Primary Teacher Time Savers
For Back To School and Beyond!

Created By: Teaching Heart's Creator - Colleen Gallagher

Over 100 Ready To Use, Printable, and Modifiable Student Activity Sheets,

Primary Teacher Time Savers
For Back To School and Beyond!

PACKET - Printable Files, Displays, & Activity Sheets that you can modify to Meet Your Needs (All files are in Word Format for your PC)

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Your PACKET Will Include;

Awards and Coupons
For the teacher to give away for positive reinforcement!

1.) Award Slips - For The Teacher To Pass Out (K-3)
2.) Cool Work Coupons - For teacher to program with reward & pass out (k-3)

3.) Keep Reading
4.) A Plus

Back to School Activities For Students
Get students excited with these back to school activities!

1.) All About Me - activity sheet for students (1-2)
2.) Balloon Activity - Manpulatives made by teacher for getting to know you game (1-3)
3.) Classmate Bingo Card - game card to print (1-3)
4.) Classmate Survey - Activity sheet for students (1-3)
5.) Classmate Treasure Hunt - Activity sheet for students (2-3)
Student Search - Activity sheet for students (2-3)
BACK TO SCHOOL TIMES - an all about me newspaper for the student to complete and color - (2-3)
8.) SCHOOL RULES WORD SEARCH - student activity sheet (2-4)
9.) SCHOOL RULES WORD SEARCH - answer key - (2-4)
10.) FIND A FRIEND WORD SEARCH - teacher fills out - student activity sheet (1-4)
11.) MATH ABOUT ME ACTIVITY SHEET - math sheet - (1-3)
12.) Journal Entry For First Week - I've been told by others that grade ____ will be (2-4)

Back to School Book - All About Me
Print all of these pages and bind to make a book. Great writing project to work on the first week of school! These will be fun to look at in June!

1,) Cover - have students color (1-3)
2.) ALL ABOUT ME - page 2 (2-3)
3.) I AM A STAR - page 3 (2-3)
4.) Summer Fun - page 4 (2-3)
5.) If - page 5 (2-3)
6.) Looking Ahead- page 6 (2-3)

Class Rules signs to display and behavior plans to put on a student's desk!

1.) Behavior Plan 1 - daily form to place on student desk (1-3)
2.) CLASS RULES SIGN 1 (k-3)
3.) CLASS RULES SIGN 2 (k-3)
4.) CLASS RULES SIGN 3 (k-3)

Form letters and Birthday notes from the teacher. A birthday bulletin board set is included. Print, cut, & disolay!

1.) Treat For Birthday - Form letter to parents invite to send in treat (k-4)
2.)BDAY TAG2 CANDLES - place on student desk to let them know you didn't forget their day (k-4)
3.)BDAY TAG - place on student desk to let them know you didn't forget their day (k-4)
BDAY TAG3 ICECREAM - place on student desk to let them know you didn't forget their day (k-4)
5.) HAPPY BDAY TOPPER - place above months of students birthdays (k-4)
6-11.) January through December -place under topper - write student names in block (k-4)

Ready to use calendars for all your classroom needs! Print & Cut calendar numbers & calendar tags for your class calendar.

1 -12.) September through August Calendars - student colors - teacher or student fills in dates and important reminders (k-4)
September Calendar May Calendar
13.) Small Month Tags - To be used as a display or a manipulative (K-3)
14.) 1-31 CALENDAR NUMBERS - numbers for your calendar in a pencil graphic - (K-3)
15.) 1-31 CALENDAR NUMBERS - numbers for your calendar in a star graphic - (K-3)
16.) Days of the week display - for your calendar area or other (K-4)
17.) Today's Date is Display - Laminate and display in calendar area. Have student use a dry erase marker daily to write in date. (k-2)
18.) Months of the Year Display - for your calendar or other (k-4)

Print & Cut Center signs! Center activity sheets for you to use in your centers.

1.) Book Report Form - reading center (2-3)
2.) ABC order - Word Wall Center (2-3)
3.) Digging Through The Dictionary Form - Dictionary Center (2-3)
4.) Fractions on the Word Wall - Math Center sheet (1-2)
5.) Let's Count Letters Form - Word Wall Center Form (1-2)
6.) Listening Center Form - (1-2)
7.) Pocket Chart Center Form - Fill in the blanks - (1-3)
8.) Letters In My First Name Form - Word Wall Center Sheet (1-2)
9.) Line paper & Illustration - Poem Center (k-1)


1.) Math and Art Center Sign
2.) Writing & Making Words Center Signs
3.) Reading & Listening Center Signs
4.) Pocket Chart & Word Wall Center Signs
5.) Science & Social Studies Center Signs

Parent Teacher Conference
All the forms you need to make parent conferences a breeze!

