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Last Updated - April 2014

If you are doing a insect unit with your class, then you have come to a great place
to get insect lessons, poems, printables, links, books, and much more.
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Let's Start off with some free printable buggy resources...

How about some Play Dough Mats? Supply some play-dough, bug cookie cutters, and some dollar store bugs along with the free mats below and you are set!
I suggest you print front to back on cardstock and then laminate them!
I LOVE MY LAMINATOR - click here to see it!

We had lots of fun with the playdough mats seen above.
Click to download the bugs play-dough mats!

Buggy Fraction Board.


Crawling Fractions Gameboard. Just print out the game cards with pictures of caterpillars colored to match a fraction.
Cut those and lay them face down on the game board. Two students can play together. They take turns drawing a card and naming the colored caterpillar fraction.
The player then moves marker to the nearest matching fraction. First person to reach finish, wins!
For added fun, buy a pack of plastic bugs at your Dollar store and allow your students to use those as markers.


Click here to read more about these and to download them.

How about a few Buggy Snacks!

Ladybug Strawberries

Just a strawberry body with a blueberry head... The dots are mini chocolate chips!

Bee Honeycomb Krispie Treat

These were a hit in preschool and with my own first and fourth grader! I will say they are very yummy and a fun change for rice version!!

Anyhow for the best directions and tips visit Yums the Word!

Bugs in Mud

Mmm… We ended the unit with a buggy snack. Mud and worms!
The mud is chocolate pudding with crushed oreos as the dirt.
The worms are gummies! Kids of course loved these!


I have many Buggy Printable Resources on the Bugs and Caterpillar Packet - Click here to learn about that.

Here are just some of the printables found there...

Lady Bug Adding. Students add up the dots to make an addition problem.

Lady Bug Ending Sound Activities.

Bug Graphing Fun

Butterfly Glyph Activity

Sorting and counting insects. Trace Colored word.

How many ladybugs on a leaf pocket chart activity.

Click here to learn about these resources seen above...

Teaching Heart Bug Bundle - HUGE Set!!!

Look at all you get in this set:  Bee Themed Learning Games, Math, Reading, and Craft Activities, Bee Themed Calendar and Classroom Forms, Bug, Insect, & Caterpillar – Math, Reading, Literacy,  Activities, Centers, Apron, Caterpillar Butterfly Life Cycle Activities, Ladybug, Lady bug Life Cycle and Math and Reading Activities, + Bonus Firefly Set.  OVER 100 Pages of Buggy Learning Fun!!!

Click here to learn more or use the bttons below to buy it!

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More Buggy Fun!

On the look out for bugs! Fill a tub with rice and little plastic bugs. Kids have a blast finding all the bugs!

Had to read my 2 favorite firefly books. These are must have!
Leo the Lightning Bug (with Audio CD) [Hardcover] and The Very Lonely Firefly (Penguin Young Readers, L2)

We also counted up some fireflies and put them in jars…


Made a little book found here free to download.

Firefly Free Printables

Click to Download this Free Firefly Pack!


Bee Resources!

Teaching Heart Bee PAcket!
Preschool and Kindergarten Bee packet! It is loaded with fun games, a great craft, pocket chart helpers, math files, and reading files.
All for $5.00 and in a Bee theme! Super cute and fun learning for the kiddos!
click here to order!


Free Count By Fives Puzzle
Free Bee Puzzle to Print - Teaching Heart
Click to download the Free Count by 5's BEE puzzle!

I suggest you print, laminate, cut, and bag these to use in a puzzle center!

Bee Glyph - In this packet!

Get Crafty!

Make and Takes shares
a cute Ladybug Craft

Crafts by Amanda Shares Milk Lids Made Into LAdy Bugs...

This hat goes great with two of our packets that are stuffed with Buggy ideas. Check out this and this!

You can download
the template for the butterfly here!

Check out Egg Cup Insects

No Time for Flashcards
Shares Many Buggy Crafts

Apartment Therapy
Shares Lightening Bugs Made
With Eggs and a Tealight. Click over to see them in the dark.
Too cute!!!

