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Valentine's Day Theme Unit!!

Valentine's Day Lessons, Printables, Links, and Activities For Lovely Teachers!!!

(Tons and Tons of ideas - You will be full of lessons ideas by the end of this page!!)


I am loving the LOVE BUG!!! I think you could do many lessons using a Love Bug Theme!!! Here are two free printables that are all about the Love Bug!!!

First up is a Roll and Draw a Love Bug Game. All you need is the free printable and some dice. The object of the game is to roll the dice and day all the parts to your love bug. First player to have all six parts on the love bug wins.


“Hi Colleen,
I LOVE your love bug idea, but it didn’t fit with what we are learning. We are doing tens and ones and numbers to twenty. I hope you don’t mind that I changed it around a little bit to match up with the Math in Focus chapter that we are doing. I’ve attached it for you. Feel free to share. Cindy Parr”

Thanks Cindy, I checked out your sheet and created a new sheet based on what you were looking for. Below is the new Love Bug Sheet with the Tens and Ones concept.

If you would like to use this sheet, click here.

I was at Sam’s Club and ran across these fruit heart shaped snacks (
also available at Amazon by clicking here)… I created two activity sheets to match these yummy treats!

download the graph and compare sheet here. - Grades 1, 2, and 3. They will need to create a graph, read it, and answer questions about it. Then, they are asked to look at a friend’s graph and tally their friend’s results, and finally finish up by comparing the two results!

Download the sorting sheet by clicking here - For PreK amd K

New and Note-worthy!!!

Free to print!
Cupcake Math Riddle Worksheet Printable

Click Here to Download Cupcake Math!

Easy to set-up Classroom Party Games!

Easy to set-up Valentine's Day Games

You can get it here on E-junkie

  How about YOU fill my heart to BEE my Valentine???

You must supply markers but only set-up required is to print and cut-out a set of cards!!!  Be the first to fill you heart by covering all the circles. To play:  Players take turns in order drawing 1 card and performing the act on the card.  For example:  If the card says +3, then the player would add 3 pieces to their heart.  If the card asks the player to give a piece away, they must give one piece away, if they have the piece to give.  If they do not have any pieces on their heart, they do nothing and it is the next persons turn.  Play continues until someone covers up all the circles on their heart!  Grades Pre-K to Second!

 vdaygame2014pic7 vdaygame2014pic8


Here is a fun dice game… just grab some dice and print one of these for each student.  They can play with partners.  Let’s see who fills up their chocolate box first!!!   vdaygame2014pic3

 Below are some of the cards to a Valentine’s Day Puzzle game.  This is played like our FREE Gingerbread Puzzle game that has been a hit in many a classroom.  Click here to view that free game and to get an idea of how this is played.



You can get it here on E-junkie


Left, Right, Center (Post Office)!!!

SET UP: Each die in LRP has a single envelope on three of its sides; the other sides are marked with an L, an R, and a picture of a Post Office Box. You need at least three people to play, but there is no upper limit on number of players. You will need three dice and each player needs three envelope graphics (used as tokens).

Place the large US Mail Box in the middle of the table. Put the dice in the middle of the table and give each player his or her 3 envelope tokens to start. Pick the person who has the Birthday closest to Valentines Day to go first and then play will move clockwise from there.

TO PLAY: If you roll an L or an R, pass a token (envelope) to the player sitting to your left or right, respectively. If you roll a mailbox, put a token (envelope) on the mailbox in the middle of the table. If you roll a envelope, keep an envelope token.

On the first turn, each player will roll all three game dice. After this round, a player may only roll all three dice if he or she has three or more tokens /(envelopes).

If a player has one or two tokens (envelopes), he or she only rolls one or two dice, respectively. If a player has no tokens, he or she skips his or her turns until another player’s roll gives him or her a token (envelope) or tokens (envelopes) again. Play continues until only one player has any tokens (envelopes) left — he or she wins the game.

This is going to be a fun VDAY party!!!  You can find this game in the Teaching Heart Valentine’s Day Game Packet!!!

