Welcome to Teaching Heart's Groundhog Unit. Being raised in
PA, I have become fond of Phil over the years and I always watch to see if
he will see his shadow. I like to share my love of Phil with my students.
Here you will find a thematic unit on Groundhogs Day. I hope you will
find a lesson, activity sheet, or unique link to use in your classroom!

Update January 2013


Let's Start this page with a FREE printable!!!

Erase and Draw a Rhymes are a great way to throw in some rhyming fun! How about a Groundhog Day one!!!

You can choose to give everyone in your class page 2. Read the class the rhyme on page 1 and have them draw in the parts as you go. I would do this with Kindergarten and PreK.
For first and second you can give them the sheet to fill in and then page 2 for them to draw once they have filled in the blanks.

If you like our printables, check out our Groundhog Packet below...

To download this free printable to use in your classroom, click here!

Teaching Heart Groundhog Packet

1. Roll a Groundhog – supply dice.
Student roll and draw the shapes provided. 
First to draw a groundhog head wins.

2. Groundhog Day Findings – Students cut out a groundhog and glue it to a stick.  Teacher provides a flashlight and breaks students into partners.
Partners complete the Groundhog Findings sheet.

3. Groundhog Word Search

4. Shadow Making Words Activity

5. Groundhog Glyph –
Includes printables to make the glyph, glyph key, and a center data sheet to complete once the glyphs are displayed.

6. Groundhog Mini Book –
a book for your students to fill in on Groundhog Day.

7. Groundhog Work Holder –
Groundhog for your students to color and cut out. Includes a Groundhog Activity Sheet for students to fill out.  Display the worksheet with the Groundhog.

8. Groundhog Sight Word Game –
Board game and sight words to play with on Groundhog Day.

9 Groundhog Data Collection sheet.

10.Groundhog Roll Say Keep –
Letter Sound Game.

11. Groundhog Puzzle Game -
Perfect game for your students to play in groups on Ground Hog Day!

12. Ground Hog Dice Roll and Cover Games –
With 1 dice or two!

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How cute are these from the packet???



Great Books To Read To Your Class - Click a Title To Learn More!

Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather

Click a book to learn more or to purchase at Amazon!!!

It's Groundhog Day

Andrew McGroundhog and His Shady Shadow

Gretchen Groundhog, It's Your Day

Gregory's Shadow

It's Up to You, Griffin!

Wake Up, Groundhog! (Little Golden Book)

Story of Punxsutawney Phil, "the Fearless Forecaster" (Adventures of Punxsutawney Phil)

I usually read the True Story of
Punxsutawney Phil and I
also have the puppet to go with it. Then we watch and
look at the paper to see if Pux finds his shadow. I
also have the students graph whether or not they think
that Pux will see his shadow. It is really
a cute story and then in the back they have pictures
of the real


How Groundhog's Garden Grew

Fluffy Meets the Groundhog (Hello Reader!, Level 3)



If you are not familiar with Making Words Lessons please see the book below. It is one of my faves!


Make the Word Shadow

Your students will need the letter tiles s h a d o w.
Have them make these words: do, so, as, ad, ads, ash, has, had sad, was, saw, who, wash, das, soda
Write the wordson the board after the students make the words
Now have them play with the letters and try to make a word using all of the letters. They should make the word shadow.
Have the students copy the words into their journal
Have them use the word shadow in a sentence.
Have them circle all the words with the /sh/ sound. Now have them write other words they know with this sound.

Groundhog Day on Starfall

A Video to Watch...

Groundhog Crafts

Groundhog Day Cupcakes
Prepare 1 cupcake with chocolate frosting for each child.
Have children add 2 vanilla wafers for the ears
3 M&M's for the eyes and nose
2 mini marshmallows for the teeth

Skip to My Lou Blog shares this cute ground hog puppet craft.

and they share this meatloaf ground hog...

Looking for a quick craft to have the kids make?  Here is an easy craft.  Make a groundhog pop-up.  The link gives you the printable groundhog.  All you need is a cup and a craft stick.

Danielle's Place has this cute hat to print and make.

