Hop on Pop

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Before Reading the Book!

1.) Discuss what makes a rhyme

2.) Make rhyme lists. Add to these lists as your students think of new words.

3.) Ask students for their predictions about the contents of the book after they have seen the cover and heard the title.

During Reading

1.) Throughout your reading, ask students to make a list of words they can read by themselves. When you finish the book students can make their own stories using the words on their lists.

2.) As you read all, a few, or one of the stories, cover the part of the story that is smaller in print. See if your students can guess what Dr. Seuss might of written using the rhyming words.

3.) Discuss the content of each story.

After Read the Book

1.) After reading each story, ask students what would be on the next page if the story were to continue.

2.) Make simple rhyming stories such as those found in Hop on Pop. As students to create these stories in small groups. Have them read the stories to the class.

More Fun with Hop on Pop

Phonics Lesson

Initial and Final Sounds With Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop (Gr. 1) Given a flip book with preprinted final sounds, students will write the initial sounds of rhyming words on left side flip pages

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