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Lessons and Unit Ideas

5 Zoo Bulletin Boards

Cooking ideas

Zoo Activities Galore

Animal Populations: A Play

How Do Polar Bears Stay Warm?

At the Zoo Thematic Unit

What Is at the Zoo? - Lesson Plans

Amazing Animals (Grades K - 5)
Lesson Plan. Students explore websites about animals and create an "Amazing Animal" quiz.

  Zoo Animal Facts Lesson

  What Am I Lesson


Birmingham Zoo

The Electronic Zoo

Official Zoo Home Pages

Zoo Graphics and Pictures

Animal Picture Archive

The Electronic Zoo

Official Zoo Home Pages

Zoo in the Wild

Live Cams - Before you head to the zoo with your class, give them a sneak peak of some of the animals you may see there!

Orangutan Cam

Panda Cam

Great Products To Enhance Your Unit
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View-Master 3D Reels: Sesame St. Zoo

Zoo Building Set

FELTKids At the Zoo

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

Day at the Zoo ~ VHS ~

At the Zoo: Picture This! Sing-A-Long ~ VHS

Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom -- Brutal Truth; Audio CD


Great Books
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Great Craft Ideas For Your Unit

African Animal Giants - A National Geographic Action Book (A National Geographic Action Book)

Dear Zoo

Click here for a lesson that goes with the book!

Sam Who Never Forgets

Click here for some great ideas to use with this book!


Click here for some great ideas that match this book!

African Animals by Caroline Arnold

Africa Calling - Nighttime Falling by Dan Adlerman

Alphabestiary - Animal Poems from A to Z

The Encyclopedia of Awesome Animals

  Rumble in the Jungle

Read and discuss this book about wild animals.   The pages describe the characteristics of each animal.  As a class, brainstorm/write a list of descriptive words for some of the animals (hippopatomus, giraffe, lion, chimpanzee, etc.) .  
Students may then use these lists to illustrate and fill in the blanks in their own 
"Jungle" booklet: 
"The lion ___________."   "The gorilla ___________."
"The rhinoceros ___________."  "The snake ___________."

Giraffes Can't Dance

  Good Night, Gorilla

Zoo Do's and Don'ts

IDEA: Before going to the zoo and after reading this book:
Follow the cues from the book, each table of students creates its own "Zoo Do's & Don'ts" list.  Once they've finalized the lists, they transfer them to posterboard, complete with illustrations.   What a great review before your trip!

  My Visit to the Zoo


*After reading this book, make predictions about what YOUR visit to the zoo will be like, filling in the blanks on a predictable chart: 

Maybe we will see a _______. 
             Or maybe we will see a _______.
             Maybe we will see a _______.
             Or maybe we will see a ______.

If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo

An Idea Students love this silly tale about a little girl who gives an open invitation to the zoo animals "if anything ever goes wrong at the zoo."   After reading and discussing the story, students write their own invitations to the zoo, explaining how they could take care of certain animals (the monkeys, because they have a banana tree in the back yard, etc.) :
Dear Zookeeper,
If anything ever goes wrong at the zoo,
You can send me the  ____________
because I have ___________________ .

Interactive Activities For Your Class

Animal Guessing Game (Gr. 2+) To play this game you have to think of a type of animal. The web page will try to guess the animal by asking you Yes or No questions.

Animal Quizzes Who am I?

Animal Tracks (Gr. 2-8) Mathc the track with the animal which made them.

Animal Tracks Kids Page (Gr. 3+) Games, tour, Ranger Rick and more.

Animal Trivia Game (Gr. 4+) This Trivia game will call on your knowledge of animals.

Cyber Tiger (Gr. 4+) Your zoo is about to receive its first-ever Siberian tiger and you are the zookeeper (from National Geographic).

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! A webquest about bears.

Who Am I? Animal Puzzles.

Year for the Tiger Make a Tiger, Slideshow, Why Do They Roar, and a Quiz.

Wild Arctic Activities Puzzles, games, and mazes.

Wildlife Quiz (Gr. 4+)

Zooboomafoo (PBS) Games include Mystery Animal, Snack Machine, Finding Mommy, etc.

Activity Sheets To Print



Aussie Animals



Find the Animals,


Zoo Animals


Activities  to Print

Animal Masks
PBS — Zoboomafoo: Eye Spy (Popper the Tiger)

Animal Masks
PBS — Zoboomafoo: Eye Spy (Muscles the Bear)

Animal Masks
PBS — Zoboomafoo: Eye Spy (Moonface the Barn Owl)

Zoo Math
Animals at the Zoo Activity Sheet

Connect the Dots
PBS — Zoboomafoo:Connect the dots (Penguin)

Connect the Dots
PBS — Zoboomafoo:Connect the dots (Squid)

Zoo Animal Mobiles
Keep the Wild Alive! — National Wildlife Federation

Wild Jigsaw Puzzles
Wild Ideas

Animals at the Zoo Activity Sheet

Test students' knowledge about zoo and aquarium animals.
Zoo and Aquarium Animals Grades 1-2 (PDF file)
Zoo and Aquarium Animals Answer Key (PDF file)

Have students find words related to Aquariums and Zoos hidden in a puzzle.
Aquariums and Zoos (easy) (PDF file)Aquariums and Zoos Answer Key (easy) (PDF file)

Animal Coloring

The First Zoo Coloring Book

Fun With Zoo Animals Stencils (Dover Little Activity Books)

Fun With Zoo Animals Stencils (Dover Little Activity Books)

The Little Zoo Animal Stained Glass Coloring Book

Little Zoo Animals Coloring Book

Zoo (Hidden Pictures Coloring Books) ~

Animal Tracks

Animal Group Names

Color Adaptation

Help Save the Animals


Animal Bookmarks - I

Animal Bookmarks - II

Zoo Worksheets

Math Ideas:

Math Ideas:
*estimate plastic animals.
*estimate how many animal crackers in a box, then sort and 
graph them
*sort animal pictures by number of feet (4 feet, 2 feet, 0 feet).
* sort then create an AB pattern of wild and domestic animals.
* graph favorite animals.
*graph whether or not they've ever been to the zoo.
* sort animal pictures by what they eat (herbivore, carnivore, 
*count plastic zoo animals and create different sets of numbers using two types of animals.
Use strawberry baskets to count animals.  They look like cages and the kids think it is cute.  Teacher can guide kids to count, "Put one monkey in the cage...."Put two tigers in the cage.....add another tiger...How many do you have now?  It is easy to pass out the counting sets animals are in the baskets and each child can count to see what 5 animals are in his/her cage.


Finger Plays, Poems, and Songs

Five Little Monkeys

The Elephant

Funny Bunny

Warm Kitty

There Was a Little Turtle

I Like Mice

Alice the Camel

All the Pretty Little Horses

Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends

Bear, The

Bear Went Over the Mountain, The

Zoo Things to Write About

Things to Write About Before or After You Go to The Zoo _ A few days before your trip to the zoo, have your students make a journal entry.

What animals live in the zoo?  Describe them in sentences; then illustrate them.

If you were a zoo-keeper, how would you start you day?  Which animals would be your favorites? 

Which zoo animals are herbivores?  Carnivores?  How do you know?

Draw yourself at the zoo.  Write about the animals you want to visit first.

Draw some zoo animals in their natural habitat.  Which ones live in the jungle? The desert?  In swamps?  Etc.

Draw a picture of two different animals in a cage. Would these animals get along if they were really in the same cage? Write a story about your picture.

Here is a writing sheet to print!