Teaching Heart
Strawberry Unit!

Picked A Strawberry
(tune: "Clementine")
Picked a strawberry,
Picked a strawberry
That was growing
In the sun.
Then I washed it,
And I ate it,
And I picked another one.

My favorite way to start a Strawberry Unit is to read this book!!! So cute and you get to help out a mouse!
Use the book
The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear!

SOOOOO MANY Free online resources to match this book!!!

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Patterns for the Story!

Predicting Lesson

Lap Book Templates to Match the Book!

Activity Cards!

You Tube Reading of the Book

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Other books for your unit!!

Here is a free to print Strawberry Themed Pre-Primer Sight Word cover-up. Use real strawberries. Call out a word and have students cover with one of their strawberries. When all are covered, they can eat up! Yummy sight word fun!

Click here to print the PDF!



Ideas from the Teaching Heart Strawberry Mini Packet!

Great for review in the summer months or during back to school.
Meets Kindergarten and First Grade Standards.

Practice reading numbers and picking the largest with this game.

How to play:

Place playing cards face down in pile.  Each player draws a card and places it on their playing area.  Who ever has the largest number on their card, takes both cards.  When all playing cards are used, count up each players card to see who has the most. Files contains playing card and numbers 1 to 45.

PDF and Publisher File!



Print and laminate the cards.  Cut and place in container.  Tip:  Go to your local farm and ask for strawberry baskets.

How to play: Students draw strawberry cards out of a container and read the word, if they read it right, they get to keep it, if they draw a not ripe! card, they must place all their cards back in the container. The student with the most cards at the end of playing time is the winner! This set has the Primer and Grade One Dolch Words.

PDF and Publisher File

Beginning and Ending Blends

12 picture cards. Students must put the picture under the basker that had the correct beginning blend.

Above is the center sheet that can be completed by the student once the center is finished.
Student must cut-out pctures and glue them under the correct basket.

Berry Best Students and Teacher Tags!!!

Berry Good Teacher and Student Tags in PDF and Publisher - Made these tags to attach to End of The Year Gifts for teachers.

Berry Addition Practice Center and Center Sheet.

The five files above in both PDF and Publisher for $4.00!!!

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Pre Kinders Strawberry Printables

Strawberry Flapbook

Strawberry Math

Teaching Heart

Add some icecream to your strawberries!