Teaching Heart Groundhog Packet

1. Roll a Groundhog – supply dice.
Student roll and draw the shapes provided. 
First to draw a groundhog head wins.

2. Groundhog Day Findings – Students cut out a groundhog and glue it to a stick.  Teacher provides a flashlight and breaks students into partners.
Partners complete the Groundhog Findings sheet.

3. Groundhog Word Search

4. Shadow Making Words Activity

5. Groundhog Glyph –
Includes printables to make the glyph, glyph key, and a center data sheet to complete once the glyphs are displayed.

6. Groundhog Mini Book –
a book for your students to fill in on Groundhog Day.

7. Groundhog Work Holder –
Groundhog for your students to color and cut out. Includes a Groundhog Activity Sheet for students to fill out.  Display the worksheet with the Groundhog.

8. Groundhog Sight Word Game –
Board game and sight words to play with on Groundhog Day.

9 Groundhog Data Collection sheet.

10.Groundhog Roll Say Keep –
Letter Sound Game.

11. Groundhog Puzzle Game -
Perfect game for your students to play in groups on Ground Hog Day!

12. Ground Hog Dice Roll and Cover Games –
With 1 dice or two!

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Over 15 Pages of Groundhog Activities for K-2!

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