Ladybug Egg Carton Craft!

A great craft that recycles an old egg carton! When you are done you have a little pet ladybug! My daughter named this one Lilly! Just cut an egg cup off an egg carton. Paint it red. Wait for paint to dry. Then add a black pom-pom for the head (mine had wiggly eyes too). Then use black paint to stamp on the dots. Of course ours sparkles…. as soon as you paint the dots, add some glitter to make your dots sparkle. Ta-da, you have a new pet!

Bee Craft Coming!


I wrote a poem and made a little sheet as seen below (sorry about the toes in the picture) for you to use with this craft!

It all can be found here!

Bee Fingerprint Craft Teaching Heart!


Leo the Lighting Bug Craft!

I love the story Leo the Lightning Bug!

After Reading this Story complete a Firefly craft like the one here ---->

We used bandaids for the body. Added glow in the dark puffy paint so that
they would glow in the dark. Strips of colored tape were used for the wings.
We put this all on black paper. Then we added a moon and stars by using white chalk! This was an easy and fun craft!

I wrote a little poem that can be attached to this craft
– it is the last page of this file.


Ladybug Life Cycle + Math and Reading Resource Packet!

You can purchase the packet here!
Only $5.00 for over 20 pages of resources ready for you to use with your Ladybug theme or unit!

Click here to download the free printable from the packet!

Insect Poems, Fingerplays, and Songs!

The Insect Song

Found A Butterfly
Tune: Oh, My Darling

Found a butterfly,
Found a butterfly,
Found a yellow butterfly.
It was sipping the sweet nectar
From a flower by the fence.

Tried to catch him
In a bug net,
To keep him for my pet.
But he fluttered by,
Oh, sweet butterfly.
Haven't caught a pet yet!

Pretty Ladybug
Tune: The Muffin Man

Ladybug has 1 black spot,
1 black spot, 1 black spot;
Ladybug has 1 black spot,
Pretty ladybug!

Bug Song
Tune: Are You Sleeping

Big bugs, small bugs,
Big bugs, small bugs,
See them crawl, On the wall.
Never, never falling,
Never, never falling
Bugs, bugs, bugs,
Bugs, bugs, bugs

Then after you do the poem with you class a few time, you can have them complete this free activity sheet that goes along with the poem, 5 Little Ladybugs…

It’s a free sample of many of the activities for Ladybug Fun found in our
Ladybug packet that includes life cycle printables!

Click here to download the free printable from the packet!

A collection of rhymes, song lyrics and poems about insects, spiders and other bugs.
Just click on a title to see the rhyme, lyrics or poem in a new browser window (you will not lose this page).

Butterfly / Caterpillar Life Cycle Packet and a Free Printable!

All About the Caterpillar to Butterfly Life Cycle For Preschool!

You can click here to see more in that pack!

All the files in the pack are centered around the life cycle.

I have a free sample below from the Preschool Butterfly Life Cycle Packet.

It is a cut and paste of the life cycle in color. The packet has it in black and white to allow for students to color.

Click Here to Download the Life Cycle Cut and Paste!

The packet has the little book above and the pocket chart pieces too!

To get you started on an insect unit, start by checking out some of these general sites!

3-D Insects
Welcome to the digital world of insects.

The Bug Club
For young entomologists

Insects Bulletin Board

The Butterfly WebSite
Here you can tour the photo gallery,
learn how to plant a butterfly garden,
take a field trip, find a pen-pal, chat with other butterfly-lovers
and so much more!

Yucky Bug World

Insects as Food
Recipes for insects

Click here to Join My Pinterest Bug Themed Board - Click Follow When You Arrive!!

Need an Insect Lesson? Just click on one below!!!

Bugs Elem.

Pre-Kinders Shares a Bug Theme

I Like Bugs Unit


Hungry Caterpillar Ideas

Pinning INsects

Great Insect Books & Products To Spice Up Your Insect Unit. Click on the title to learn more about the book!