You can get it here on E-junkie

Left Right Post Office Dice Game for Vday Party!Left Right Center Valentine's Day Party Game


Valentine's Day Telling Time Activities

Look at the goodies...

But be sure to download this for free!!!

Cupid's Day Activity Sheet for Telling Time Practice

Click Here to Download the Free Page and a Preview of the new set!

Heart Telling Time Puzzles

heart time puzzles


elapsed time task cards…

elapsed time

Elapsed Time Task Cards
various extra practice sheets!!

telling time worksheets

telling time activity sheet

Telling Time VAlentine Activity Sheets Five Minutes

valen-time - What Time Is It, valentine.  Telling Time Printables
What's the Time Valentine???

Fun Valentine’s Day Themed telling time activities written for grade 2.  Includes elapsed time and telling time in five minute increments.  Includes 22 heart shaped puzzles.   I tried to make these easy to print and use. (all black and white files)!   Just print and go!!!

Page 3 and 4—Two Valentine’s Day Themed Time Worksheets.  A story is told and a time is given for each sentence, student must put the minute and hour hand on the clock to match the sentence.

Pages 5 to 8—Elapsed Time (hour to half-hour) task cards.  You get six task cards and a record sheet.  I printed the task cards on bright pink paper.  Makes a great math center!

Page 9 to 13—Self checking heart puzzles.  One side has the clock and the other the time.  Student matches.  22 puzzles.  Great for a math center.  (5 minute increments)

Page 14—Activity sheet.  What time is it, Valentine?   The student writes the time next to the clock. (5 minute increments)

Page 15—Activity sheet.  Student draws the minute hand and hour hand on the clock to match the given time.  (5 minute increments)

Page 16—This sheet is a blank clock that you can program as you wish and then run copies.

Page 17—Cut apart puzzle.  Print and cut apart.  Have students glue the puzzle back together.  Start time is   12:15 to 1:30.

All files copyright C. Gallagher www.teachingheart.net 2014
Graphics purchased and used in this set:
Confetti Graphics , Graphics From the Pond , and Microsoft Clipart!

JUST $3.00 for the files sent instantly! - They come in a PDF!

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Conversation Hearts Activities

To the right you see an estimation activity from our CDROM #3.
If you do not have the CD you could:
Draw a large heart on a piece of paper. Give Each student a box of Hearts.
Have him Estimate the number of hearts that will fit in the heart. Then have him see how many
really fit in the heart.

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

Give each student a box of candy hearts.  Have the students color the graph to match the hearts they have.  After they have the graph colored, have them trade with a friend. The friend can answer the questions on the back using the graph.  You can create your own or use ours from CD#3.

The first graph is for grades k-1. Have your students lay the hearts on the graph. To make this more difficult 2-3, create a graph that allows your students to color the hearts and then answer questions about their graph.

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

Have Your Students Work Together To Complete These Activities

Directions:Your teacher will give you and a
partner a box of candy hearts.
Work together to answer the questions on this sheet.

Partner Names _________________________& _________________________

Activity 1 Estimation

1. Before opening the box of hearts,
estimate how many hearts are in the box.
Write your guesses in the blanks:

Partner 1: ___________________ Partner 2: __________________

2. Open the box and count the hearts. How many? ______________

3. Have each partner subtract to find the
difference between your estimate and the actual number of hearts.
Who had the closest guess? ___________________________

Activity 2 Classification

How many different ways can you find to group your hearts?
Here are some examples:
* Group hearts that are the same color together.
* Group hearts that have the same message together.

List all the different ways that you could group your hearts

Activity 3 Measurement

1. Together estimate the number of hearts,
laid end to end, that would equal one foot. What is your estimate?


Use a ruler to find the actual number
of hearts needed to equal a foot.  
 What is the actual number needed to equal a foot?


2. How many hearts wide is the top of one of your desks?

Estimate: _______________ Actual Number: _________________

3. How many rows of ten hearts can you make with the hearts in your box?

Estimate: _______________ Actual Number: _________________

We have created a Data Sheet for This on CDROM #3

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

Poems, Songs, Fingerplays For Valentine's Day!

