Great Books For The Dental Health Unit

Franklin & The Tooth Fairy VHS

Andrew's Loose Tooth The popular storyteller and author of "Love You Forever" shares another funny family tale. Not even the Tooth Fairy can help pull Andrew's loose tooth. But his friend Louis comes up with a special tooth-removing remedy that requires plenty of pepper and a great big sneeze!

Brushing Well (Frost, Helen, Dental Health.) A simple description of how to brush your teeth, from putting the toothpaste on the brush to swishing water in your mouth and spitting at the end.

I Know Why I Brush My Teeth (Sam's Science)

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof : Tooth Traditions from Around the World Booklist, July 1998
"If children think a visit from the Tooth Fairy is the only way to trade in baby teeth, they're in for a surprise. Beeler's funny and intriguing sampling of lost-tooth traditions from around the world shows that teeth are every bit as likely to end up down a mouse hole, in the stomach of a dog, or on the roof of a house, as they are under a pillow. . . . Lots and lots of fun."

Doctor De Soto (A Sunburst Book)

The Tooth Book (A Bright & Early Book, No. 25)

Let's Find Out About Toothpaste (Let's Find Out Library)

Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth/Bate

Draw a pillow case on paper and make 2 copies for each student. After reading, have your students suggest different uses for Little Rabbit's tooth. Then ask students some possible gifts besides money that a tooth fairy could leave. Instruct the student to cut the two pillow cases out. Have them decorate one copy and on the other copy, have him draw the picture of the present he or she wishes to get from the tooth fairy. Align the first pillow over the present and staple along the left edge. When you lift the pillow you will see the gift@

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist/Berenstain

To expand on the above story, involve the class in a memory game. Have the children recall some of the tools used in the story; then have them add to the list by stating items they have seen at the dentist office. Now play "I going to the Desntist and I will see..." Everyone sits in a circle, one student begins by saying the above sentence and adding a dental item to the end of it. For example, "I am going to the Dentist and I will see a dril." The next student says the same sentence and adds another tool. Continue till everyone has added an item to the list.

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy/Bourgeois

Your students may have not known (before reading this story) that turtles do not have teeth. What about other animals??? Ask that question and have groups of students choose an animal to research. They should find out; how many teeth their animal has ~ the size of the teeth ~ what the teeth are used for. Have each student write a brief distcription about the animals teeth and then share their findings with the class.

Just Going to the Dentist/Mayer

Albert's Toothache/Williams

Meet Your Teeth : A Fun, Creative Dental Care Unit for Kids in Grades 1-4

Dental Health Education : Lesson Planning & Implementation
Text combining general dental health information and lesson plans for the elementary school classroom. Includes ten lesson plans, visual aids, and tips on integrating dental health into academic curricula.