Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

I had such a great time planning my sons 5th birthday party. A Spiderman Theme!!! Since I am out of the classroom for a few years, this is my way to throw around some of my teacher creativity & energy! Thank goodness the weather was great for the party and we could be inside and outside for the fun and games.

The Thomas page I created for his third party has been such a hit and helped many party crazy moms and dads, that I decided to do a Spiderman page too. I wanted to share my sons party with you. I hope you find an idea or two you can use to make that special child in your life smile a big Spidey Smile!!! My Spidey Boy was smiling all day long!!!

September 2007



Above is the postcard invite I created for my sons party!

Craft Ideas

Having a craft table set-up for when the kids arrive is a great way
to get the party going while you wait for all the guests to arrive

-Purchase shower curtains from the dollar store to have children decorate as capes.

-Have children decorate a mask to make their own superhero mask. Use stickers, stamps, crayons, and markers.

-Have a Spiderman coloring page ready. I printed a Spiderman picture on one side of the page and a Spiderman maze on the other side of the page.

We used two pop-up tents with a round table and nine chairs under each. This is where the kiddos did the craft and ate. On my porch, I set-up a tatoo table. There was a bowl of water, many sponges, and Spiderman Tatoos. The kids could give themselves a tatoo during transition times. I had a few Spiderman beach balls floating around the yard for the kids to play with.

Party Game Ideas

Printable Spiderman Birthday Banner in Publisher

Gather all the children to start the Spidey Fun!

Script: "While the birthday boy was sleeping last night Spiderman came by and left me this video. Spiderman also said that he wants to visit the party, but first he needs you to complete a few Spidey Missions for him! If you complete all the missions, Spiderman should stop by to say hello."

Watch the video. I ordered a personalized video with my sons as Spiderman and played that after I stated the script above. This was a huge hit with my son and the rest of the party goers. They were all in shock when they realized Spiderman was my son! I highly suggest this video!!! This would make a great gift too!

Spiderman Web Walk
To Make: On black construction paper draw webs with Elmers Glue. Then sprinkle glitter on the webs. Let the webs dry. Once they have dried, cut off the excess black area. Laminate the webs. Tape bad characters on all the webs, except one. Place spiderman on one of the webs.

How to play:
Each player stands on web. Music begins and all players walk on the web. When the music stops, draw a character. Person standing on that character must sit down. Keep playing till all characters have been drawn. The last person standing will be standing on Spiderman and is the winner. Play again!

Web Bad Guy Printable

Spiderman Catch a Bad Guy Relay
Split players into two teams. Each player must put on the cape, go through the spider cave (tunnel), shoot a bad guy with silly string, and into the Spiderhut (a pop-up Spiderman tent). Each tent has pictures of bad guys in it. Each player must grab a bad guy, go back through the spidercave, and then take off the cape and give it to the next person. Repeat till each team member has had a turn.
NOTE: I purchased the capes on Ebay. But you could use a costume mask.

Printable Spiderman Point Signs in Publisher

Spiderman 5
Spiderman 10

Spiderman Balloon Toss:
Fill up red and black water balloons. Players line up. Each player gets 1 turn to throw a balloon in the red basket (5 points) or the black basket (10 points). Record scores. Play three rounds. Person with the highest score wins.

Note: If you wish not to use water balloons, you may use small balls or wet sponges. I got a poster at Walmart. I cut out the black and red spiderman. I glued each to posterboard and had them laminated. I used the red spiderman to decprate the red basket and the black to decorate the black basket. I created a 5 point and 10 point sign.

-Eat and Have Cake! We just kept it simple and served pizza, pasta salad, fruit salad, and a veggie tray for the kids and their parents. We had a cooler of beer and a cooler of water and juice boxes.

-For my sons family party, I made a Wilton Spiderman Cake.

-Spiderman Scavenger Hunt - While the kids ate I hid the scavenger hunt goodies around the yard. I hid a bunch of spider rings in the grass. I purchased paper Spiderman masks at a party store and hid those on the bushes. I hid cake Spiderman rings in the sandbox. At Easter time they sell Spiderman Easter eggs. I got a bunch on sale. I also hid those around the yard. So each child had four things to find.

Gather children and explain they must find one of each item. I gave them a card with a picture of each item on it and they can use that to remember what to find. I also give each child a party bag to collect the items in. They return to the start when they are done. They keep their bags handy for the up and coming Pinata!

-Meet Spiderman in Person - Once all the kids are back from the hunt, line them up to go inside. I also have the kids make a train and follow me into the house. I quickly sit them all down in the house. Then discuss the missions and if they were all completed for Spiderman. Remind the kids that Spiderman said he would stop by if we completed all the missions. Ask the kids if they want to see Spiderman and then tell them, "Maybe if we play the Spiderman Theme Song, Spiderman will come." Play the song and have Spiderman come into the room and shoot a bag guy poster with his web slinger.

