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Fun Pond Sensory Table Center


Here is a frog sensory bin for your kiddos to explore.
I was going to fill it will the fish tank rocks and then I saw these water beads at the dollar store.
I grabbed these and three squared bins. I wanted to make one bin for each child at the center. Below you can see how each bin looks!


The students need to find four things in the bin and put them in the marked cups.
The plastic frogs will go on the Lily pad. They need to put green beads (Frog-lets), yellow ducks (dollar store), and clear white stones/ tadpole eggs (dollar store) into the correct cup. I will have them use their fingers to find the items.
Plus they get to feel the water beads, which are so fun to touch! The beads will hold the water for over 48 hours and will start to shrink…. all you need to do is add more water and they return to full size…
Below is what one of the frog pond bins looks like.

Frog Life Cycle!


Above is a pocket chart I made. After we discussed the frog life cycle, we sequenced the frog cycle on a pocket chart.
The students then did their own at their seats with the center below. The attached the correct picture in order. I laminated these charts and
used velcro to attach the pieces.
Printables for this can be found here.

Below is a fun little accordian book we made. Printables for that can be found here.

Here's a fun simple dice game we loved playing! I used frog toys as the pieces.
This game can be
found here.

Fun with some Frog Poems!

Five Green Speckled Frog Velcro Manipulative.
I used Velcro to attach the frogs to the log and the pond. It was lots of fun to play with in class! (All the printables to make this can be
found here!)

Five Green and speckled frogs,
Sitting on a hollow log,
Eating some most delicious bugs,
Yum, Yum.
One frog jumped in the pool,
Where it was nice and cool,
Now there are only four speckled frogs,
Glub, glub….. 4, 3, 2

One Green and speckled frog,
Sitting on a hollow log,
Eating some most delicious bugs,
Yum, Yum.
One frog jumped in the pool,
Where it was nice and cool,
Now there are no speckled frogs,
Glub, glub.

I Have a Little Frog

I have a little frog
His name is Tiny Tim,
I put him in the bathtub,
To see if he could swim,
He drank up all the water,
And gobbled up the soap!
And when he tried to talk
He had a BUBBLE in his throat!

Mm, Mm went the little green frog one day,
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm"]
Mm, Mm went the little green frog,
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm"]
Mm, Mm went the little green frog one day,
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm"]
And they all went Mm, Mm, Aahh!
[stick tongue out on 2nd "Mm" and open mouth wide for Aahh!]

Frog Play Dough Mats (which are found here).  These are great to use with a frog theme. 
I used them after I taught the five speckled frog poem. 
The children had fun using green play dough to recreate the poem on their mats. 
Print the mats on cardstock and laminate.

The frog dough cutters I am using can be purchased here.


Fun with Frog Themed Crafts!

Frog Paper Plate Blower!

Get paper plates and some part blowers at your craft store and you can make this cute froggy blower seen below.
If you would like a template for his eye and feet - click here! We glued cotton balls for the whites of his eyes.

Froggy Green Bag Puppet!

How cute is this little froggy? He is made with a green bag. He was lots of fun to make!


Fun with Frog Themed Snacks

Frog Oreo Cookie
(You can show your students how to make a frog out of two pretzlels, an oreo, and 2 green M&M's)

Frog Pond
(Pudding colored light green)

Frogs on a log
Graham crackers, chocolate icing, and five green M&M's)



Froggy Books by Jack London Unit / Theme

Ideas, extensions, and printables to match FROGGY books

Feb 2010- Updated
Special Thanks to the Teachers who shared ideas for this page!!!

Froggy books are loved by Kindergarten through Second Grade Students. It's very very difficult not to like froggy. Those wide innocent eyes. That wide innocent mouth. He's the cutest frog. Looking for a good read aloud story? Just pick up the nearest Froggy book you can find and start reading it. Children react to Froggy's setbacks and mistakes with smiles and laughter. Most children can relate to a few of the Froggy books and make a text to self connections.

After reading your class a Froggy story of your choice; Make a list together of words that describe Froggy (silly, curious, absent-minded, etc)  


Froggy Craft to Use with Any Froggy Book!!!

The file to make the cute frog above can be found here. It will include a template for you to make the frog above. I printed the head on green cardstock. The shirt is on white card stock and then colored in with markers. Froggy typically has a red and yellow shirt in the stories. I cut out black construction paper shorts. The flipper feet are blue construction. For the arms and legs I just cut green strips (no template needed).

