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100 Days Of School!
Here are a few ideas to make the 100th day of school in your classroom tons of fun!

Update: Jan. 2012

Some of my favorite ideas

Collect your catalogs from home. Give each child a catalog and tell them to go shopping. They can spend 100 dollars. Instruct them to cut out the items they would buy and their prices. Have them glue their pictures to a piece of paper. Have them share what they purchased with your class!!!

Have students fill in the blanks to the statement.
I could carry 100 _______________________, but I couldn't carry 100 ______________!
I could eat 100 _______________________________, but I couldn't eat 100 _____________________!
I could put 100 ______________________ in my desk, but I couldn't put 100 _____________________ in my desk!
I wish I had 100 __________________________, but I am glad that I do not have 100 _____________________________________!

Split students into teams of five. Give them a cup of individually wrapped pieces of candy. Ask them to split the candy up evenly amoung the group. Have them write about how they went about splitting their candy up.

Have your students draw what they look like now and what they may look like in 100 years!

Have your students guess how old you will be in 100 years.

How long does it take your students to write your name 100 times???

Give your students old magazines. Have each student cut out 100 words they can read without help. Have them glue thier words to another sheet of paper!

Discuss what was happening 100 years ago.

Pile up 100 pennies and measure them.

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You are never too old for the 100th day.   We have the children estimate how far 100 blocks will line up in our hall.  They mark their spot on an adding machine tape which we have rolled out by drawing a line and writing their names.  Then we award the tape to the child who came the closest.  This goes with our measurement and estimation activities.   We also make headbands counting by 5's.  Then we attach a pair of goggles that read 100.  The two zeros are the holes for the eyes.  We have them make patterns on the band and the goggles.  We laminate the goggles so they like eyeglasses.   We have the children write - "What life will be like in 100 years (what will be invented and what will be outdated).   We have them draw a picture of what they think they will look like in 100 years.    Our math coordinator dresses as Count 100 and reads a story about 100 to the children.  My favorite is Chicken Stew.   Hope this helps you convince your principal.   Dianne 

If you want to do something different for the 100th day you can celebrate 101 days of school instead. I teach second grade and we are doing that. Last year we had the kids bring in a white t-shirt and we painted spots on them to make them look like the 101 dalmations. I did not want to do thatthis year, instead I am having them come in dressed like they are 101 years old and then they will write about it. I am also asking the parents/kids to send in a food item such as pretzels, m&m's, etc so that we can count to see how many servings each child will get in our class. Eileen

I agree that they are never too old for celebrating. A few years back I had the kids write on hearts 100 reasons why we love our school. I got literally 100's of reasons. We did this for K-6 grade. I had the teachers laminate them and put them in the hall in the shape of a great big heart. I didn't tell the pricipal what I was doing and it even surprised him. It recieved much attention from the press and school board which did alot to lift school spirit in the school right before our standardized testing began. The kids loved it and have asked every year what we are going to do next. Even the pricipal wanted every one of the hearts. My class pasted them in a notebook for him to keep. Janna

Our 100th day celebration includes the kids counting out 100 snacks from ten bowls (fruit loops, pretzels, raisins, chocolate chips, etc.)   But, what was really fun was our fashion show. We have the kids decorate a plain shirt or hat with 100 things. They write it up on an index card and it is read during their walk down the "runway". I have a slideshow on my site from last year. (it may load slowly) http://www.smithsroom.com/downloads/100%20day.pdf    Melissa Smith
1st Grade / TN

Regarding 100 th day. One of the activities I do is have a dollar dig!. I have a  box filled with pennies and in groups of 2, my students get to reach in and grab what they think is exactly 100 pennies! The partner checks as they count together. We complete a chart of greater than or less than $1.00. Of course, anyone who has the exact amount wins a crispy new dollar bill! In over 30 years of teaching I have probably given out less than $5.00, but my former students all remember it!  Hope this helps. I too am on the look out for new ideas for Hundreds Day!   Karen

-I really like this idea but I have a few questions. Do they get to grab with both hands? Can they go back for more if they think what they have isn't enough?  Thanks for the great new idea.  Linda

The dollar dig works like this:.  a pair of students, only one at a time gets to reach in and pull pennies. He can use two hands if they like, but only one chance for the dig!  The partner supervises and helps to count. When they think they have a $1.00, I get called over to double check and everyone watches as I have the winner double check! It is a lot of fun!

We talk about the math term "googol" which is a 1 followed by a hundred zeros.  We use an adding machine tape and make our own googol and see how long it is.  it really stayed with some of the kids because a third grader asked if we were going to make googols for our hundred day celebration.   Mary/IA


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100 Day Ready to USe Printables for k-3

1.) 100 Day I Spy - Students write the number of given objects found in the picture. K-3

2.) 100 Days Meaure - Teacher gives students a 100cm long string. Students complete actvities on the sheet. They can work in partners or independently. K-3

3.) 100 Days Message - Students add and subtract. They color in the answers to reveal a special message. 1-3

4.) 8 Page 100 Day Mini Book - Students fill in book. 1-3

5.) Printable Poem by Colleen Gallagher

6.) 100 Days Newspaper - Students fill out.

7.) 100 Numbers - Numbers 1 to 100. Just printa and use for various 100 day activities.

8.) 100 Days Roll Game - Students play in partners with dice and crayon. 1-3

9.) Roll $1.00 Game - Complete with manipulatives, directions, and record sheet. 1-3

10.) To Do 100 Times - Activities to do 100 times with record sheet.

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