Handprint and Footprint blog has this cute craft.

Look at these Phil Pudding Pop Treats!

Here is a no bake ground hog craft!

Check out all my Groundhog Pins Here!



Free Goodies To Print and Use!

A Wordsearch from ABCTEACH

Two Coloring Pages

Groundhog Day Hat

Help The Groundhog find it's shadow

10 coloring pages

A Groundhog's Day Mini Book For Your Student's To Print and Use. This was given to me by Maureen Tumenas K-KIDS1@msn.com @ http://www.bcdk-kids.com.- She makes the greatest Docs. I know you will enjoy this! Thanks for your sharing heart Maureen!

Play The Groundhog Story on Starfall

Teacher Created Materials also offers free samples.
Groundhog Samples


A Few Poems, Songs, and Fingerplays

Five Little Groundhogs

The first little groundhog
crept out of his lair. (fingers creep)
The second little groundhog said,
"Is spring in the air?" (eyes look up)
The third little groundhog asked,
"Is the time right?" (look at wrist watch)
The fourth little groundhog squirmed,
"The sun is too bright!" (cover eyes)
The fifth little groundhog squeaked'
"My shadow I see!" (look over shoulder at shadow)
"I'm not staying out here!
No, siree! Not ME! (shake head "no")
"Back to my burrow
I'm going to creep." (fingers creep)
"And for six more weeks
I'm going to sleep!" (eyes closed, hands by face)


Mr Groundhog down below
Pops up through the fluffy snow
See his shadow watch him go
Winter's here to stay
OH NO!!!!!!

Mr. Groundhog down below
Pops up through the fluffy snow
Wide awake he wants to play
Spring is on it's way


I'm a Little Groundhog... Sung to: "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little groundhog short and stout,
February second I will come out.
If I see my shadow they will shout,
"Six weeks more winter without doubt


Groundhog, Groundhog, popping up today.      Groundhog, Groundhog, can you play?
If you see your shadow, hide away.
If there is no shadow, you can stay.
Groundhog, Groundhog, popping up today.
Groundhog, Groundhog, can you play?

The Groundhog

The funny little groundhog
Digs a home in the fall,
And hides there all winter
Rolled up in a ball.
On February 2nd
He comes out of there
To look at the sky
And to sniff the air.

Groundhog's Day
Sung to: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Do you see your shadow,
Shadow, shadow?
Do you see your shadow?
On Groundhog's Day.
Yes, I see my shadow,
Shadow, shadow,
Yes, I see my shadow
On Groundhog's Day.


I don't see my shadow,
Shadow, shadow
I don't see my shadow
On Groundhog's Day.


It's Cold Outside... Still!
Click here for Printables Below!

Write All About It

Write a class story about what Phil might be doing in that hole all winter long if he is not hibernating.

Write an imaginary interview with Punxsutawney Phil.

I can _____________ with my shadow.

Why shadows change shape throughout the day. . .

Where do shadows go on cloudy days?

If I Were A Groundhog Have the children draw pictures of what they would do if they were groundhogs and saw their shadows. Ask them to describe their pictures as you write down their stories on their papers.

Groundhog Facts

The groundhog, also known as a woodchuck, is a hibernating mammal.

The groundhog is native to North America.

It goes into profound hibernation in the winter.

A groundhog is a rodent that is closely related to squirrels.

The groundhog eats seeds, roots and other plant material.

It lives in a burrow.

Weather Superstitions

If the rooster crows at night,
He's trying to say rain's in sight.

The hooting of an owl
Says the weather will be foul.

When you see a beaver carrying sticks in its mouth,
It will be a hard winter-You'd better go south.

Red night sailors delight,
Red morning sailors warning!

When the chairs squeak,
It's about rain they speak.

Expect the weather to be fair
When crows fly in pairs.

When ladybugs swarm,
Expect a day that's warm.

When chickens scratch together,
There's sure to be foul weather.

Flies bite more before a storm.

Frogs croak more and ducks quack louder before rain.




Groundhog Sites - Filled With Fun and Info!

Punxsutawney Phil's Site

Send a Ground Hog Post Card


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