I'm A Little Valentine 
I'm a little valentine
Red and White
With ribbons and lace
I'm a beautiful sight
I can say, "I Love You"
On Valentine's Day
Just put me in an envelope
And give me away

  For Valentine's Day
Out of a snow cloud, cold and gray,
Something dropped on St. Valentine's Day,
Whirling and twirling and soft and light,
Like wee little letters all dainty and white,
And I guess the sky children were sending down,
This Valentine straight to the children in town.

Counting Valentines
Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Valentines, valentines, count them with me.
I have red ones, orange ones, yellow ones, too.
I have green ones, purple ones, and some that are blue.
Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Count them with me! 1-2-3-4-5.....

My Valentine Heart
When I say I love you (Point to lips)
It comes from my heart (Hand on heart)
You hear it in your ear (Point to ear)
And it sounds very smart (Point to head)
I love it when you're proud of me (Stand very tall)
You say it all day long (Stretch arms wide)
And when I hear you say it (Point to ear)
My heart sings a merry song (Hand on heart

Teachers From the Teaching Heart Mailring Share Their Ideas

I also wanted to share an idea I saw someone do last year for Valentine's
Day. I'm sure some of you have seen it. It's the "I Love You This Much"
cards for Moms or other special friends. You make a big circle for the
child to make his or her face on. Then you glue it to a large piece of
construction paper. You glue a sentence strip down underneat with the words
written inside & then fold over both sides to meet in the middle. You glue
a small heart on the outside of each flap where they meet to make "hands"
and when you open them up, it's like a big hug! It's great!
Sara Sheets

A friend who teaches Kindergarten does this for Valentine's Day:
She makes each child a book and on each page she has divided it into
sections. After everyone has passed out their cards they glue 1 card to
each section. I think they either copy their friend's name under the
space or they walk around writing their own name in the space left over.
It looks really cute and they love it. Several have brought their
Valentine's book to school to share with our 2nd grade class.
Katherine Rome

Pocketchart Valentine Activity

The valentine is red.
The valentine is blue.
_____ drops it in the mailbox
And mails it to you.

Fill in the blank with a child's name.

You could also have them place a red heart on the first line, a blue heart on the second line, then add a name card in the third line and the student's picture at the end of the line. Sally Henderson

I make a book for each child to take home on Valentine's Day. The
outside of the book looks like an envelope. From: Your Friends in
Class, my school name and address. To: Child's Name. Finally a heart
37. stamp I cut & paste into the word document. (found on search
engine) The first page will say Letters From the Heart.

Inside the book: one letter from each child in the class.
We brainstorm everyday about why we like someone in your class.

For example:
Type below this form. (so its all the same)
Dear ___________,


Dear Sean,
You are a great friend. You are so good in Gym.
I am so glad you are in my class.

You would be amazed with the nice things the kids say about each
other. Its an ego booster. Parents love to read nice things others
kids have to say about their child! kathiesully

Would you like to use this idea with your class? I have created templates you can use with this.

Sheet for student
Envelope - glue to 8 X 12 envelope.

My idea is that I am going to decorate our classroom door with background paper and the words: Straight from the Heart. My kids are going to write messages to their families for their Valentine's and then I will send these home on that Monday. I am going to paint the letters that have been punched out in pink and red. Just thought I would share. Thanks again, Kelly

How about buying some cheap wooden or plastic hearts.  Have the children measure things using the heart as a non-standard unit of measurement.Or you could get various color or size hearts and have the kids sort and count them and graph them.  This could be your math center.   Dianne

We give each child an unopened box of conversation hearts.  We have them sort them into groups of 10 then add their extras to see how many were in each box.  We use this info to make a class graph.  Then the kids sort their hearts by color.  We make bar graphs coloring the columns with the corresponding crayon.  With older children we then had them choose 10 hearts and use them as part of a conversation with quotation marks etc.  They had to glue the candies to the paper.  It was a lot of fun, but the glue would sometimes eat away at the heart.  In any case everyone would eat their manipulatives when they were finished.   Sheryl

My class makes Valentine's for Veterans calendars.  They write a message under the flap and sign only their first names.  We take them to the local VA hospital.  The kids love it and the vets appreciate the attention.  Many of them are forgotten by their families.


