Oh, the Places You'll Go

Oh, the Places We Went (Gr. 5) Students will write a daily record of their Seuss inspired ideas in a journal.

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Grade 6

Song lyrics for Oh, the Places You'll Go!


Before Reading

1.) On a World Map locate the birth place of each child in your class. Trace any long trip they have taken.

2.) Discuss feeling that one may have at the beginning of a long school year, the start of vacation, when moving to a different neighborhood or a new house, and making new friends. Ask your class to tell or write about a time in their lives when they were at the beginning of something new or a time of change.

3.) Have children make a timeline of their life. Parents could help.While Reading the Book

1.) Get your students thinking by asking: How would you feel if this child was you?

2.) Discuss the waiting place. Ask children to make a list of ten things that they wait for . Compare and contrast the lists.

3.) Have children write about a place they wish they could go or be at.

After Reading the book

1.) Invite guests to your classroom. These guests should hold different jobs in your community. Have the guests share their lives with the children. They should discuss what they had to do to prepare for their career.

2.) Have children research careers they are interested in and report their findings to the class.

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