Hodge Podge 100 Days Ideas

This is an compiled list of ideas taken from the mailrings I am on...

tune of the "Brady Bunch" themesong. Nancy

Here's the story of a kindergarten
That has been in school for 100 days.
We've been working very hard in our classroom.
We've learned in many ways.
On this very special day at Head O' Meadow (name of school)
The whole school joins to help us celebrate.
We've been learning for 100 days so far
And they've been really great!
One hundred days, one hundred days,
We have been in school for one hundred days!

Celebrating the 100th Day of School
Grade: K-1

Here are some activities that you can use to celebrate the 100th day of school.
The 100th day of school is especially exciting to celebrate if you have been
keeping track of the days of school since the first day.

Estimate how much space 100 popcorn kernels will take up (unpopped).  Then using
an air popper, pop them and estimate how many will pop and how much space they will take up. I also like to take the lid off the air popper and let the popcorn fly out the top.  I have the students sit in a circle way around the
popper and put a small piece of paper (one half of a 3x5 card) with their name on it around the popper.  If a piece of popcorn lands on their paper, they get a prize.  The popcorn doesn't go very far from the popper, just don't let the
kids get too close in case an unpopped kernel flies out.

I also have the kids eat 100 pieces of popcorn and write their numbers each
time they eat until they get to 100.

oWriting paper oConstruction paper oCrayons oMarkers oPencils oPlastic bags
oOther easily accessible materials

Books you can use with the 100th Day of School:

oOne Hundred Monkeys by Daniel Cutler

oI'll Teach My dog 100 Words by Michael Frith

o26 Letters and 99 cents by Tana Hoban oI Can Count to 100...Can You?
by Katherine Howard

oTen Apples Up On Top by Theo LeSieg oOne, Five, Many by
Kveta Pacovska

oOne Hundred Angry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes oNumbers by John

o1to 100 Busy Counting Book by Amye Rosenberg oAnnos's Counting House by
Mitsumasa Anno

oFrom 1 to 100 by Teri Sloat

oTen Black Dots by Donald Crew

Ways to get to 11 by Eve Merriam

Activities To Choose From:
1.Have each student bring in a bag of 100 items to class. (100 paper clips.,
baseball cards, stickers, pennies, etc.) Post the bags of 100 items on a
bulletin board. Have the students share what they brought with the class.

2.Writing Activities: (You can cut the writing paper into the shape of 100
forthe students to write on and put in their own 100 book)

oI wish I had 100

oI would not want 100

oI can make 100 oI can eat 100

oI could never eat 100

oHaving 100 would really be a problem.

oIf I had 100 I would buy

oI like the 100th day of school because oI can do 100 oI found 100 oIf I had

3.Prepare bags of 100 pennies, 100 popsicle sticks, 100 noodles,100 fruit
loops, 100 candies, or any 100 items that you would like to use. In groups have the children compare certain items to see which weighs more. Create a handout
that lists which items you want them to compare. For example, have the children
use a balance to weigh the popsicle sticks and the pennies. Have them circle on
the handout the items that weigh the most. After comparing all of the items,
have each group predict the order of the objects from lightest to heaviest. Then have them actually weigh the items and put them in the actual order from lightest to heaviest.

4.As a class, try to make lists of 100 animals, 100 names, 100 foods, 100
books, 100 toys, etc.

5.You can make a class 50/50 book and title it A half of 100 is 50 or
50+50=100. Make a list of 50 big things/50 little things, 50 cold things/50 hot things, 50 yellow things/50 blue things, 50 toys you would want/50 toys you would never want, etc.

6.Have the students fill in a chart from 1 to 100. Have them count by tens
and color the tens yellow. Count by fives and color each box blue. Count by twos
and circle the boxes. Have them find the numbers that have a 4 (Choose any
number) in the tens place and color it green. You can keep having them color certain numbers as you wish. You can also use the 100 chart to play bingo.

7.Make several bags of items and have the students guess which bag has 100

8.Make a store in your room and give each child a dollar in change (real or
paper) and have them learn about money by buying things from the store. You
can sell pencils, erasers, little note pads, whatever you have to sell. Let them
see what they can buy for 100 pennies. You can also use the different coins to
seeall of the different ways to make 100.( 10 dimes, 4 quarters, etc.)

9.Have the class trace 100 hands and glue them on a banner. Have each 10th
handbe the same color.

10.How much is 100 inches? Use cubes to measure 100 inches. Take 100 steps.
Where do you end up?

