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Feedback on Our CDROMS

Primary Teacher Time Savers
CDROMS by Colleen Gallagher

What do other teachers have to say?

Many teachers that have purchased one or more of our CD's have kindly sent us an email. Below you will find feedback from teachers that have emailed their thoughts about the CD or CD's they purchased. Their feedback may help you decide if you would like to order.

If you have purchased a CD and would like to write a review, please do. We will send you two free sheets as a thanks! Please use the form below to send us your feedback.

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CD#4 - Teaching Reading & Literature
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Please place your comments in the box below. Be sure to tell us what you liked best about the CD's. Also, tell us about an activity you have used from the CD and how it went.
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Primary Teacher Time Savers
For Back To School and Beyond!

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Primary Teacher Time Savers
For October Through Decembe
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Primary Teacher Time Savers

For January Through June
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Primary Teacher Time Savers
For Teaching Reading & Literature

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Dear Colleen,         

Thank you so much for sending me your Jan.-Jun. "CD #3" so quickly. It was just how I expected it to be. Terrific!!!!! I loved all the ideas included in the cd, I especially loved the candy hearts activity and the Dr.Seuss worksheets. Your a lifesaver!!! THank you for being such a wonderful resource for teachers all around the world and for making the time to create such wonderful worksheets and share your ideas.       

Yesterday, I did the candy heart activity with my class. I'd love to share pictures with you below so you can see how much fun we had doing it. It's a terrific hands-on activity. I am sure my class will never forget their 2nd grade Valentines because of it. Thank you!!!   Hugs,
Heidi Quintero

On another note from Heidi - We had a wonderful Valentine's Day and a great time doing the activity. My principal requires all the teachers to have atleast one hands-on activity per semester. I thought this one was a cute one for this grading period. I knew I wanted to do something with candy hearts but had no idea where to start. It's like you took the idea right from my head and gave me a format on which to work on.

Heide has more pictures at:


Colleen, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the two CDs I purchased from you. I hate doing centers in my classroom (Yikes...did I even say that?!?), but I've just begun using so many of your gingerbread activities as "Independent Work Time" activities.  Yes, centers, but they are independent things that I can hang in a bag and the kids can do at their leisure.  I especially love the glyphs and make your own book that you've done.  I have so many "Independent Work Time" activities for my class I can't believe it!

Now...are you going to be coming out with another CD for January through the spring?  I'm sure you've already been asked, but I figured I'd take that leap in case nobody else had.

Again, thanks so much for putting your great ideas onto this CD.  I'm not creative on my own, but I do "tweak" your ideas and put my own spin onto them.  Thanks for helping to keep the kids in my class productively occupied! :o)

Laura/1 - 2 Loop/FL

"You have a great product and it's nice to have everything in one spot instead of having to search through numerous teacher resource books. Thanks again!" Melissa Petrey

I have one other cd (I think its the beginning of school).  I love them!  What a wonderful idea.  Keep them coming :)C. Comitale

I just got your third CD in the mail. I have the other two CD's. I thought I would write and let you know how great the first two CD's are and I thought it couldn't get any better until I slipped this third one into my computer. My gosh, this has already saved me time. I used the Groundhog Day mini book and wordsearch for a lesson for my Guest Teacher. She asked for a copy of the Mini Book and I gave her your website address. Please keep these CD's coming. I have read and heard others say that they would have to spend 100's to get all the materials on just one CD. Thanks for making them at a great price. I can see lots of work goes into the CD's - Carol from LA/ Grades 2-3 (January Through June)

Hi, I am a Special Education NY. I teach in a Learning Support Classroom and have students in grades k-3 for math, reading, and writing. I love your CD's. I feel like you have saved me hours of work. It is so great to modify a sheet and then print it. I use all the center ideas. I never thought centers could be this easy - thanks! Kelly Lyn/ Grades k-3

"Thank you so much for letting us preview the materials They are wonderful." - Susan Donnelly (Back To School and Beyond)

"I got the cd and I must say it is great!! I haven't had time to go through all of it yet, but I really like what I have seen.  Please let me know when you have your next one ready." - Kim (Back To School and Beyond)

"I love it!   I have already printed out several things for school . Let me know if you have any new materials." - Jeannie Cook grade K (Back To School and Beyond)

"Very easy to use" – Jill Mitchell (Back To School and Beyond)

"I would have had to spend over $50.00 to get all the resources that are on this CD" - Sharon Hess Grade 2 (Back To School and Beyond)

"This will make my back to school time a breeze." – Karen Primmer (Back To School and Beyond)

"The center section is fantastic – thank you!" – Kathy (Back To School and Beyond)

"I will recommend this to the teachers in my school and district. It sure is chalk full of great teacher supplies." Beth Waston grade 1 (Back To School and Beyond)