Use this small heart pattern for center activities. Cut the heart in half and write a math fact on one side and the answer on the other half. Have students match the hearts. You could do this with rhyming words too. Place each center in a empty heart shaped chocolate box. Children will enjoy this very much! Colleen

Having your students make coupon books filled with good deeds that may be cashed in by a family memeber is a great idea. Some ideas to put on the coupons might be; cut the lawn, load the dishwasher, dust, set the table, take the trash out, free hug,feed and wash the pet ........and what ever else you can think of. Here is a template you can print to have students make their own. Click here to print the sheets! Or you can go to http://kidexchange.about.com/kids/kidexchange/library/blvcoupon.htm to print out these finished Valentine coupons to give to a family member, a friend or a secret pal!! You can print all of the coupons at once or click on the graphic in the coupon to print the individual coupon. Colleen

Duplicate on red paper, cut out, & laminate one copy of the activity cards. (Click here to view and then print) Place the cards in an empty box of chocolates and use them as a learning center. Provide a small cup of candy conversation hearts for each student to use as he completes the activities on the card. Have him record his answers for each activity on a numbered sheet. After finishing the cards, have the student give the cup and answer sheet to a friend to check.

Click Here For an Easy Vday Treat

Another idea for the Hersheys is to use them for a creative writing lesson, beginning with describing the 5 senses, brainstorming a list of descriptive words and then having them "eat" a hershey kiss and write about it. - Jeanine

As a special treat play the video The Little Lulu Show: Valentine's Day (clik to buy)

Follow the Directions Distribute sheets of drawing paper and crayons and ask the children to follow step-by-step verbal directions to complete a folding and drawing activity. Demonstrate how to fold the paper as you give the following directions. 1. Fold the paper in half and then fold it in half again. 2. Unfold the paper. You should have  four  "boxes." 3. Number the boxes 1,2,3 and 4. 4. Draw one heart in box 1, two hearts in box 2, three hearts in box 3, and four hearts in box 4. 5. Color the hearts red.

Kristie Turner Shared this Power Point File for Beginning Sounds on the Teaching Heart Mailring. You may download the file by clicking here.

Also Kristie shared a create a word file. Click here to download.

Debi Goodman said on the Teaching Heart Ring -

OK—pressure is on for you to create using the candy heart site  http://www.cryptogram.com/hearts/

I made a quick 15 minute game  using it—I did it in PPT and then made my heart and copied each one as I made it and put it in the table—EASY!!!

Download her file here.

Debi also shared this activity. Click here to download.

Debi shared an I Have Who Has Activity.
Click here to download.

murphyp01 shared a word file for making sentences. Click here to download.

deboraha.burns shares a rhyming hearts game. Click here to download.

teachdreams1 shares a pocket chart activity. Click here to download.

She also kindly shares a cute love bug pocket chart activity.
Click here to download!

Click here to see the post!!! You will find a Sweethearts Sweet-tarts Printable Activity!


Other Fun Acttivities

Make Counting Hearts Cards Or Print Them From Our CD.
Here is a center you can place in a pocket chart or a baggie. I have mine in a pocket chart. The student matches the math problem to the number of hearts. For intance:

6 hearts
3 hearts

would be matched up with the card that had a picture of 9 hearts.

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

Here is a heart Glyph

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

You can make a few centers for your classroom, you may have each child complete this activity individually, or you may wish to do this as a group.

Each student needs two envelopes. Discuss or review fact and opinion. Have the students paste the word fact on one envelope and opinion on the other.  (or you laminate and place these in a center). The student reads the heart and puts it in the correct envelope.

Here are some of the statements found on the hearts (You can make up your own too):

Valentine’s Day is celebrated once a year.

Valentine’s Day is better than Halloween.

It is fun to give out cards to friends.

Some people give flowers to their Valentines.

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

To the right you will see a set of sentence strips I created. You could use this in a writing center or as part of a reading lesson. The sentences read...