11.Use pattern blocks and see what kind of design you could make with 100

12.How many times can you write your name in 100 seconds?
How many stars can you make in 100 seconds?
How many times can you write the alphabet in 100 seconds?
How many crackers can you eat in 100 seconds?
How many jumping jacks can you do in 100 seconds?

13.At the end of the day you can give them an award that says they gave 1
today or you could make an award that is a play 100 bill with a picture of their
face in the center.

14.You can also send home a 100th Day Newsletter and put photographs in that
you have taken during the first 100 days.

15.  100 Word Collection.  Use a large sheet of chart paper.  Across the top
print ten category topics e.g.. flowers  jobs  colors transportation  food  feelings  animals  etc..
Then draw lines down to create columns.  With the kids brainstorm 10 words
that will fit in that column.  And there you have 100 words.


100   Is a Lot!

100 dogs, 100 cats,
100 heads for 100 hats.
100 women, 100 men,
100's more than 5 or 10.
100 buttons, 100 coats,
100 sails for 100 boats.
100 cookies, 100 cakes,
100 kids with bellyaches!
100 shoes, 100 socks,
100 keys for 100 locks.
100 puddles mighty dirty,
100's even more than 30.
100 daughters, 100 sons,
100 franks on 100 buns.
100 trees, 100 plants,
100 picnics, 100 ants!
100 is a lot to count,
100 is a LARGE AMOUNT1
100 kisses, 100 hugs,
100 bats and 100 bugs.
100 bees, 100 birds,
This poem has 100 words!
  by Meish Goldish

100 Stars

I saw 100 stars last night,
Shining in the sky.
I wondered as I watched them
How did they get so high?

Twinkle bright twinkle long,
Like Mom's goodnight kisses,
They stayed with me the whole night through
As I made 100 wishes!!!
 by Karen Fenstermaker

Happy 100 Days

Can you believe it?
Aren't you amazed
We've been in School
100 days!!!!!!

by Patty McKenna's Grade One
New York  via Kidserve

The Dollar Song
( to the tune of  Ten Little Indians)

One little, two little, three little dimes,
Four little, five little, six little dimes,
Seven little, eight little, nine little dimes,
Ten dimes make one hundred cents!!

Two little, four little, six little nickels,
Eight little, ten little, 12 little nickels,
Fourteen little, sixteen little, eighteen little nickels,
Twenty nickels make one hundred cents!!!!!

Ten little, twenty little, thirty little pennies,
Forty little, fifty little, sixty little pennies,
Seventy little, eighty little, ninety little pennies
One hundred pennies make one hundred cents

(sung while admiring cake!!!)

Happy 100 days to us,
Happy 100 days to us,
Happy 100 days at the Lee School
Happy 100 days to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          100  Days  (to the tune of 500 miles written and adapted by Joe Black and Gr. 1 1995)
100 days, 100 days, 100 days, 100 days,
I have gone to school 100 days

100 days I've come to school
to see my teachers and my friends,
I have loved to come to school 100 days.

We go to library, music, and science
We love our math and reading too
We have  gone 100 days to school.

100 days, 100 days, 100 days, 100 days
I  have gone to school  100 days.

I go to school five days a week
I play with friends both old and new
I love my school  its fun and friendly too.

The things I learn will help me grow
To be smart and to be strong.
I have gone 100 days to school.

100 days, 100 days, 100 days, 100 days,
I have gone to school 100 days!!!!

Here are a couple of 100 day sites:
http://kao.ini.cmu.edu:5550/bdf.html  Blue Dog Can Count

http://bps.boston.k12.ma.us/rc328sb/apod.shtml  100 Day Activities

Here are a few more activities:

I got this idea out of a resource book that is currently at school.  I can't
remember the name of the book, but anyway it is not my
original idea.

99 Letters + 1 Number
Use a poster board or large piece of paper.  The students will find 99 letters in magazines or newspapers and cut them out.  They will
randomly glue the 99 letters to the paper.  Cut out one number and hide it among the letters on the paper.  Post it in the classroom so everyone can have fun locating the hidden number.
We always do this as a group with each child cutting out 4 or 5 letters to reach our 99. You can also do 99 Numbers + 1 Letter or any other combinations you like.

My funniest 100 day idea is for the students to draw pictures of how they think they will look when they are l00 years old!  Many are drawn with walking canes, bald heads, wrinkles, no teeth.  One year a student drew a casket because she thought she would be dead at 100.

Charlotte Scott
second grade