During my student teaching experience at Streams Elementary School in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania, I developed a unit on fairy tales.  As part of the unit students wrote their own fairy tales. 

Once Upon A Time...
a second graders perspective

The Princess and her Secret

By: Kali

Once Upon a time in a far away land there lived a princess who acted like she new something that the king did know. So the king said, "If anyone can find out my daughter Aura’s secret, they shall marry my daughter and live in the castle. Many people tried to find the secret, but they failed.

One day a prince from a far away land decided to try his luck. The prince was presented to the king at once. The prince had an invisible cloak. The king introduced the prince to his daughter and Aura showed the prince to his room and quickly left him there. As soon as the princess Aura left the room, the prince jumped out of bed and put on his invisible cloak and followed the princess Aura to an old trunk. Before his very eyes, Aura jumped into the trunk.

The prince followed her down the trunk. It was a secret passage way! The prince found out that the passage led Aura to a big room. In the middle of the room was a big, green, glowing moon stone. The prince noticed that in the middle of the moon stone was a Wicked Witch. Then he heard the wicked witch yell, "I’ll get the moon stone soon, Aura! He-He!"

The Prince was so surprised that he took off his invisible cloak and made himself appear in front of Aura. Aura was shocked and she asked him how he go there. The prince then said to Aura, "I will take care of that witch!" Aura said, "OK!"

With Aura’s blessing the prince set off to find a nice wizard to help him. The prince walked a great distance until he finally came upon a castle. He noticed that it was the home of a wizard and he went inside and found the wizard in his experiment room. The prince quickly told the wizard the whole story and asked him, "so, can you help me?" The wizard agreed and gave him a magic poison and a magical spell. Then the wizard yelled, "Hurry, the witch is near the moon stone, you must go and stop her now before it is too late," So the prince hurried back to the castle and got Aura.

Then they both jumped into the trunk and went to the room that holds the moon stone. The witch was about to fly off with the moon stone. Before she could fly away, the prince took the spell and the poison from his pocket and said, "Bad witch turn into a good witch." POUF! In the middle of the room stood a very pretty witch! Before the prince or the princess could speak a word to her, she disappeared into a pink bubble. Then the bubble popped!

The prince and the princess went straight to the king and told him the entire story. The king allowed the Prince to marry his daughter and they all lived happily ever after.

The Sleeping Princess

By: Abby

Once Upon a time in a beautiful castle lived a King and a Princess. The King and Princess got along until the Princess met a Prince that she wished to marry, but her father would not allow her to.

So the Princess decided to hired a bad witch to place a spell on her Father that would make her father allow the Princess to marry the Prince. Instead of making her father allow the marriage to take place, the spell caused the King to fall in to a deep sleep.

The Princess felt bad about the whole thing. She only wanted to convince her dad to let her marry the prince, not fall into a deep sleep that he could never awake from. She wished she had not made the witch place a spell on her dad. So the Princess asked the witch to reverse the spell. The witch agreed to reverse the spell only if the Princess would take her fathers place in the deep sleep. The Princess agreed and the witch reversed the spell.

When the King awoke he saw his daughter fast asleep. He tried to awake her, but she would not wake up. He could not awake his daughter no matter how loud he yelled or how hard he would shake her.

The King felt helpless. He sat by his daughter day and night as he slept. Then one day the Prince came by. The King was not to thrilled to see him. The Prince asked the king if he could kiss his daughter. The King said, "What harm would it do?" Then, he let the prince kiss his daughter and she awoke. The King was so happy that he allowed the Princess and Prince to start planning a wedding.

It was getting close to the wedding and everyone was excited. Even the bad witch was excited. The entire kingdom was planning to attend the wedding.

All of the sudden the Princess fell back into a deep sleep. No one knew what to do. The Prince started to cry and cry. So he figured he would kiss the Princess and maybe she would wake up like she did last time. He kissed her and she awoke. Then the two got married and later had two kids and lived happily ever after.

The  Pyramids of Candy

By: Steven L.