Froggy Goes to School

Froggy has a dream about his upcoming first day at school. He dreams he wears his pajamas to school. Froggy wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. This is a great read for Back To School Time!!!

To Introduce the book:

Have a stuffed frog placed somewhere near by (not too obvious). Have school supplies on the table. Ask the children where you might use these things for. Ask if they have ever seen a frog at school. See if anyone picks up on the frog you layed out. Tell the class, "Today our story is about Froggy and his first day at school. Listen to the story and try to think of how you and Froggy are similar."












Questions Before Reading or During:

Do you think Froggy will miss the bus? Why or why not?

Predict what Froggy will tell the class he learned over the summer.

Will Froggy get in trouble in this story?

Questions After Reading?

Pretend you are Froggy. How would you feel getting on the bus with no clothes?

Assume you were one of the children on the bus. How would you react to Froggy?

What did Froggy think he missed?
Have you ever missed the bus? How did you get to school?

Define pretend:
List four things Froggy hid behind at school:
What was he pretending to be as he rolled down the hall?

What did Froogy learn to do over the summer?
Who walked in as Froggy was showing everyone how he learned to swim?


IDEA SHARED BY Nicole Farrar  nfarrar44@sbcglobal.net
*Gather your kiddos on the carpet on the first day of school and ask them what their expectiations and fears (or what makes them nervous) are as they start the school year. Being a 1st grade teacher, many kids say that they are afraid they will not be able to read, will miss their mom, or want to know when play time is!!  Talking about these things makes the children realize that many of their peers have the same feelings and fears as they do.  I then read Froggy Goes to School.  We talk about Froggy's fears and see if they relate to any said by the students.  I then give a small plastic fly (purchased at a party store) to each child.  I walk to each one with a mason jar in hand and have them state a fear (or something that made them nervous about starting school today).  As they state it to the class, they place their fly in the jar.  After each child has gone, I close the jar and tell them that it is my job to relieve these fears or make their nervous jitters "fly" away.  I explain my role to them (to make them feel safe, to help them grow and learn, to give them the tools they will need to be successful, etc.).  We discuss things they can do (or their job as I call it) if they have these fears or nervous feelings.  This always calms their jitters!  For instance, if a child said that they worried they wouldn't make any friends the students give heartfelt ideas on what that child can do.  I then turn them loose to
> color a frog picture at their table and continue getting to know their friends.  This also gives me the chance to walk around and get to know my new class.
*This is an extension I am going to try this year...The last week of school I will reread the book and we will talk about things they feared on that first day of school and
> (hopefully!)laugh at all the fun they had and the wonderful things they learned about and did.  We will finish by making brochures about all the wonderful parts of 1st grade for the next years class.

More Great Links to Ideas:


Froggy's First Kiss

AN IDEAD SHARED BY: Susan Young/AL teachr4life@gmail.com
I like to use Froggy's First Kiss around Valentine's Day.  I read the book aloud to the kids and then we make a Froggy or Frogalina using hearts.  I have a finished product hanging on the board at the front of the room.  I also make one with them going step by step.  Each child gets two green 9x12 sheets of construction paper.  They fold one of them hot dog style and the other hamburger style.  Then they use each one to cut a heart.  One heart should be tall and skinny and the other should be short and fat.  Then, they
glue the short/fat one on top of the tall/skinny one with the top of the tall/skinny one being the frog's eyes.  The short/fat one will be the frog's cheeks.  I give each child a small black and white square that they cut TLC style to create the eyes and then draw the mouth on with a black marker. For the Frogalina's, there is an extra step.  I give the girl's strips of yellow construction paper and a pink square.  They take the yellow strips of paper and wrap them around their pencil to make them curly and then glue on.  Then, they use the pink square to make a bow to put in her hair. When they are finished, I tell them that I am going to give each child a "kiss" for Valentine's Day.  I put a heart sticker on each of the frog's cheeks as a "kiss".  This is not originally my idea.  I got it several years ago from somewhere on the internet.  I just added my own variation to it.


Froggy Bakes a Cake


Froggy Learns to Swim


Froggy Gets Dressed

After you read aloud Froggy Gets Dressed, discuss the importance of clothing and why we wear different types of clothing for different seasons. If you live in a warm climate, bring in examples of winter clothing: mittens, snow pants, jacket, scarf, boots, and hat. Then, ask your students to paint their winter wardrobe: help them trace their bodies on a large piece of paper; have them paint winter clothes on their outlined body; and finally, put on a fashion show, so each child could display his/her winter clothes.