1.) Conference Record Form - to fill out before & during conference - keep a copy & send one home with the parent - (k-4)
2.) Conference Reminder - You have not signed up yet (k-4)
3.) Conference Confirmation - send home to parents as confirmation of their scheduled conference (k-4)
4.) Conference Sign-Up Sheet - informs parent of sign ups (k-4)
5.) Conference Request Form (k-4)
6.) Conference Schedule - a sheet for parents to pick a date and time for thier conference (k-4)
7.) Conference Confirmation Notice (k-4)
Preconference Form - to be filled out by parents and returned before conference (k-4)
9.) THANK YOU NOTE - send home after conference as follow-up (1-4)

Desk Tags
Print, Cut, Type/Write student name, & place on desk!

1.) Book Apple Theme with Place for Name - place on student desk (k-3)
2.) Boys and Girls Around the Word Theme - place on student desk (k-3)
3.) Bus Theme with Place for Name - Place on student desk (k-3)
4.) Name ABC Number to 20 - place on student desk (k-2)
5.) Name ABC Numbers to 20 Shapes Color - place on student desk (k-1)
6.) School House Theme - place on student desk (k-3)
Teddy Bear Pencil Theme - place on student desk (k-3)

Field Trips
Permission forms ready to use & something for your students to do after the trip!

1.) Field Trip Activity Sheet - A newspaper sheet for student to complete after field trip (1-2)
Field Trip Permission Slip & Volunteer Request - send home (k-3)
3.) FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIP - Send home -(k-3)

Grading and Student Evaluation
Various quick tests. Student evaluations.

2.) COUNT BY TEST - individual oral test (Grade K-1)
4.) 2 MONEY KNOWLEDGE TESTS - individual oral test (grade k-3)
5.) TELLING TIME TEST - individual oral test (grade K-2)
6.) SIMPLE STUDENT SELF EVALUATION SHEET - filled out by student (1-2)
STUDENT REPORT CARD - Filled out by the student (2-3)

Homework Forms
Get homework rolling in the right direction with these goodies!

1.) FIRST WEEK MISSED HOMEWORK - letter to parents (2-4)
2.) HOMEWORK FOR EXTENDED TIME OUT FORM - give to students going on a long vacation (1-4)
3.) HOMEWORK POLICY FORM - a form for the teacher to state their policy (K-3)
HOMEWORK WEEKLY PACKET RECORD - filled out each week by teacher and stapled to weekly homework packet (K-3)
5.) HOMEWORK PASS - given to student and filled out by teacher (1-4)

Lunch Count
Print, cut, type/write student name, & display!

1.) PENCIL LUNCH COUNT & ATTEND. TAGS - teacher makes and uses throughout the year (k-4)

Misc. Signs and Displays
Print, cut, & display in your classroom!

1.) Behavior Rules - Teaching with Love and Logic Display
2.) Reading Rules Sign
3.) Pencil Us In For A Great Year - sign
4.) Class Rules Poem Sign

Open House/ Parent Night
Lots of goodies to make your parent night a hit!

1.) DEAR PARENTS WELCOME- A letter to parents - place on student's desk
INVITATION & POEM - Art Activity To Be Made by Student (Grade k-2)
3.) PARENT NIGHT REMINDER - Parent night is tonight - send home day of open house (k-3)

Student Portfolio
A few treats to help you get your student's portfolios in order.

1.) Portfolio Entry Form (k-3)
2.)Portfolio Table of Contents (k-3)
Portfolio Take Home Form (k-3)

Reading Quilt Pages - Bind & Make into a book for each student in your class to complete (1-4)
Print each page and pind into a book for each student. Have the student's complete these during SSR or quiet choice!

1.) Reading Quilt Cover - Have students color for their cover
2.) Readingquiltpage1 - Quilt to make as student reads
3.) readingquiltpage2 -chapter book report
4.) readingquiltpage3 -modern fiction
5.) readingquiltpage4 -fairy tale
6.) readingquiltpage6- my favorite book
7.) readingquiltpage5 -nonfiction
readingquiltpage7 - mystery
9.) readingquiltpage8 - my favorite author
10.) readingquiltpage9 - poem
11.) readingquiltpage10 - biography

Reading Slips
Make the students in your class want to read at home. You may use these slips in any form. They are great to send home for monthly reading homework!

1-10.) SEPTEMEBER AUGUST- READING AT HOME - can be used as monthly reading homework or a reading reward program - (K-3)

Feb. SlipMarch SlipApr. Slip May Slip

June Slip

Room Tag
Get your students reading the room with these room tags. Print, cut, and place the tags on the stated object and watch your class learn to read the room!