I spy Valentine's Day
I spy flowers.
I spy love notes.
I spy chocolates.
I spy a dove.
I spy cupid.
I spy friends.
I spy the key to your heart.

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

Here is a counting hearts mini book that the student write the number of hearts he or she sees and colors the hearts as the text states.

Our CDROM also includes another activity book (not shown): This is a little bit more advanced. Each page has the student write, illustrate, or fill in the blanks.

This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!


This is an idea from our CDROM # 3
Click here to learn more!

Click Here For Activities To Match Great Books

More Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Packet New and Improved in 2011
Great activities to help make Valentine's Day fun and educational in your classroom! I have had many requests from you all for a Packet with a V-day Theme. I hope this helps make v-day a hit in your room!

1.) Bee Mine Valentine Board Game (K-3) – Great Game for Reviewing Previously taught skills.  All you need is a die and flash cards.  You can use math problems, questions from a previously taught lesson, spelling words…  The object of the game is to collect all four pieces and then you are the winner.  Roll the dice.  Move.  Turn over a flash card.  Answer the questions.  Collect your piece. 

2.) Cupid Erase a Rhyme (1-2) This is three sheets. The first sheet is teacher directions. The second sheet is an easy to draw graphic of cupid. (The students may also keep this at their seats and cross out the parts as you work the lesson with the class.) The third sheet is an independent activity for your students to complete after the lesson.

3.) Conversation Heart (k-1) - Your teacher will give you a bag or box of conversation hearts.    Use the hearts to complete this page.


4.) Graphing Candy Hearts (K-3) – Includes two pages for the student.  Just provide the candy hearts.  Students color the graph to match the hearts you have.  After you have the graph colored, trade with a friend and have them answer the questions on the back using your graph. 

*5.) Following Directions – You can use this with non-readers by reading them the directions and have them do as stated (PreK-1) or use with readers by having them read the sheet and complete (1-2). 

*6.) V-day Mini Book (2-3) Student completes given tasks in book.

7.) V-day Topper – Attach this cute Topper to a bag of candy for your students and watch them smile! Bonus St. Patrick’s Topper inside as well.  (Comes in PDF and Publisher)

*8.) V-day Mini Book - (k-1) An easy to read book for your students to make. (word)

*9.) Bring a Heart to Life (1-3) This includes three pages & detailed instructions. A student game. Students roll dice & complete the given task. First person to complete all tasks wins. Simple adding is required. (word)

*10.) Valentine’s Day Card Activities (1-3) – After your kids collect their card have some educational fun with the cards by using this activity.  Students will use their cards to make a graph and answer questions about their cards. (word)

*11.) Heart Drop Game (1-3) – All you need to play this fun game that will be helpful when working with fact families.  Directions are on the first page of the document. (Word)

*12.) Questions About a Valentine Graph – Answer questions about the given graph (1-2) (word)

*13.) Heart Plural Ending Activity Sheets – Students use the word bank and change the word to plural by placing it in the correct heart (2-3) (word)

*14.) Heart Sums Game – This game is set-up for addition.  You may change the sums to play as multiplication. A two player game.  You supply dice and two crayons.  Activity sheet is attached on page 2 of document.  (1-3)

*15) Compound Word Puzzle Take it to Your Seat Center – Includes center pieces and an activity sheet.  You can change the words on the puzzle hearts to meet your needs. 

16.) Valentine Candy Bar Wrapper – You are ready to give your students a treat!!!  Fits a regular hershey bar.  This file is PDF.

*17.) Sorting Valentine’s Day Pictures – Three pages.  Directions for the teacher.  Pictures for the students to cut out and glue to a sorting sheet.  (K-1) Once the sheet is complete they may answer the questions on the third page about their sorting sheet.  (1-2)  

Get a better look at what is in the packet. Click here for Printable Index with pictures.

These are word files and some are PDF. As soon as you pay you will get directions for instant download.
You will be sent a link for instant download!
Please make sure your email is correct when you order. If you don not get the packet
in 3 hours after you place your order, please email us to let us know.

*These sheets may be modified to meet your needs.  The wrapper and topper are the only sheets that will be in PDF and cannot be modified.  Once you place your order you will be sent directions for an instant download.  Seventeen different activities!  Over 25 pages of resources. 


