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Telling Time

Basic Skills Telling Time Workbook

Telling Time (Hands on Math)

Telling Time (Starter Slates)

Winnie-The-Pooh Telling Time Sticker Storybook (Winnie the Pooh Sticker Story Books)

Telling Time With Big Mama Cat - A cat describes her activities at various times throughout the day from morning to night. Features a clock with movable hands.

Big Hand, Little Hand : Learn to Tell Time! - Designed to teach toddlers how to tell time, an appealing set of verses on half-size pages above a clock face take kids through the day, from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight.

Pooh's First Clock - Winnie the Pooh introduces young children to the basics of telling time in this new interactive concept book.

Monster Math School Time (Hello Math Reader , Level 1)

Telling Time (PowerTools for KidsTM)

Hot Math Topics Time and Money - Two attractively illustrated resource books for each grade level (grades 1-5) cover key math topics with 100 real-world problems per book. Each problem helps children grasp practical concepts such as time, money, and measurement. Perfect in class or at home with parents. Pages can be used to create decks of task cards for a learning center or as worksheets

Exploring Time - Using simple classroom materials introduce the concept of time, from minutes on a clock to an entire life span, and its relationship to the outside world.

Time (Math Counts)

Time to Tell Time : With Clock - Children can read along with the book, and adjust the clock to show the time indicated in the story.

My Magic Time Book (Magic Screen Books)

My Sticker Book: Time

Time and Money/Flashcards

Brain Bytes I Can Tell Time Ages 4-7 This game is a great review of time. It is unlike other Brain Bytes products in that the game does not keep track of the child's level and systematically take them through the program. Instead, it has three parts; telling time to the hour, telling time to the half hour, and telling time in increments of fives. You can click on the skill you would like the child to work on. I think overall the game is great and cute. The two clock characters keep my students attention. What I like most is that it focuses in on only one skill - Telling Time of course!. This allows needed drill and practice of the skill.

Fun to Learn - All About Telling Time - VHS

Playskool Teachin' Time Talking Clock