1.) Math Tags - signs that name some math manipulatives
2.) Blocks Books Calendar Computer
3.) Crayons Door Flag RecessGames
4.) Glue Sticks Crafts Pocketchart Pencil Sharpener
5.) Homework FinishedWork Paper Markers
6.) Nametags Exit CenterFolders MathJournals
7.) Sink Table TeachersDesk Trash
8.) Sink Table TeachersDesk Trash
Book Genre Labels

Special Person/ Star of the Week (grades K-4)
Some special forms to help your student feel special during their special week!

1.) All About Me - Form for star to fill out and share
Star of the Week Letter to Parents

Spelling Review Activites To Start The Year
Just a few review activities to start the year or to use when needed!

1.) ee words - Activity Sheet (grade 1-2)
2.) ir sound work - Activity Sheet (grades 1-2)
3.) Ou sentences - make sentences using the given word
4.) ow words - Activity Sheet (grades 1-2)
5.) Spelling - write ir sentences (grade 1-3)
6.) Spelling Test - high frequency- send home for students to practice (1-2)
7.) Vowel + e - Activity sheet (grade 1-2)

Welcome Signs
Your class is special. Make them feel welcome by printing, cutting,laminating, and displaying these great signs!

1.) Welcome To Our Wonderful Class
Welcome to Second Grade
3.) Welcoming a Sharp Bunch of Students Sign
4.) Welcome Letter Poem Sign
5.) Beary Glad You Are Here Sign
6.) Welcome to First Grade
7.) Welcome to Third Grade
8.) Welcome to Our School

Name Tags For The First Day or Field Trips
Use string ortape to hand these cute tags on your students.

1.) Girl Nametag
2.) Boy Nametag

Student & Parent Reminders
You forget things and so do your students and their parents. Help them remember with these great forms.

1.) Spelling Test
2.) Math Test
3.) Library Books

Survival Kits
You buy the supplies and print the kits to make great treats for your students and their parents.

1.) The Super Teacher's Survival Kit
READING SURVIVAL KIT - for parents & great to give out at open house
4.) DEAR PARENT - place this card in a bag with a kleenex, cotton ball, and tea bag (k-1)

MISC - Teacher Extras
A few forms and goodies that every teacher needs!

1.) A Note From The Teacher Writing Paper (k-4)
2.) A NOTE FROM YOUR SUB - a form to have your sub fill out (k-4)
Class Info. Name b-day parents phone (k-4)
4.) Picture day reminder (k-4)
5.) Teacher First Day Checklist (k-4)
6.) Transportantion and Emergency Information Form(K-3)
7.) School supplies needed form (k-4)
8.) LITTLE LUNCH NOTE - send home with child that forgets lunch money (k-3)
9.) WELCOME LETTER TO STUDENTS - send home beefore school starts to make your students feel welcome (k-3)

Monthly Journal Covers
These are covers for Journals. The students color the covers.

1-10.) September - June - Covers to print and use for monthly student journals (K-4)

Help organize your class with these helpers!

1,) Moose Lable Ideas - suggestions of what to put in your folders - (k-4)
Cover to Moose Book
3.) Labels - Calendars PoetryJournal OurHandbook
4.) Labels - Classmates Tests Stickers
Labels - Lunch Money Super Duper Work
6.) Labels - ReturnedHomework ParentTeacherCommunication Newsletters

Classroom Jobs

Busy Bee Bulleting Board Set - Print, Cut, Laminate, & Display
1.) BUSY BEE JOBS SIGN - place above beehive (k-3)
2.) Beehive - Print & place your job names on the hive (k-3)
3.) Busy Bee Tags - print enogh for each student in class - write name of student on bee - place next to the ciorrect job on the hive
JOB CARDS - Bee Theme (k-4)
5.) CollectPapers DoorHolder LibraryHelper Computers
6.) Games NeatNut Plants LunchHelper
7.) HomeworkMonitor TeacherHelper tableCaptain Energy Monitor
8.) LineLeader MailPerson SpecialHelper OfficeHelper
9.) PaperPasser Messenger Trash PencilPerson
10.) StickerMonitor Lunch Monitor PencilPerson BookBug
11.) Our Classroom Jobs Sign - Print, Cut, Laminate, & Display

Schedule Signs
Print, Cut, Laminate, & Display. Use to show students order of daily events. You may choose to display in a pocket chart or you may attach magnets to the back of signs and place on a magnetic board.

1.) Computer LAB & Social Studies
2.) Library & Reading
4.) Math & Gym
6.) Word Build & Silent Read
7.) Writing & Science


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Primary Teacher Time Savers
For Back To School and Beyond!

PACKET - Printable Files, Displays, & Activity Sheets that you can modify to Meet Your Needs (All files are in Word Format for your PC)
- $22.99
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Once payment is made, please check your email for download directions. Check your Spam box as well.

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