Before you read: In what season does this story take place? How can you tell?

As you read: What do you think Froggy forgot to put on this time?

After you read: After you read aloud Froggy Gets Dressed, discuss the importance of clothing and why we wear different types of clothing for different seasons. If you live in a warm climate, bring in examples of winter clothing: mittens, snow pants, jacket, scarf, boots, and hat. Then, ask your students to paint their winter wardrobe: help them trace their bodies on a large piece of paper; have them paint winter clothes on their outlined body; and finally, put on a fashion show, so each child could display his/her winter clothes.

Some Activities to Match the Book:
- Draw a picture of Froggy in his winter clothes.
-List all the things Froggy had to put on to go outside.
-Write four sentences telling me what you know about frogs
Write about a time you went outside and played in the snow.

Questions to ask at the following pages:
PAGE 7 - What do you think Froggy will do?
PAGE 11 - What did Froggy forget?
PAGE 17 - What will his mother tell him next?


Froggy Plays Soccer

It's the day of the big game, and Froggy is ready. But when the ball heads his way, Froggy's busy doing cartwheels and picking daisies! Budding soccer players and Froggy's many fans will welcome his latest hilarious adventure. Full color.

To introduce the book, show the children a picture of a soccer ball. Ask them if they ever played soccer. Do they like it? Explain, "Today in our story Froggy has a big soccer game. Let's read and see who wins."

Activities for after you read:

- Draw a picture of Froggy and the soccer team.
- Think of an exciting game you've played. Write a short story about a time you have been on any team playing anything. Write about what happened. Who won?
-List all the characters in the story. Name which one is your favorite. Explain why. Draw a picture of that one.
- Pretend you are Froggy. Write at least three sentences about what you would have done while playing the game.


Froggy Plays In a Band


Froggy 's Baby Sister

Froggy Goes to Camp

IDEA SHARED BY: Cherylle in CA
For London's Froggy Goes to Camp, The Waterfall, and Dream Weaver, students could show how these books and the characters are alike.

Froggy Eats Out

IDEA SHARED BY: Cherylle in CA
This idea involves Froggy Eats Out and "The Rule" from Stories Huey Tells.  Students could do a compare/contrast activity and then compare/contrast with themselves.


Other Froggy Fun

Roll a Leap Frog Dice Game. Provide dice per pair of students.
Students take turning rolling the dice and drawing the part of the frog. As you can see in the picture, this student rolled a three. So, they drew the arms of the frog.

First student to draw all of the froggy wins!!!

Click here to order the pack that this printable comes in!!!

Here’s a free one for you to download today!!!

Play with partners and three dice.
Whoever has the most Lilly Pads covered at the end of the time limit, wins the game.

The picture below shows a roll of 6+5+3. The sum of that is 14. The student should cover the 14 with one of their frogs. Now it is the next persons turn!

Another idea is to just call out a number and have the students cover the called number. You may download this file by clicking here!!!

Check out the Teaching Heart Leap Frog Packet-----

OR try one of our other LOVEd products.

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--Teachers be sure to read the Leap Day page for teachers here.

-- Scholastic Shares a Few Ideas as well.

Leap Year Song(Tune of Bingo)
There was a year called Leap Year,
And February was its name-o,
L-E-A-P Y-E-A-R,
L-E-A-P Y-E-A-R,
L-E-A-P Y-E-A-R,
And February was its name-o.

Ga-goon went the little green frog one day.

Ga-goon went the little green frog.

Ga-goon went the little green frog one day.

And his eyes went blink, blink, blink.

My classroom job chart is called Hoppy Helpers andI have the jobs written on lily pads. Each child has a frog with their name on it and I move them onto the lily pads every Monday. As part of my classroom management I have a large soft toy frog with a crown on his head. He's the King frog and his mouth has a zipper.When a child does something 'wonderful' they get to go to the King Frog and take a 'blessing' from his mouth. The blessings are cards with rewards written on them eg. sit next to a friend, take off your shoes etc.

IDEA SHARED BY: Pat pstine2002@yahoo.com
Attach a drawing of a frog to a small ruler.  Make a number line on a long strip of paper.  I use adding machine tape for my number line from 0-30. (You may extend the number line for older students)I then show the students how to skip count by 2's on the number line by hopping the frog on every other number. 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. as the students count along with me. Once we have memorized the pattern for 2's, we count by 3's, 4's 5's etc.  The number line can also be used for addition and subtraction, odd and even numbers etc.