Once upon a time, on a normal day in the tuts candy pyramid Tom, Sam, and Zack were watching stone TV. Suddenly Sam said, "Hey, what if a Dragon came from Africa?" Tom looked at Sam and said, "He’d eat everything!" Zac who was a very large man was trying to make a door out of a seventeen foot wide pyramid said, "I’d eat him." They continued to watch stone TV and drink licorice until ten’o clock when they decided to go to bed.

Sam heard a loud crunching noise. He looked outside and before his very eyes he saw a dragon eating all the candy in the land. Sam called Tom and Zack to look at the dragon. Zack almost jumped out of his pants and Sam said, "the dragon will make a door real fast."

Then Sam, Zack, and Tom went outside with their magical spears that would seek and destroy. Sam threw one direct hit and the dragon did not budge. So, the three men worked together to build a barb wired fence. At this time the dragon hate ate everything except two candy pyramids.

Luckily for Sam, Zack, and Tom, one of the pyramids still standing happened to be their home. Zack ran into the pyramid and grabbed some magic mints. He came out of the pyramid holding the mints and gently saying, "here Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy." As the dragon crept closer to Zack, Zack threw a mint into the dragons mouth. Suddenly the dragon shrunk to the size of a dog.

Sam looked at Zack and Tom and said, "he would make a good pet." They took the dragon home and turned on stone TV and lived happily ever after.

The Land of the Unicorn

By: Emma

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle. One day when she was taking a walk outside she saw something beautiful just over the hill. As she got closer she noticed it was a beautiful garden. She walked into the garden. In the garden she saw dragons and unicorns.

This is a wonderful place she thought. Until, she found out that deep in the garden lived a black panther. This black panther was evil and he wanted to take over the garden.

The next day when she tried to return to the garden she could not find it because it had disappeared. The princess was sad that she could not find the garden. She looked everywhere and she could not find it. When she was about to give up a little dragon appeared. The princess followed the tiny dragon into a cave.

The cave was dark and there was only a little light. The princess followed the dragon as he led her to unicorns and dragons in the cave. The princess could not believe the black panther was holding all the unicorns and dragons captive. She became very sad and did not know what to do. She asked the black panther to set them free. The black panther just laughed at the princess.

Now she was mad! She decided to trick the black panther and tell him about a garden miles away that was much more beautiful than the garden of unicorns. The black panther decided to go to the garden and everyone else lived happily ever after.

The One Little Mouse

By: Marina

There once was a boy and girl who had a mouse. One day the mouse set off in the wild. Then suddenly a fairy godmother appeared and asked the mouse, "would you like some protection?" The mouse shook his head yes.

Swish, with a tap of her magic fairy dust an elemphant appeared. The mouse was so excited that he jumped on the elephant and ran off.

Before long the elephant and the mouse crossed paths with an lion. The lion was hungry and planning to eat the elephant. So the lion leaped toward the elephant. Then to the lions surprise the mouse appeared and said, "Please do not eat me!" The lion could not eat the cute mouse. So the mean lion spared the life of the elephant and the mouse. They all became friends and lived happily ever after.

