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Everything a Teachers Needs For St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Teaching Heart! I love this green little holiday. Here are a few of my favorite St. Patrick's Day Activities! I hope you find an idea or two you can use with your class.
Updated March 2015.

Free to Print From Teaching Heart

Graphing the St. Patrick's Way- (1-2)
Your students cut out various St. Patrick's Day Pictures. They then place those pictures on their graph. After the pictures are on the graph, they answer questions about the graph.
This is found in our St. Patty Pack

A Little Color Green Book (k-2) (Click to download for free) A fill in the blank book for your students to complete.
This is found in our St. Patty Pack

Lucky Charms Sorting (k-1)
Use these sheet for sorting the Lucky Charms. You can use this before you do the graph or alone.

Lucky Charms Graph (1-3)
Give your students a small baggie of Lucky Charms & this graph. A great hands-on activity!

Leprechaun Ordinal Numbers Activity or Review(1-3)
Supply students with a sentence strip. They glue their leprechauns in ordinal order. Then they read to find out each leprechauns name!

A student glyph - student reads and completes (2-3) teacher reads and student completes (K-1)
This is found on CD # 3

St. Patrick's Day Dice Game Printables Free

Click here to download the free St. Patrick’s Day Printables!


St. Patrick's Day Free Bump Dice Game

You can download the free bump game – Click here to download the free resource!   You can see the full packet here and here too!


Need some quick ready to use St. Patrick Day Games for some fun learning in your classroom? Try this!

St. PAtrick's Day Games

St. Patrick's Day Bingo!

St. Patty Bing

Color the Code St. Patrick's Day!

Color by Code for St. PAtrick's Day - 100's chart

You can see the full packet here and here too!

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All Files Copyright C. Gallagher Teaching Heart 2013 - 2015

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Many FREE Printable Activities for The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

She Ate What? Tally and Graphing Game

Set-up : Print a set of cards (page 1 and 2) per each group of three players. I suggest you print the playing cards on cardstock.
Print Playing card on page 3 for each set of three students.
Print question page 4 on the back of the playing card.

On page 3 students should, write each players name above a tally chart and a graph. Shuffle cards and lay face down. Take turns drawing a card. Place a tally mark next to the item drawn. Continue until all cards have been drawn. As you can see from the image below, player three just drew a violin and will add a tally mark to the violin column.


Once all the cards have been used, students should color in the graphs to represent their tally marks for each Old Lady. Turn paper over and work together to answer the questions about the graphs graphs.

Looks like fun. want to print it? Click here to download and print!!!


Little Old Lady Dice Game

You only need to print one sheet per student.
The students cut out the playing pieces. Then they take turns rolling the dice and collecting all the items the lady swallowed in the story.
The picture above shows that the student rolled a 1 and took the clover and a daisy. Once they have collected all the pictures, they win! Just so after reading fun!!!

Click here to download the file and use!


Click here to  get the templates above!!! 


The St. Patrick's Day Packet

Great Thematic Activities For Your St. Patrick's Day Unit
All sheets are in Word and can be modified to meet your needs.
(Grades K-3)

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Instant Download after you complete Paypal! You will be emailed a link to download your packet. You should get this link in your inbox instantly after payment!!! Use it now! Below you will see some pictures of some of the 25 plus sheets and you will see the index of what you will find in this awesome packet!!

1.) Graphing the St. Patrick's Way- (1-2) (FREE TO DOWNLOAD)
Your students cut out various St. Patrick's Day Pictures. They then place those pictures on their graph. After the pictures are on the graph, they answer questions about the graph.

2.) Leprechaun Erase a Rhyme Activity - (k-2)
This is three sheets. The first sheet is teacher directions. The second sheet is an easy to draw graphic of leprechaun. (The students may also keep this at their seats and cross out the parts as you work the lesson with the class.) The third sheet is an independent activity for your students to complete after the lesson.

3.) Mini Book- (k-2)
Your student is given various pictures to color and then cut. They place these pictures on the correct pages of the given book! A very cute book!

4.) Roll For St. Patrick's Day (k-2)
A gameboard for a dice game.

5.) Leprechaun Word Building -(1-2)
Includes the letters in the word Leprechaun for your students to cut & use. They must then use the letters to form words and answer questions. This also makes a great word building center!

6.) St. Patrick's Day Following Directions Activity (k-2)-
Student read directions and completes various activities. These directions can be read by the teacher (listening comprehension) or the student (reading comprehension).

7.) A Little Color Green Book (k-2) (Click to download for free)
A fill in the blank book for your students to complete.

8.) Pocket Chart Fill in The Blank (k-2)
Materials for your pocket chart. All you need to do is print, laminate, and cut. You can use this as a group activity (k-1) or as an independent center (1-2). Includes a center sheet for your student to complete after they finish the center. Students must find the picture that fits in the blank.

