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1.) Weather Kinds Center - A sorting activity to teach students about different types of weather. This file contains sorting cards for rainy, cloudy, foggy, sunny, & snowy weather. Great for classroom Science Center(Prek-1st).  Could be used in a pocket chart or just as an envelope center.  Includes a center sheet for independent completion. 

2.) Weekly Weather Graph – Student keeps track of the weather for a week.  They place an X on the weather for the week.  On the fifth day they answer questions about the graph they have created.  You can do this once as a class for a week and then have the students do it for a week independently.  (K-2)

3.) Weather Map Reading – Provide the students the given weather map and have them answer questions about the weather in the USA on the following provided activity sheet.  (1-2)

4.) Umbrella Color a Rhyme – Teacher reads a poem.  Student color in an umbrella that rhymes with the given word.  (PreK-1)

5.) The Wind Blew Literature Activities – To be used with the book, The Wind Blew.  Includes pocket chart pieces.  Includes two activity sheets.  (Prek-1)

6.) Rainbow Math Game –  Game board and score sheet for any math facts you would like.  (1-3)

7.) Weather Book - Cut out book as one piece. Fold left side in. Fold right side in. Open book. Cut on dotted line to form three flaps. Refold book.  Write a definition for each choice under the appropriate flap or any facts.  Illustrate or add picture. (PreK-2)

8.) Water Cycle Wheel – student creates a wheel for the different parts of the water cycle (1-2)

9.) Color in a Rainbow Book – student writes and colors (1-2)

10.)             Tell About Clouds – A graphic Organizer for students to write sentences about the four kinds of clouds.

11.)             ROY G BIV – students color and cut to make a ROY that will help them Remember colors in the rainbow.

12.)             Ooobleck Observations – Solid, Liquid, Gas activity to use after you make oobleck (1-3)

13.)             Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball Activity 1 – Student writing activity.  Would you rather it rained pizza or meatballs and why?  Write and Color.  Add illustrations.

14.)             Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball Activity 2 – Meatballs Compound Center.  Student matches a meatball to the spaghetti bowl.  Student Completes center sheet when finished.  (1-2)

15.)             Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Activity 3 – Story Map

16.)             Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Activity 4 – Student fills in the blanks and illustrates the sentence.  Cut out each square and staple together to form a little book.

17.)             Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Activity 5 – Book review form/


17 Files for only 10.99

17 Files for 10.99

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