James Bond 007 Mission Find Fairy Tale People
by: Benny B
Today, the future, and the past will all be ruined if James Bond does not find the fairy tale people.  But don't work nobody dies and there are no guns or weapons.  Ok?  Good!  Now where was I?  Oh, now I remember.  
One very good day, James Bond was at the Bond Base and he had just found out that the fairy tale people were missing.  James bond had his mission and he was off in the Bond car. 
Soon Bond found a stock house.  He snuck inside and just as he thought there were the fairy tale people!  Just then the Evil Fairy Tale Caper jumped out in front of him!  James managed to sneak away.
Then he saw Cinderella's Fairy God Mother.  The Fairy God Mother had come to give him a magic key that unlocked the door that held the Fairy Tale People.  James unlocked the door and found let the Fairy Tale People free.  They all worked together to trap the Evil Fairy Tale Caper.
The End!
Oh!  Wait, wait!  Don't leave!  I alsmost forgot to tell you how they lived happily ever after. 
Mixed Up Magic
by: Bria L
Long, long ago deep in the woods lived a Shadow Character who wanted to destroy the fairy village.  The Shadow Character worked day and night and he finally came up with a spell that would destroy the village.  He casted the spell.   
A week later Red Ridding Hood went to her Grandmother's house.  She knocked on all the doors and not one was her Grandmother's house.  Finally, she came to what was suppose to be The Three Little Pigs Brick House but Granny was there.
Things were all mixed up so Little Red Ridding Hood knew she had to fix the village or else there would be no real fairy tales in the real world.  She knew that only one person was evil enough to do such a thing.  So she went to the Evil Shadow Character's place with all the flash lights she could find in the village. 
She hid and waited for the Shadow Creature to appear.  When he appeared she shinned the flash lights on him and poof, he was gone!  Everything was back to normal and Little Red Ridding Hood went to Granny's!
The Bad Dragon
Andry G.
Once upon a time there was a Knight who had plans to fight an evil Dragon who was eatting all the people in his village.  First he practiced.  He practiced all day and night.  He felt ready and went to the Dragon.
The two went to war.  It was such a hard battle.  The Dragon gave up and decided to be good.
The Dark Cold Night
Ann A.
Once upon a time when witched were alive, a Queen, King, and Princess lived in a castel.  They were on the way to the woods to get a magic emerald a man had told them about.
As the walked they came across a man crying.  His name was Ed.  "Excuse me Sir, are you ok?" asked the King.  "Yes, but someone stole the magic emerald." said Ed.  The King asked, "who would do something like that?"  Ed said, "I do not know and all I can remember is seeing a flash of black."  the King said, "I see, it must of been the Wicked Witch." 
Ed had an idea.  He told the King that they could lead her to a hole in the graveyard and srop her in the hole and bury her.  The King agreed to the plan and suggested plan B too.
The plan worked well.  Ed said, "Wow, we might make it on the news!"   The King was scared to be on the News because he knew the witch would come back to life someday.  "I can't wait to be on the news" sand Ed!  They all became good friends.
The Dragon who Smelled Bad
by Drew D.
Once upon a time in a new city called Slager it was five days before Christmas.  Drew, Steven, and Wizzy Wizard were sitting down for a cup of tea.  "Ring" went the phone.  "I'll get it" said Drew, reaching for the phone.  "Hello, sure we will be there in a second."
Drew told the Wizard and Steven that Bob had just called and told him that there is a Dragon in the town knocking everything over.  Just then the ground began to shake.  They smelled something bad.  Just then the roads caught on fire. 
They all ran outside.  Drew yelled to Wizzy to shoot the Dragon with deodarant.  The smell vanished and the town was saved.  The end!
The Dragon who Ate Tom and Sam
By Ronak P.
Once Sam and Tom were walking in the forrest when a Dragon popped out from behind a tree and ate the two boys.
Ronak and Drew saw what had happened.  Since Drew and Ronak were FBI agents they knew what to do.  So once when the Dragon was asleep, they cut open the Dragon and the Dragon said, "Ouch!"  Then the Dragon was dead.
Ronak and Drew removed Tom and Dre from the Dragon's belly and everyone lived happily ever after.
Snow-White and the Seven Bean Stalks
By:  Tommy Q.
Once upon a time a girl named Snow-White went into the woods and she saw a cow and she went and picked it up.  She sold the cow for seven magical beans.  She planeted the beans and the next morning she saw seven beanstalks.
Snow-White climbed one of the beanstalks  and at the top there was a castel.  She knocked on the door.   A Giant opened the door and casted a spell on her.  The spell made her do whatever the Giant wanted.  The only way to break the spell was if someone rescued her.
Meanwhile down on the ground a Knight saw the beanstalks and climbed one.  When he reaced the top he saw Snow-White hard at work.  He tried to talk to her.  She did not know he was there.
The Knight knew about the spell so he chased the Giant on the clouds and the Giant feel to the ground.  The spell broke and they lived happily ever after.

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