacher" and we displayed them at that time.

"Swinging Into First Grade""
I made a tree and placed monkey cuttouts for each child hanging from branches.

Ponton's Pond

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Class Bus
Create a large school bus and put photos (or drawings)
of your children's heads (in the windows. Add your classes name or the teachers name to the side of the bus.

Cut pieces of paper (one for each child) to look like
popcorn and put a picture of each of your children's heads on kernel.
Next make a popcorn popper and put it on the board.
Title the bored something like: "Just Popping By," "Look Who Popped In," etc

Let's Kick Off a Great Year
Write individual students' names on tennis shoes or have kids draw shoes resembling their own.

A New Twist
For a beginning of the year bulletin board, use the game board for a twister game as the background. Put the spinner on as well, with the words "A new twist to a new year." Add cut-out feet and hands with the students' names on them. It is very colorful!

Who's the Teacher?
This bulletin board is about you, the teacher.  Choose a background and border that represent your personality.  Collect pictures, clip art, book covers, etc. that show your interests.  Laminate them and post them on the bulletin board.  Let your students ask you questions about the items on the board.

School's In!
-Ask each child to draw their face with a fish body or a fish with their name on the body. Use a blue paper back ground with waves, bubbles and other sea creatures drawn on.

Our Class Comes In ___ Flavours
-Cut a cone out of brown butcher paper, then add a coloured construction paper scoop of ice cream on top. Add a picture of the child on the ice cream scoop and put the child's name on the cone

Even More Back To School BBoards

These were sent in by Tara Shunk, a second grade teacher working in Maryland.

I made a big palm tree-about as tall as my door and taped it on. Then I
made coconuts for each child (a brown oval then a smaller white oval glued in the center of the brown one. I wrote their names on the white part and
crushed up shredded wheat cereal and glued it to the outer brown part. That
was a little messy but effective. I put the coconuts up on the tree as well
as some under the tree or falling off. The caption was Chicka,Chicka Boom
Boom-Look whose in our room!

One year I made a big pot with a rainbow coming out of it. Put gold circles
to look like coins in the pot and wrote each child's name on a coin. Labeled
it "Mrs. Shunk's treasures" Was fairly easy--you could save and put new
gold coins on for a different year. Another year I cut worm shapes out of
wallpaper, and put a little face on each one and a child's name. Put a big
book shape in the center of the door with a few corners missing and the
bookworms all around. Labeled the book "Mrs. Shunk's bookworms"

This is a really cute welcome back to school display that is easy. I made a
big paintbrush using brown paper for the handle, black paper for the brush,
and a little strip of aluminum foil for the part the attaches the brush to
the handle. I used colored paper to add to the very tip of the bristles to
make it look like it had been dipped in paint. Then I cut out a bunch of
paint blobs (even the MOST artistically challenged can do this!) and wrote
each child's name on a blob. The caption was "A Colorful Class." A white
background and lots of bright colored paint blobs makes this really stand
out. I think I will pull this one out again this year.

This idea came from a popcorn book. Make a popcorn theatre bag or
see if the local theatre will give you one. ( The book had a pattern.) Put
it up on your door with pieces of construction paper popcorn with the
student's names on them. Title it, "Pop on in!"

Using stars: "Reach for the Stars in 2nd Grade", "2G Starring . . .", "Mrs. Gallipoli's All-Stars"

Using feet or shoes: "We're starting off on the right foot" or "Step into 2nd Grade"

Using T-Shirts on a clothesline: "2nd grade suits us to a tee" or Mrs. Gallipoli's line-up"

Using apples: "Bushels of fun in 2nd grade" or "The apples of my eye"

Using frogs: "Leap into 2nd grade" or "Toad-ally awesome students"

Using monkeys & bananas: "Bananas about 2nd grade"

Using dinosaurs: "Welcome to a dino-mite year"

Using jeans: "2nd grade jean-iuses"

Using fish: "Welcome to our school" or "Oceans of fun in 2nd grade"

Using backpacks: "Welcome to our pack!"

Using footballs: "Kicking off a great year!"

By Linda Gallipoli

I have a large bulletin board with my calendar, weather graphs, helpers, and the birthdays for the current month. I also have a bulletin board with our alphabet characters and one with words. My color word bears, number word chart, and everything else I put up are above the windows (not ideal to have them so high, but my only choice).

I have two student bathrooms in my class. I put color word posters in the bathrooms at the beginning of the year and later I put up a poster with our high frequency words. Some kids spend lots of time there so I figure it can't hurt to have educational posters up.

I do have cork strips in the hallway to display their artwork and large things like our completed class story maps, tree diagrams, etc.

My most important bulletin board is the calendar board (lots of math). I have used clothespins and a strong string to display my alphabet before when there wasn't another option.

Good luck!
Kaylene = )

Need a Back to School BBoard? How about having each student trace their bare foot. Then they can draw a picture on the foot with their name. Finally have the students cut out the feel. Place them on a Bboard entitled, "We are starting out on the RIGHT foot!"


Place a table cloth on a bulletin board as your background. As a border cut out ant shapes in black. With white puffy paint write each of your students names. Get four picnic plates and write Art on one, math on one, reading on another, and science on the last one. Staple the plates in the middle of the cloth. Give the board the title, "____________ Grade Will Be A Big Picnic."

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