The New Dad Page & The Father's Day Page!

Welcome Dads, Moms, and Teachers! Below you will find craft ideas, printables, and fun things to do to
celebrate your dad. You will also find great children's books about dad and books made just for dad. Click on a book to learn more about it. Have fun!

Things To Print!

Poem Form
 for Dad
I love my Dad because... Father's Day Card
Best Dad Certificate Coupons for Dad! 16 Coloring Pages!
4 Dad Mazes Many Crosswords Many Word Searches
Promise Booklet Dad Coloring Page Father and Son Coloring Page
"Reclining" Dad Coloring Page Greatest Dad Award Best Dad Medal Coloring Page
Father's Day "Tie" Card Print and Color #1 Dad Certificate Father's Day Coupons
Football frames Father's Day booklet I Love My Dad Coloring Page from Jan Brett
Printable Father's Day Gifts Father's Day Banner Fishin' Word Search Puzzle
Daddy BINGO Father's Day Coloring Pages for Grandpa

Below are some unique books and gifts for a dad.
If you are looking for a unique way to tell your hubby
he will be a daddy in 9 months or if you are looking
for a Father's Day Present for a new dad,
here are some great buys. These are also
great reads for the classroom or a bed time story for
your child!

Click on the product to learn more!

15 Reasons I Love My Dad: A Fill-in-the-Blank Book
Me and My Dad
My Daddy and I
My Dad Is Awesome
Just Like Dad (Mercer Mayer's Little Critter)
Daddy's Lullaby
I Love You, Dad
My Dad
Daddy Loves Me (Baby Flaps Ser)
I Love My Daddy Because--
My Daddy
A Perfect Father's Day
What Daddies Do Best
I Shop With My Daddy (Hello Reader. Level 1)
What Makes My Daddy Best?

Things To Make For Dad

Billiards Clock Business Card Holder Dad's Pad Holder
Father and Child T-shirts Many Ideas Found Here Finger Painted Cookies (Recipe) for Father's Day
Dinner-on-the-Grill Cake
Your Dad will love this BBQ inspired cake.
Making Friends: Crafts for Dad
More than a dozen crafts kids can make.
Enchanted Learning: Crafts for Father's Day

Other Great Father's Day Goodies

Songs4Teachers Father's Day Songs Father's Day Lesson Happy Father's Day
Poems, songs, gift ideas, and much more.
Perpetual Preschool Father's Day
Teacher-submitted ideas: games, gifts, snacks and more!
Nuttin' But Kids Father's Day
Fingerplays, group time activities, songs and poems, art projects and gifts.
Alphabet Soup: Poems, Crafts, Puzzles

The Best Books For Dads About Parenting

The New Father : A Dad's Guide to the First Year
101 Secrets A Good Dad Knows
Dad's Survival Guide To Babies
How to Dad
So You're Going to Be a Dad
What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding
My Boys Can Swim!: The Official Guy's Guide to Pregnancy
Congratulations, You're Gonna Be a Dad! : What's Ahead from A to Z for First-Time Fathers
She's Having a Baby : And I'm Having a Breakdown

Some poems written for dads


My Dad Poem Poems for Dad What Is A Dad?
Donna's Father's Day Poems Congratulations, Dad!*
A Poem for New Dads
Poems about Fatherhood
Father's List from Creative Scrapbooking Daddy List from Sue's Place D-A-D: (tune: Jingle Bells)

D-A-D, D-A-D,

Dad is my best friend.

We play games, we go to the park,

The fun just never ends!

D-A-D, D-A-D,

love to hold your hand.

it feels so good, it feels so safe,

You're the best dad in the land.

OH, MY DADDY:(tune: Oh, my darling clementin)

Oh,my daddy; oh, my daddy,

Oh, my very special dad,

I want to thank you very much

For being my special dad

Author unknown