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Teaching Heart Free Valentine's Day Printables

I love using dice for games.

How about creating a craft where your kids need to roll the dice to collect the craft items. I created this little Valentine Heart face & a key to use with the dice. The players roll the dice to collect all the pieces for their craft. Once they have all their pieces collected they can glue their craft together. My son can do this independently (in fact, he is doing that now). My daughter (the almost three year old) needs help matching the rolled number to the item on the list.

If you want to give this idea a spin with your kiddos or students, here is the
printable key. All you need is two heart cut-outs, two eyes, a nose, a mouth or a pen to draw one, pipe cleaner or something to use as the hanger, and a glue stick. Then you will have a new heart friend to hang on your door. Above is my son's masterpiece...

For Little Hands that still have trouble with the dice, why not make your own big dice... Vanna shares on this youtube video some fun dice activities and ideas for making large dice.

Cute Valentine's - Do Yourself DIY

Here is a cute valentine that the teacher can give to the students. All you will need is the printable and mini M&M's. Print on cardstock and cut out. Fold in the middle.
Place the M&M's inside and you are done!

Ta-da, you have a great treat for your class!!! You can even write a personal note inside.
Click here to download this marvelous and magnificent Valentine's Day Treat for your students.

Now look at that, V-day is more than a month away and you already have a lesson planned and your Vaentine's Day treat for your students ready to go! YOU ROCK!!! Did you smile?

You can download the printable above here.

You can download my sock printable here!

Who doesn't love POP ROCKS?

"Valentine, You ROCK!!!" Just print and tape on.
You can get Pop Rocks at the dollar store in packs of three.
The ones on Amazon are the mini packs in bulk of 20.

You can download my printable here.

Let's start with the DOTS candy.

"I love that you DOT your i's and cross your t's in my class! Happy Valentine's Day!"

Super Easy and Fun. You can download the printable by clicking here!!!

The student to student tag says… ” I think you are a great friend from your head to your foot. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The teacher to student one says… “ I love having you in my class, because you always but your best foot forward. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

You can download the file to make these by clicking here

Fun With Valentine's Day


You will need a bag of Hershey Kisses for these gems... I know, I use food a lot in my freebies and many schools say no to food... good things is you can modify and instead of Hershey kisses use another shape to do these activities. Or you can tweak these actvities to match the standards you are working on.

The first activity is a CVC reading matching activity. The student reads the word and matches the picture to the correct word. Print the file and glue the pictures to seven kisses.

The second activity is math fun. The student solves the problem on the kiss and then covers the answer.

In this picture you see 3+3 and the student would need to cover six.

You can download the printable for both of these actvities by clicking here.

You will need the printable and a large pack of Sweethearts Sweet-tarts.

You can get the valentine packs that come in a large bag with 44 pouches inside. You will need to give each student two packs.

Have them open the packs and lay them on the given printable to form a graph. Then the students answer questions about their bags of candy. Finally they compare their graphs with another classmates! Lots of fun with math and reading going on.

You can click here to download the free Sweethearts Activity.


Besides my ideas, I have seen a few free fun ideas around the web, that you may like to try and use on Tuesday...

1.) A Learning Experience shares (Delicious) Sensory Writing with Hershey’s Kisses (Click to learn more)!

2.) Tot School uses the colorful dot stickers you can get at the store to make a matching game. (Click here to learn more)!

3.) I LOVE this idea from Reading Confetti - It's a number hunt. (Click Here to Learn More)

4.) This idea uses more candy than just a kiss... but o, what fun this would be for a VDAY party!!! I love it! It is a Minute to Win It Game from Stacy. (click here to learn more)!


A Clifford Valentine Mailbox by Vicki Anthony

Great Links to more v-day ideas!

Valentine's Day at
The Virtual Vine


Pre-K Pages V-Day Theme

VDay Literature with Ideas to Match!

Teaching Heart Mom Vday Ideas

A Printable Mini Book by Kinderblogger

Click Here Free Telling Time with Cupid!

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