Loving Leap Day Packet

A Frog Themed Learning Packet with printable actvities for Prek - 2nd
from Teaching Heart

New is 2012!!!

What's in the packet?

Every File is in PDF.

1.) Leap Frogs Dice Game - Supply a dice for each set of students. They take turns rolling the dice till one of the players fills their cards. (PREk - 2md)

2.) Leap Year Cards and Activity - Print out the cards and have the students organize the Leap Years by counting by fours. Center sheet is included with a table of Leap Years for the students to fill out. (1st -2nd)

3.) Leap Year Mini Book - Student fills in the missing information on the last two pages. Then the student cuts each page, staples to form a mini book all about Leap Year! (k-2nd)

4.) Graphing for a Leap Year - Student cuts out the colored frogs and glues them to the graph. The student answers the questions on the graph. (k-2nd)

5.) Leap Year Glyph - Student colors the given image and glues given pictures to form a glyph to display. (k-2nd)

6.) Roll a Leap Frog - These are always a hit with students. They can roll and draw a frog in a game format. (Prek-2nd)

Total Price for Packet is $5.99 - (that is less than $1.00 a file) - Single Classroom Use Only

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