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How I do graphing in my classroom:

We do a graph a week in my classroom (starting in October). I have a bulletin board (like the one above) set-up as a graphing center. There is a ziploc baggie on the right hand side for center manipulative (which are changed weekly) and a place under the board to store the center activity sheet for the week. Friday after school I set the graph up for the week. On Monday the students complete the class graph as part of their morning routine. Monday after we go over the daily activities, we breifly discuss the graph as a class. I also display the weekly graphing center sheet each student must complete. Monday through Friday the graph is left up and it becomes one of the centers for the week. I create a weekly graphing center sheet for each student to fill out independently as a center activity. On Friday during circle time we discuss the weekly graphing center sheet as a class. I have all my materials premade for 30 graphs and all I have to do is stick it up in my pocket chart or on a bulletin board. It is super easy for me and the students benefit by gaining the graphing skills they will need in life and on the standarized tests. The students enjoy this center!!!

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Here is a ziploc baggie that I store the student manipulatives in for the given graph.

Under the graphing center bulletin board is a folder that holds the center sheets. Their is one for each student to complete as part of their center time for the week.

Here are a summertime and fairytale graph set:

Here is what a set-up center would like before the students place their choice on the graph.

Here is what the center would look like once the students had placed their choiced on the graph.

Once the graph is finished, each student should fill out a center sheet as
seen above.

The Graphs My Class Does:

Look there are 9 free files below!!!

Have You Ever Ridden an Airplane?

*How do you like your apple?

P1 - P2 - P3

Would you rather take a bath or a shower?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

What is your favorite color?

Which day of the week do you like best?

Which hand do you write with?

Which holiday do you like best?

What is your favorite Nursery Rhyme?

Do you have a dog or a cat?

What kind of pizza do you like best?

Which sport do you like best?

How many TV’s are in your home?

Are you wearing a watch?

What is your favorite winter activity?

Which are you wearing on the bottom half of your body?

Which Superhero is your favorite?

How many people are in your family?

Which is your favorite summer activity?

What would you like to ride home in today?

Which Fairytale is your favorite?

*What is your favorite fall activity?

P1 - P2 - P3

Which is your favorite State Flag?

What kind of milk do you like best?

Heads or Tails Graph (supply a quarter for flipping.A student flips and records their results of the class graph.)

*Cards (supply a deck of cards. Student draws from the deck and records their results on the classroom graph.)

P1 - P2 - P3

How many letters are in your first name?

Which flavor is your favorite?

Dice – Supply one die and have students graph the number they roll.

Favorite Cereal – supply tastes of three cereals; Cheerios, Life, & Apple Jacks

I have created all of the graphs above. Each includes manipulatives with words and graphics. I also created a center sheet to match each graph. Each center is like the ones seen above.


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Other ways you may choose to display your weeky graphing center:

A pocket chart works well.

Put magets on the pieces and use a magnetic whiteboard.
Velcro works well on a bulletin board or a display board that can be purchased at your local office supply store.

Here is a graph in a pocket chart.

Other Graphing Activity Ideas:

Put a different colored star sticker on all sides of a wooden block/cube. Give each student a sheet of paper lined off to show columns. Put each of the six stickers at the bottom of a column. Students will roll dice to see which sticker they roll the most of in 10 minutes. As they roll a certain sticker, the students should put an X beside the sticker they rolled. After a few minutes is up, the children will count the number of X's in each column. The column with the most X's wins. Discuss results of individual graph as a class.

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