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Spring Unit / Theme From Teaching Heart

Updated - March 2011

Spring Poems


Frogs croak,
Rains soak.
Chicks peep.
Crickets leap.
Bees hum.
Robins come.
Birds sing.
It's Spring


A small green frog
On a big brown log;

A black and yellow bee
In a little green tree;

A red and yellow snake
By a blue-green lake,

All sat and listened
To red bird sing,

"Wake up, everybody,
     It's spring! It's spring!"

springb3.gifIt's Spring
Goodbye snow! Goodbye ice!
Though of course you're very nice,
I am glad you've gone away
Leaving us this fine spring day.
Here's my good old bat and ball!
Marbles too! How are you all?
I am sure that I can play
With you now, most any day
Goodbye winter! Though it's true
I've had lots of fun with you.
Now I just could shout and sing,
I'm so glad because it's spring!
--Winnifred J. Mott
springb4.gifSpring Has Sprung

The birdies sing because it's spring.
And bunnies hop, hop, hop.
From below the grass, the flowers wake,
And up their little heads pop.
They greet the trees and warm spring breeze.
With a cheery spring hello.
To tell the world the spring has sprung
And the winter snow should go.
How wonderful the springtime
With all its life anew.
I hope that this and every spring
Bring happiness to you

springb6.gifYellow Daffodils
Yellow, yellow daffodils
You’re dancing in the sun.
Yellow, yellow daffodils
You tell me spring has come.

I can hear a bluebird sing
And hear a robin call,
Yellow, yellow daffodils
I love you best of all

Showers (Move like rain falling to the ground.)
Flowers (Move like something growing from the ground.)
Trees (Sway in the wind.)
Bees (Buzz and fly.)
Sun (Make a circle with arms.)
Fun (Jump up and down.)
Muck (Pretend to be stuck.)

Free to Print From Teaching Heart

springb3.gifIt's Spring Mini Book - 2005
Student colors and reads. You may want to have them find rhyming spring words in the book!
springb3.gifSpring Walk Class Book - 2005
Class Book Cover. Sheet for student to write and illustrate on.
springb3.gif Raining Cats and Dogs Activities - 2005
Two pages. Page One is props. PAge 2 is group activity sheet.
springb3.gif Color The Tulips Dice Game - 2011

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Teaching Heart' TWO Spring Packets

To Learn More About the Activities on our
Sing Spring Packet - Click here!


To learn more about the activities above and the packet they are found on -
click here!

Some of My Favorite Spring Activities

springb3.gifI like to have my students tally the days in March. They each have a sheet above at their desks. They place a tally on the line for each day. At the end of March we count up the number of Lion Days and Lamb Days. We place the totals in the box given. Then we know for sure if Spring came in like a Lion or a Lamb! This Lion or Lamb Day sheet is found on CDROM # 3. Click here to learn more!

springb3.gifHave fun with graphing skills in the spring. Find various spring pictures. Make copies of the pcitures for each student. Have the students graph the spring pictures. Ask questions about the graph.

To the left is the Graphing With Spring Activity found in our Spring Packet. It includes the graphics to cut and graph. It also includes an activity sheey to use with the graphics. You can learn more about our spring packet by clicking here! There are mant spring ideas found on both our packet and CDROM # 3.

springb3.gifGo for a walk and observe the first signs of spring. When you return discuss the smells, sights and sounds of spring.Have your students fill in the sentence... I went for a walk in the Spring. I saw ______. Have the students illustrate their sentence. Bind all class pages into a book. Click here to print this activity sheet.

springb3.gifDiscuss the statement, "It is raining cats and dogs."
Make a cutout of a dog and cat. Glue the two together. So there would be a cat on one side and a dog on the other side. Give each group of students a cat/dog cutout. Have them stand and drop the cutout to the ground. Then, have them graph the results of doing this 10 times. Discuss the results. I created a printable to match this activity. You may print it by clicking here.

Spring Reads Your Class Will Love!

Links To Spring Printables

springb6.gifABC TEACH
has many goodies to print

springb6.gifMore Spring Coloring Pages
12 pictures to print and color.

springb6.gifSpring Coloring Sheets
Flowers and scenes of Spring with Winnie the Pooh.

springb6.gifSpring Word Search

springb6.gif15 Pages of Spring Ideas and Patterns -
Great/ Free resource

Jan Brett Spring Coloring

springb6.gifHedga and Hedgie's Picnic
springb6.gifHedgie's Spring Bike Ride

springb6.gifEarly Spring Flowers - count, color and cut

springb6.gifUmbrella ABCs - make cards and match upper and lowercase letters

springb6.gifTeeny Garden Alphabet Book - make a mini book, click the link on the bottom of the page for the rest of the letters

springb6.gifSpring Ideas Galore!!! springb6.gifTeaching Heart Mom Ideas springb6.gifMore to Come!

Links To Super Spring Sites!

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