9.) Letters In Leprechaun Activity Sheet (1-2)
Student finds words that start with the letters in the word Leprechaun. They organize their words on this sheet.

10.) Shamrock Shopping Activity Sheet(1-2)
St. Patrick's Day Words are given. Each letter has a value. Students must add up the letters to find a total cost of a given word.

11.) Shamrocks Count By 5's Envelope Center (k-1)
Print, laminate, and cut a few of these sets. Place ach set in an envelope or baggie. The students must place these in the correct order.

12.) Sorting St. Patrick's Day Shapes (k-1)
Student cuts out various ST. Pat's day graphics and glues them to a sorting sheet.

13.) Shamrock Subtraction (2-3)
Students answer Subtraction Problems and find the mystery!

14.) Pot of Gold Graph Reading (1-3)
Students read graph and answer questions.

15.) Glyph Center
Students make a Glyph and then teacher hangs the Glyphs and students complete the center sheet.

15.) St. Patrick’s Day Dice Game (k-1)
Two player game.  Board included.  Teacher Supply Dice!

Over 25 sheets of printables
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Instant Download after you complete Paypal! You will be emailed a link to download your packet. You should get this link in your inbox instantly after payment!!! Use it now!


My favorite St. Patty Ideas

Graphing the Green  
What color comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick's Day?  Green of course!  So celebrate the holiday and the color by completing the activity below.

  YOU WILL NEED -Large sheet of bulleting board paper -A 1/2 sheet of shamrock stickers for each student  

PREPARE THE LARGE SHEET OF B-BOARD: -draw a line down the middle -make nine columns going across -on the left side of the line write the following questions in each box.

1.  I am wearing green.
2.  The house I live in is green.
3.  My favorite color is green.
4.  I like green beans.
5.  My family has a green car.
6.  I have a green pencil.
7.  My winter coat is green.
8.  I like green Jell-O.
9.  I have used a green crayon.
10. I know a word that rimes with green.  

1.)  Have a volunteer read #1.
2.)  Invite students up to place a sticker in the column next to #1  if it applies.
3.)  Repeat 1-2 for all the questions.
4.)  Have students use the graph to answer questions during a class discussion

A Leprechaun Booklet
  Pass out an oval shaped piece of paper to each student.Tell the class to draw and color a leprchaun on the paper.  The leprechan can be any size and doing anything the student wishes.  Brainstorm ideas with the class to encourage creativity.  The teacher may wish to make her picture in advance.  I made one of a leprachaun crawling over a rainbow to get to a pot of gold waiting at the other end.   Then have each student write a story or paragraph about the leprechaun he or she has drawn, complete with an appropriate title.   Collect the pictures and glue them into a booklet.  Have the students illustrate from and back covers for the book.  The photo copy a second booklet of stories and pictures.  Suggest that the students try to match the story with the picture.

Pots of Gold  
Paint 11 small paper cups black to represent pots of gold.  Spray paint 55 or more beans gold.  Make 11 shamrocks and label each with a numeral from 0-10.  Attach a labeled shamrock to each pot.    To do this activity, the student places the correct number of gold pieces into each pot.   Also, you may wish to have the students place the shamrocks in numerical order.   Another idea is to label some more shamrocks with addition, subtraction, or multiplication questions.  Then attach these shamrocks to the pots.  Have the children use the gold pieces as counters and put gold pieces equivalent to the sum and differences in appropriate pots.

Have the class go on a clover hunt.  Supply a zip lock bag and tell them to collect lots of  clovers.  Award a student who finds a four leaf clover.  Have the students bring their clovers back to the classroom.   Since you have clovers of many sizes - you can make a sequencing game.  Do this by pressing each one between wax paper sheets using a warm iron.  Cut the center from an index card to make a frame for each of the clovers.  Tape a pressed clover to each frame.  Store the clover cards in reusable bags decorated with a clover sticker.   To use the cards have the students remove them from the bag and put them in order by size.

Creative Writing on shamrock shaped paper: What would you do if you found a pot of gold, What is really at the end of the rainbow, A leprechaun came to room 6, what would you do with a 100 LB potato.

Make a class graph of whether or not your students believe in leprechauns.

Go on a tour of your school, write down everything green you see. You can make a class book A Wee Bit O'Green at the _______ School.

Place some lucky charms in a bag for each student. You can graph the different marshmallows. You can also do story problems like add your horshoe marshmallows to your rainbow. Etc. Activity Sheets Above To Print!

Students create their own leprechaun stories from ideas written on the shamrocks. Students brainstorm their own ideas to write on the shamrocks: (glue glitter around the edge of each shamrock)

A leprechaun who lost his magic powers

I woke up one morning and the world was green

A wizard cast a spell on all the leprechauns

I finally caught a leprechaun

The day I found, not a pot of gold, but a pot of leprechaun dust!

