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Volcano World (Gr. 5+) Everything you wanted to know about volcanoes.

Volcanoes Online Games, comics, plate tectonics, volcanic database...

Cascade Volcano Observatory (Gr. 4+)

Stromboli On-Line (Gr. 4+) Everything you wanted to know about volcanoes.

Volcanoes! (from the USGS)

Volcano Hazards (Gr. 4+) (from the USGS) Learn about hazards posed by volcanoes and volcanoes of the United States.

Volcano Theme Page Find both curricular resources and lesson plans on this page.

Learning about Volcanoes Types of volcanoes, volcano facts, building volcano models, etc.

Volcano World Virtual Field Trips (Gr. 4+) From Mt. St. Helens to volcanoes on Hawaii.

Volcano World's Kids Door (Gr. 3+) Art, a quiz, projects and virtual field trips.

Exploring Planets in the Classroom:Volcanology
Five hands-on activities that are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring volcanology.

Rock My World (Gr. 4) Three weeks worth of activities and lessons on volcanoes and earthquakes.

Volcano Lesson Plans (Gr. 5-12) from Volcano World.

Volcanoes (Gr. 4-8) Activity to demonstrate plate boundaries where plates are moving apart or moving together.

Building Volcano Models

Volcanic School Project Ideas

A Teacher's Guide to Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park
This guide is designed for teachers, other educators, and anyone interested in volcanoes. It provides background information on numerous topics and includes teaching suggestions and activities.

Cascades Volcano Observatory
Facts and information about Cascade Volcanoes.

The Electronic Volcano
The Electronic Volcano is a window into the world of information on active volcanoes

Images of Volcanoes
Explore volcanoes in different areas of the world.

Types of Volcanoes
Did you know that not all volcanoes are the same? Learn about the different types of volcanoes.

Volcano Video Clips
Watch volcanoes in action!

VolcanoWorld Virtual Field Trips

here are more than 500 active volcanoes in the world. More than half of these volcanoes are part of the "Ring of Fire," a region that encircles the Pacific Ocean.

Pele - Tale of the Volcano Goddess

View drawings of Volcanoes by children

Play "Water, Wind and Earth" !

Play a Game - In this game you use your knowledge on volcanoes to save the 1000 inhabitants of a village called TinyTown from the terrible, dangerous and notorious Crusher volcano... ANSWER THE QUESTION BEFORE PEOPLE GET HURT!!
Required: A java-script-enabled browser.

Lava Flow Simulator. Build your own volcano online!

Volcano Simulator. Simulates an erupting volcano.

Unscramble the Volcano Names.

USA Volcano Matching Game.

Mount Rainier connect the dots puzzle.

Volcano Crossword Puzzle.

VolcanoWorld's Games & Fun Stuff

  - Resource Books -

Hill of Fire by Thomas P. Lewis - The exciting story of the eruption of Paricutin--the volcano in Mexico that burst from a farmer's field and changed the lives of the people who lived nearby. Reading Rainbow Selection. Three-color illustrations.

Volcanoes! : Mountains of Fire (Step into Reading. Step 3 Book.)

Eyewitness Activity Files: Volcano List Price: $9.95
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$8.46 Eyewitness Activity Files are action-packed folders bursting with posters, documents, replicas, transcripts, photos, and eyewitness accounts that bring each subject vividly to life. It's an exciting new concept that teaches children important research techniques. Everything you need for a school research project is packed inside

Dear Katie, the Volcano is a Girl List Price: $14.95 Our Price: $11.21

I Can Read about Earthquakes and Volcanoes Our Price: $4.21

Eyewitness Readers: Volcanoes and Other Natural Disasters (Level 4, Grades 2-4)

Volcano & Earthquake (Eyewitness)

Volcanoes (Closer Look At)

Volcanoes (The Wonders of Our World)

Smithsonian Giant Volcano by N.S.I.
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$12.99 You add water to a prepackaged sand mix and pat the resulting compound onto a plastic volcano mold. The volcanic substructure dries in 20 minutes and can then--with or without a paint job--be called into service as an eruption center. To create an eruption, put a tablespoon of baking soda (sample enclosed) in the crater, then squirt a mixture of vinegar, liquid soap, and food coloring from a squeeze bottle into a tube that runs under the volcano and terminates at the crater (bottle and tube enclosed). Voila! An eruption. A pair of child-sized safety goggles is included, as are three genuine volcanic rocks. The manual is packed with 22 pages of fascinating information about volcanoes.

Smithsonian SmartLabs: Volcano by N.S.I.
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The Discovery Channel 250-piece Puzzle: Volcano-Raging Planets by University Games
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