"Wow, I can't believe all the stuff that you get on this CD for the price. I shouldn't tell you this, but I would of paid that price just for the awesome center sheets. It is so great to have this all on a CD. I can print in color or not in color. I can change the sheets and save them to my computer. I am sorry to say that before I bought your CD, I bought another CD (name of CD taken out of comment) from a website for $40.00. It wasn't nearly as wonderful as your CD and it cost much more. Yuck. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I love this CD. I hope you make more! Wow, again!" - Jaime 1-2 loop (Back To School and Beyond)

"The pages are great and I save a lot of time in creating them personally. They are easily edited to fit my situation. p.s. When I printed several pages I found an error: Practice Your These Words. I didn't notice this until I had printed them (easier to find errors on paper rather than the screen). At least I found it before photcopying them".- Lois FL Primary (Back To School and Beyond)

I just received your CD and I love it!  I can't wait to begin using it in my 2nd grade classroom. - Jane Lockhart

Hello, I teach second grade and recently ordered the 3rd CD.  It is so wonderful, there are some great activities on it. I have shared your site with our Reading Specialist and the rest of my school.  Just wanted you to know what a great site you have. Janet Vines


The teachers below have rated the CD on a scale of 1-5. 1 being the worst rating and 5 Previousbeing the best!

"I teach First Grade. I rate this CD a 5. I could not believe how fast I received my CD.  I was able to really get organized before school started. It was so easy to use." - Karen in Virginia (Back To School and Beyond)

"My name is Lisa and I teach 3rd grade in Arkansas. I would rate the cd a 5. Thanks for putting such good resources on one cd. I've already printed out many of the sheets to use." (Back To School and Beyond)

"Hi!  I would give the CD a rating of 5--especially for new teachers.  When trying to set up a classroom, you can find many shortcuts on this CD.  The award coupons and bookmarkers will be used to set a positive tone in my room from day one. Thanks!" --Nancy, PA -Grade 2 (Back To School and Beyond)


"THANK YOU for sharing such a wonderful timesaving product with us! I am thrilled with this cd and can hardly wait to order the next one. I teach first grade and can use absolutely everything on the cd. The graphics are so cute! Tons of stuff for the price!!! Thank you so much!!! Happy teaching!" Cindy (Back To School and Beyond)

"My name is Cassandra and I teach third grade in South Carolina.  I am a first year teacher and rate your CD 5 plus.  This is a superior CD with so much wonderful information on it!  I have spent hours just looking at all of the material.  Your CD has enabled me to put together the package that I will present to my students on the first day of school. Thanks Cassandra (Back To School and Beyond)

"Your Primary Teacher Time Savers For Back To School and Beyond CD is definitely a 5+!!!   I am absolutely thrilled with the useful content, HIGH  QUALITY, and the fact that I am able to personalize the worksheets for my students is a MAJOR BONUS!   I have printed so many of them that I had to go out and purchase a notebook especially for them! Please keep my name for the next cd you create.  I WILL purchase that one too!! Sincerely, Kay!
3rd Grade Teacher from Michigan" (Back To School and Beyond)

"Laura, Florida, Grade 1 - 2 Loop
I rate this CD a 5!  As soon as it came in the mail I went right in and sat down at the computer.  I was on there for 2 hours just looking at everything that was on there, and didn't even see everything!  Thanks so much for making my job that much easier!  :o) " (Back To School and Beyond)

Jennifer North Carolina Grade 2
This CD is a 5!  It made it easier to start the school year since all the labels and forms already made!  What a timesaver! (Back To School and Beyond)

Dear Colleen, I just wanted to let you know how much I've loved using your CD's. I purchased the Oct.-Dec. one early in Oct. and couldn't wait to find out when the next one was available. I use them both ALL the time. The center games have been a great addition to my hands-on LD classroom. Keep up the great work. Pennie in Phoenix, Az.I rate this CD a 5+

Ilyse Kornhauser California
Second Grade (1st year teacher)
All of the CD's All of the Cd's are 5+...they are great!!!
I like the fact that they are easy to use, all are in the Word format, and all you need to do is print and they are ready to go.  I really enjoy the mini books that you made for all of the themes on your cd's.  I love them and so do the kids.  Thanks again.....Keep making more.....because us teachers love them.... :)

Janine Xavier
K/1st grades
CD bought: Back to School & Beyond
Rate = 5+
Nichole Arizona Multi-Age 2nd I have purchased the October thru December CD and
> just recently purchased the January thru June CD.  I  love them both! 
 There are so many center activities
for my students to work with and activities for my class to do as a whole. 
 I like the listening  activities and would love to see more included on
other CD's.  It is a great way to prepare my students for the state testing in the spring.  
The thematic units are great also!  I started a
gingerbread unit this winter and was able to incorporate the worksheets into 
my lesson plans. and even into my homework.  
I am currently using the Valentine's Day activities as well as the calendar
activities (as a listen and follow the directions activity) 
and have used the journal covers for my tutoring group.  Both CD's rate a 5+!!!!

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