Star Wars Jedi Training Camp Birthday Party Ideas!!!

My son and my husband are big Star Wars fans. For my son's 6th birthday party we decided to throw him a party Star Wars style. Here are a few of our ideas.
We hope they will be helpful to other parents out there who are planning a Star Wars party for their favorite youngling! May the Force be with you!

September/October 08


The Invitation:


Done on cardstock brochure template on publisher. Printed front to back.
It prints 3 cards per page.


The Decorations:

Ebay had some great things. I got very lucky and won an auction for 22 large
Star Wars balloons for $17.00. These were so cool. They took a ton of helium and I only ended
up using about 7 of them and selling the rest online. I also made my own banners with Publisher.

Many a times when cleaning I have been tempted to throw away my husbands old posters. When cleaning
out the garage I decided to open the posters and was excited to find a bunch of Star Wars Posters. We used
those for decoration.

I love using party themed table cloths as decor. This year we used them in our garage to brighten the place
up and to hide some of our garage junk.

Luckily Clone Wars came out in August and McDonalds had Star Wars Toys in their Happy Meals. Many of my friends
kindly turned their toys over to me and I used them at the party for decorations and favors.

Above are some outside decor. These were also self made.

Above is the Pinata I used. I gave each chiild a Star Wars treat bag to fill from the treats in the Pinata. I wrote their name on the back of the baggie. This way they could easily claim their
treats at the end of the party!

More Star Wars Decor


The Food & Cake

There are tons of cool cake pictures online. I did not want to put that much energy into the cake, so I printed out a graphic and gave it to my
Grocery Store Bakery and they added it to a cake for me. It turned out nicely.

My mom makes cookies every year and below are the Star cookies she made for the party.

I ran out of time, but I wanted to make lightsaber pretzel sticks with colored chocolate. Dip one end in the melted colored chocolate and let cool.
Kinda like the ones seen

Some Star Wars Food Ideas I saw online:

Yoda Pizza

A Yoda Cookie

Vader Cookie Made with a Bell Cutter

Little Foodies has many ideas for Star Wars food


Set the scene: When the kids walked in the door they were greeted by my son who helped them put on their Jedi Robe and Jedi nametag.
The name tag was also their trial card. They had to complete the trials in order to become a Jedi at the end of the party.

My mom was kind enough to make the robes seen below... but here is a tutorial from another site.

(Since we had 20 kids at the party and it rained... I put dots on the cards so we could easily split the kids into two groups for games.)

My husband loves Star Wars, so he was very much into the planning of this party. He created a Jedi Training Video complete with non-violent
scenes from various Star Wars movies that matched the games I had planned. He also had my son speaking on the video and photoshopped his head
over various scenes in some of the clips. The Jedi video was about 15 min. long and a huge hit with the kids. It was also somewhat of a surprise for
my son. The first time he viewed it was at the party.

The Craft & Coloring:

(Three tables with 7 seats each. Eaach table had a snack, craft, coloring pages, crayons, and wipes)

When the kids first got to the party, they were directed to go to the garage and complete a craft. I had purchased stars at Oriental Trading that were covered
in a black film. The kids could scratch the film to make a design on their star. If you google Star Wars coloring pages you can find a few to print. This keeps the
kiddos busy while you wait for all the guests to arrive.

The Favors:

Like I said above, McDonalds Happy Meals were based on the Clone Wars Movie at the time of the party. I asked
a few of my friends to save the McDonalds Happy Meal container, milk bottle, and toy. All of which I used in the scavenger
hunt which became the favor box.

Scavenger Hunt Card - above is the picture card each child was given. They had to find one of each item on the card and put it in their box.
Milk Jug with Star Wars Magnets Inside - I used magnetic printer paper to make the magnets.
Asteroid - balled up alluminum foil with a cow tail candy inside
Darth Vader Head
Darth Vader Mask
Pop Rocks
Star Wars Wrapped gift - Happened to be a McDonalds Star Wars Toy!