3D Eyewitness: Insect

A Bug's Life

ABC of Crawlers and Flyers

About Bugs: Level 2

Amazing Bugs

Amazing Butterflies and Moths

Amazing Insects

Amazing World of Butterflies and Moths

An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly

Annie the Ant: Bend-a-Bug Books

Ant (Life Story Series)

Ants (Nature Close-Up)

Backyard Hunter: The Praying Manti

Beasty Bugs

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!

Bedbugs in Our House

The Bee (Animal Close-Ups)

The Bee (Life Cycles)

Beetle Boy

Beetles (Nature Close-Up)

Beetles Lightly Toasted

The Best Book of Bugs

The Big Book of Mobiles: Bugs

The Big Bug Book

Bizarre Bugs

Bug Book



Bugs and Other Insects

Bugs, Beetles, and Butterflies

Build Your Own Bugs: Learn All About Insects As You Stamp Together 8 Real Bugs!/Book and Rubber Stamp Kit

The Butterfly and the Stone: A Story

The Butterfly Book: A Kid's Guide to Attracting, Raising, and Keeping Butterflies

The Butterfly Book: An Easy Guide to Butterfly Gardening, Identification, and Behavior

Butterfly Boy

The Butterfly House

Butterfly Magic (Troll First-Start Science)

Caterpillarology (Backyard Buddies)

Crafts for Kids Who are Wild About Insects

Creepy, Crawly Caterpillars

The Cricket in Times Square

Cricketology (Backyard Buddies)

Cucumber Soup


The Dragonfly of Lookout Mountain

Draw 50 Creepy Crawlies

Earthworms (Great Exploration in Math and Science Series)

Earthworms : Underground Farmers

Ed & Fred Flea

Eight Legs (Creatures All Around Us)

Entomology (Real Kids, Real Science Books)

An Extraordinary Life : The Story of a Monarch Butterfly

Extremely Weird Insects (Extremely Weird)

Eyewitness Readers: Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Find and Add with Billy Bug


Fly Went By

Good Bugs for Your Garden

Grasshopper on the Road


The Grouchy Ladybug

Grow a Butterfly Garden

Harry the Poisonous Centipede : A Story to Make You Squirm

Have You Ever Seen an Ant Who Can'T? : Creepy, Crawly Stings and Wings From God's 'Buggy' World

Helping Bugs

The Honey Makers

How Do Flies Walk Upside Down? : Question and Answers About Insects (Berger, Melvin. Scholastic Question and Answer Series.)

The Icky Bug Alphabet Book

Incredible Insects (Ranger Rick's Naturescope)

Incy-Wincy Spider With Finger Puppets

Insect (Eyewitness Books)

Insect Soup : Bug Poems

Insect World (Children's First Library of Learning)

The Insectalphabet Coloring Book


Insects and Crawly Creatures (Eye Openers)

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Ladybugology (Backyard Buddies)

The Magic School Bus : Butterfly and the Bog Beast : A Book About Butterfly Camouflage

The Magic School Bus : Inside a Beehive (Magic School Bus (Paper)

The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants : A Book About Ants

The Magic School Bus Spins a Web : A Book About Spiders (Magic School Bus)

The Mosquito Book

My Day in the Garden

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders

Nature Watch Spiders (Nature Watch Series)

On Beyond Bugs! (The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library(Tm).)

Hundred Hungry Ants

Outside and Inside Spiders

Giant Ant Farm

Butterfly Garden

Free Activity Sheets To Print and Share With Your Class!

Insect Word Find


Which Is NOT An Insect?

Insect Dominoes

Poor Caterpillar

Which Butterfly Is Different

Help The Caterpillar

Help The Anteater

Insect Concentration

Buggy Addition

Insect Wordfind

Where Does The Bee Live

Animal and Insect Pictures

The Ants Have It!

Camouflaged Butterflies (

The "Beetles and the Bedbugs" Song

Insects KWL

Insect Shapes Books 

Fact Cards

Buggy Buggy2 Game

Insect Patterns

Butterfly Life Cycle

Ladybug Word Search

Fractional Parts

Butterfly Coloring Book

Cricket Jumping Contest

Insect Coloring Book -


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