Final drafts are written on white paper and leprechaun pattern is placed over, near or behind the story so it looks as if the leprechaun is holding the story! (or pattern can be traced over the story for a nice effect)

Shamrock Math
Duplicate about 20 shamrocks and write a different multiplication fact (or whatever concept you want to stress) on each one number each shamrock sequentially(1-20)

Make a trail of shamrocks that lead to the end of the rainbow. (Looks great on a wall leading to a bulletin board)

Students number their papers from 1-20 and copy the fact from each shamrock; each fact is then answered.

When the student arrives at the end of the rainbow, an answer key is used to check all work;

Then the student takes a piece of "gold" (gold-wrapped candy)

Use white or green paper to make a blank book for each student. Number the pages in each book from 1 to 5. Then hand out the books and invite the students to rubber-stamp matching numbers of green shamrock prints on their book pages. Or give them shamrock stickers to attach to their pages,.

Gold and Silver Sorting
Give each of student a piece of paper folded in half and set of torn scraps of gold and silver wrapping paper. Invite students to sort the pieces by gluing the gold scraps on one half of their papers and the silver scraps on the other half.

Rolling Shamrocks Game

Here's a fun dice game my kiddos played today.  I like it because they both can play it together independently.  My four year old is working on her counting skills and her big brother gets to play along too.  This would also work well for a fun St. Pat's Day game at your classroom party!

All you need is the printable game board (click the link to download), dice, and a crayon per player.  Players take turns coloring in their shamrocks.  First player to color in all their shamrocks is LUCKY!!!

Check out all my
St. Patrick's Day Posts here...

Lucky Charms Gameboard

Above is something free I would like to share with you in time for St. Patrick's Day. It is something my kids have been having fun with it. All you need is a dice, two markers (I used apple jacks cereal), and this free printable pdf file.

The file is pretty large and will take you about five minutes to cut up and tape together once you have printed it. It has enough material for four players. You can play 1 to 4 players. If this is going to be used in a classroom, I suggest you laminate it!

The object is to collect all five lucky charms to put on your shamrock. When your shamrock is full, you are done and very lucky!
How to Play: Each player gets one shamrock to fill. Taking turns each player rolls the dice and moves their piece ahead.
Once they land they must pull a card and answer the question. You will see that I have two sets of cards on my board. One set is programed for my son (second grade sight words are alreadyon some of the cards). I programed the rest of his cards (the blank ones provided) with math problems and the Kindergarten writing strokes. You can program the blank cards with skills your child or student needs to work on. The other set of cards have things my three year old is working on (shapes, colors, letter sounds, numbers). This game is great because two people working on two different levels can play together! Great when you have a six year old and a three year old playing together. These two pictures below give you an idea of what two sets of different level cards would look like!!!

Once they answer the card correctly they complete the activity on the square they landed on. If they land on a lucky charm they do not have they may take the lucky charm and place it on their card. If they already have the charm, they do nothing. Each square tells you what to do. If it is blank, just wait for your next turn. Keep going around the board till the shamrock has one of each charm on it. Pretty self explanatory.

My kiddos loved this game! I hope your children or students enjoy it too and don't even realize they are practicing skills they need to know.

Magic Recipes

Magic Pudding

Supply each student in your class a plastic cup with 2TBS of Pistachio Pudding Mix (the powder instant)
and a green or gold plastic spoon for stirring. One package of instant pistachio pudding makes 4 servings. There is a little over 7 tablespoons of pudding in a package.

A great idea is to place these on the students desk while they are out, along with this note
(You could glue the note to the cup or place it on their desk):

When they come back they see the note. Walk around with milk and pour a half cup of milk in their cup.
Then have the students stir the mixture. They will be amazed to see the powder turn green and thicken to make
pistachio pudding that most students have never tasted!


Follow the directions on the sheet.

Click pattymagicpuddingteachingheart to download the sheet.

Favorite Poems, Songs, and Fingerplays

Five Green Shamrocks

Five green shamrocks growing outdoors
(Child's name) picked one, and that left four.

Four little shamrocks, green as they can be.
(Child's name) picked one and that left three.

Three green shamrocks so shiny, fresh and new
(child's name) picked one and that left two.

Two little shamrocks nodding in the sun,
(Childs name) picked one, and that left one.

One little shamrock for St. Patrick's Day fun.
(Child's name) picked it, and that left none.

Five Wee Leprechauns

 Five wee leprechauns scurrying by my door,
 One jumped away, then there were 4.

 Four wee leprechauns climbing in my tree,
 One hid in the green leaves, then there were 3.

 Three wee leprechauns, just a busy few,
 One went for a pot of gold, then there were 2.

 Two wee leprechauns, having lots of fun,
 One hopped over the rainbow, then there was 1.

 One wee leprechaun, with all his work done.
 He slipped off for a nap, then there was 0.