I collected the boxes after the hunt and put two more surprises inside (a cd and coloring book) The kids also got to take home their robes and pool noodle lifesabers.

I do a CD every year as a favor at the party. Luckily I have a CD burner that burNs four CD's at once... so time wise, it is pretty quick. Plus it is a nice keepsake for us. I think the guests enjoy
this rather than the junk they probably throw away when they get home.

I had planned on doing a pinata, but due to time and rain we did not do a pinata. The plan was to give each guest a baggie with their name on it to collect the pinata candy in. the bad would have then been placed in their favor box to go home with them.



The Games/Trials:

As stated above, each Jedi was given a card.
everytime we played a game they were given a star to
go on their training card, putting them closer to becoming
a Star Wars Jedi.

I had written out two plans. One plan was if it did not rain and we could use the yard for the party
and the other plan was if it did rain and we were stuck inside. It did rain and we were stuck inside. I was bummed
because we had to split the kids up for the games and because space for the games was much smaller. Looking
back, it worked in the end and luckily the garage was cleaned out.


Trial 1: Learn the names of the characters.
We played Jedi Bingo
I had glow bracelets on my arm. When someone got a Bingo, I gave them a bracelet. Of course, we played till everyone was a winner.

We did a cake walk on star wars masks. They would walk around on the masks till the music stopped. When the music stopped the children would
stop on a mask. I would draw a mask and anyone on the mask would sit on the given maks. Play until only one is left standing.



Trial 2: Jedi Training Course
This would have been much more exciting outside, but the kids still loved it. We ended up setting up in our basement.

The kids wore Yoda on their back (like Luke did while training). I found the greatest backpack on It is below.

1.) First they put yoda on their back.

2.) The kids had to go through cones with storm troopers on them.

3.) They had to fly a star fighter into a black hole. This was a frisbee with a picture of a Starfighter on it and a black bucket.

4.)They had to go through Dagobah Tunnle. Basically a play tunnle with green string hanging from it.

5.) They had to make their way over hot lava. A red table cloth with black stones on top.

6.) The plan for if it was nice out was to have a kiddie swimming pool filled with green water. The kids would take off their shoes and walk through the swamp.

They each took turns going through this. My husband hyped it up by telling the kids how important the Jedi Training course was and how each activity related to the movies.


Trial 3: Save the Princess
Blow up balloons and put a princess paper inside each balloon. Children sit on the balloon and pull out the princess to save her. I suggest the smaller balloons - they pop much easier.

Trial 4: Jedi Scavenger Hunt

Each player was given the card above and to find each of the items. Once again, it rained over the party and we had to do this inside and it would have been easier to do this activity outside.
They had to find a mini darth head, a milk bottle (it had magnets of various characters in it), a wrapped Star Wars gift (this was a McDees Star Wars Toy), and asteroid (foil wrapped with candy in it), and pop rocks.

Trial 5: Pin the X-wing on the Death Star

We ordered a Death Star Poster from Zazzle. Each child was given an x-wing cut-out. They put on sunglasses with tape over the lense so they
could not see and had to try and get their x-wing in the middle of the Death Star.

Trial 6: Light Saber Practice
We gave each child a lightsaber made out of a pool Noodle.
We were at Disney in May and they had Jedi Training camp at Hollywood Studios. My husband basically stole the moves from the act
at Hollywood Studios and taught the kids a few moves with their sabers. If the weather was good we had planned to let them pop bubbles with the sabers.
Since we were inside we packed up the sabers for use later.

Ideas for Jedi Training on You Tube!

Trial 7: Faceoff with Darth Vader
The kiddos gathered around the garage doors and concentrated on using their new Jedi powers to life the gargage doors open. When they opened the garage doors,
Darth Vader appeared. Each child in groups of two got to lightsaber with Vader.

Other Filler Games:

Pass C-3PO
I got a C-3PO from Amazon and played Star Wars Music while the kids played passed C3PO. My daughter claimed this little doll as one of her favorites after the party!