My husband played the part of Spiderman. At first he was a little nervous about dressing in a tight outfit in front of the adults... but he ended up doing it and was a hit with both the kids and adults. The adults enjoyed laughing at him and the kids were thrilled to see Spiderman. My son was thrilled.

Spiderman came into the room and thanked the kids for completing all the missions. He asked the birthday boy to come up for a Spidey hug. My son came up and gave him a hug and then Spiderman allowed my son to shoot his web slinger. After that Spiderman told the kids he had brought them a treat to eat while they watched the birthday boy open gifts. The kids all lined up and met Spiderman. Spiderman left the room by saying... remember kids, with great power comes great responsibility.

Open Presents - Have the kids eat their lollipops while they watch the birthday boy open presents. The birthday boy sits on a special chair and each child gets a turn sitting next to him when their present is being opened.

Pinata Time - Get the kids back outside after present opening for the pinata. I got a great Pinata on Ebay from a crafter who makes them at home! It was sturdy and a big hit!!!


Here is the favor table. Basically over the summer my Dollar stores had tons of Spiderman goodies to choose from. As the big treat, guest either got a Spiderman book or a Spiderman tooth brush. Each bag had Spiderman fruit snacks, Spiderman Cheese Snacks, Spiderman stickers, Spiderman fruit roll-ups, and a Spiderman CD filled with Spidey songs as well as some of my sons favorite songs.

The bags can be purchased in lots at a local craft store. The front of the bags have a picture of Spiderman on them with the child's name.

Click here to print my name tags in publisher

Here is the yummy cookie that my mom made for each of the guests.

For every birthday party I make a CD of my sons favorite songs. Most of the songs on this CD can be downloaded off of ITunes. I use the program Click and Design to create the labels.

A few of the songs are Spiderman songs, but the rest are just some of my sons favorite songs.

Please do not email me and ask me to make labels for you. I do not offer that service due to the copyright of the graphics. Sorry, but I get 100's of emails a week for www.teachingheart.net and I do not have time to reply to all emails.

I suggest you purchase your own CD label creator and make your own.

I make these scratch tickets to put in the treat bags. You can buy scratch off stickers on Ebay and make your own. It asks the kids if they can find the Spidey Birthday Boy. Three of the spaces are Spiderman Bad Guys and one space is a picture of my son in a Spidey mask. The kids enjoy these little lottery games.


-This is a large spider web with pictures of various bad guys from the movie pined on to it. You can reuse this at halloween.

-Here's a neat idea that I picked up at one of my son's friends birthdays. Use the table clothes you buy as decoration. I thumbed tacked one to the wall.

-Here is what I hung on our mailbox so everyone knew where the party was. I purchased a spiderman poster at Walmart. I cut-out spiderman and glued him to cardstock and laminated.

-I purchased this lamp and put it on my entrance table as a decoration. The birthday boy was excited when he saw this.

-I used the wall stickers to decorate too. Luckily they came off my wall very easily. We used the train table to put out all the Spiderman toys. We had no other toys in sight. The night before I turned over the bookcases and toy boxes in the playroom, so the kiddos could not make a mess. They were too busy to play! I think that is the key to a great party. Keep the kids busy all the time and there will be no problems... That has always been my behavior trick in the classroom and it has worked in this situation too!!!


-TIP: One thing I like to do is not let my birthday boy see the set-up until about 30 min. before the party begins. Luckily my husband is willing to take him out of the house all day while I set-up. The look on his face was priceless when he saw that our house had been turned into Spidey Heaven!!! That made all the stress worth it! Hopefully it is a party he will remember forever!

-Create Spidey Shirts for the Family using the AVERY computer iron on paper. My husband and I both wore shirts that had Spiderman on them and read, "Happy 5th Birthday to our Son!"

Click here to print my shirt graphics.

-It may be the teacher in me... but I ALWAYS write out a plan for the party. It is like a script I can refer to when needed. It also keeps me organized!

-Over plan activities... When the kids are busy all will go smoothly... if there is too much down time, problems happen. I had three activities planned that I never used and they were:

1.) Play Sandman, Sandman - He or she sits in a chair with their back to the group. A Spiderman doll or picture is placed under the chosen person’s chair.  Then everyone would sing: Sandman, Sandman where has Spiderman gone? Somebody's saved him and he has swung home. Then Sandman has three chances to guess who took Spiderman. If Sandman guesses right then he gets to do it again. If Sandman guesses wrong than the person who had Spiderman gets a turn as the sandman.

2.) Bingo - Placed my sons favorite items on a bingo card. Made one card for each player (switching the graphics around before printing each card). Play bingo with hershey kisses.

3.) Like Duck, Duck, Goose - Play Spiderman, Spiderman, Sandman.

-For the thank you notes use pictures from the party.