Leprechaun, Leprechaun

 Leprechaun, leprechaun,
 Hiding in the hay.
   (Hide pointer finger under opposite hand.)
 Leprechaun, leprechaun,
 Don't you run away.
   (Hop pointer finger around.)
 Leprechaun, leprechaun,
 Let's go out and play.
   (Hop both pointer fingers together.)
 Leprechaun, leprechaun,
 It's St. Patrick's Day!
   (Dance pointer fingers up and down.)

Lots of Little Leprechauns
*kids can act this out
Lots of little leprechauns dancing in a ring,           
Lots of little leprechauns, hear them sing!           
Lots of little leprechauns wave their arms high;           
Lots of little leprechauns give a loud cry;           
Lots of little leprechauns in a hollow tree,           
Lots of little leprechauns quiet as can be ~ Shhh....

Shamrock Song
tune: "Ten Little Indians"

10 green construction paper clovers

Give each child his/her own paper shamrock.

One little, two little, three little clovers,
four little, five little, six little clovers,
seven little, eight little, nine little clovers,
ten clovers in a row.

Each child places his/her clover on the floor, lining them up in a row.

I'm a little shamrock, (Hold fingers close together to represent something tiny.)
See my leaves. (Close one eye, and pretend to look through magnifying glass.)
Count my petals, (Symbolize counting on fingers.)
If you please.
If you give me water and lots of sun, (Pretend to pour water.)
I'll bring you good luck and lots of fun! (Smile.)

My Favorite Books For St. Patrick's Day
Click a book to learn more about it!

Leprechaun Gold


Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk


St. Patrick's Day

Shamrocks, Harps, and Shillelaghs:
The Story of the St. Patrick's Day Symbols


The Leprechaun in the Basement


Jack and the Leprechaun


Lucky O'Leprechaun


St. Patrick's Day in the Morning


St. Patrick's Day Alphabet


O'Sullivan Stew:
A Tale Cooked Up in Ireland (Picture Puffins)

Easter & St. Patrick's Day Thematic Unit


Crafts for St. Patrick's Day
(Holiday Crafts for Kids)

Give the kiddos the sheet below, the pudding, and a spoon… Let the magic begin…

Follow the directions on the sheet.

Click pattymagicpuddingteachingheart to download the sheet.

Feel free to download and use at home or at school –

Be sure to visit the Rainbow Unit at Teaching Heart for more free and fun Rainbow ideas.

Fun at Home For St. Patrick's Day!

That Little Green Guy Visits our house each year... You never know what he may do!

Sometimes he uses the potty (green food dye)

A special lunch!!! Mmmm…. Bagel with green cream cheese, green cucumber slices, green grapes, and some green cookies.
There is a note from a Leprechaun in there telling him that he hopes that mommy is not mad that he made my son lunch today.

Click here and check out the hunt that green guy sent the kids on one year...

Click here to learn about this Rainbow Cake!

A few ideas from our CDROM # 3

Pot of Gold Center
CD# 3 Contains Printables for this activity. Includes a center activity sheet.
Click here to learn more about CD #3

Print 10 graphics of a pot of gold. Write a change amount
on each pot. Have your students place the correct amount of
play money on the pot.

Below is a picture of what this center might look like.

St. Patrick's Day Glyph
CD# 3 Contains Printables for this activity. Includes a glyph for the student, display materials, and a
data sheet for each student in your class to complete.

Click here to learn more about CD #3

Making Words
CD# 3 Contains Printables for this activity.
Click here to learn more about CD #3


How many words can you make with the letters?

Pick two of the words you made and write two sentences using each word in a sentence.

Pick one word you made a draw a picture to illustrate the word.

CHALLENGE - Use all the letters to make one word. What word did you make?
HINT - A green little man.


Free and Fun Printables

Pot Of Gold Graph

Awesome Resource
Look under St. Patrick's Day For Great Ideas!

Lucky Charms Graph Activity!
Free from our CDROM

This PDF includes many printables
for March

Shamrock Subtraction

Contraction Shamrocks

Shamrock File Folder Pattern Match Game

DLTK's Many Printables

List of 30+ Free Printables

Search through 100's of Free Printables on TPT!

Trinity Shamrock Activity Sheet

Pot O'Gold Award

Math Worksheets

Leprechaun Look

Many Goodies At ABCTEACH

Color The Rainbow

Many to choose from

Pick The Correct Coins

Tracing Paper

Pot of Gold Game To Print

Irish Teddy bear Craft - includes needed printables

Many Coloring Pages

St. PAtrick's Day Word Search

Cute Free Printable mini book: Leprechaun Walk

My Favorite Links To More Great Ideas!!!

Mrs. Kelly Beggs Site -
Great ideas with pictures to match!

Many Cute Ideas are Found Here!

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Making Friends -
Great St. Patty Crafts

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