Here are some places to explore if you are doing a unit or looking for ideas about space...  These are my favorites...   (Gr. 2+) Amazing Space is a set of
web-based activities primarily designed for classroom use, but made
available for all to enjoy.

LEGO Town Space Simulation Station (6455) Lesson Plans & Activities.

Read The Animals' Journey to the Moon

Matchbox Mega-Rig Powered Space Base team of master teachers, university faculty, and NASA researchers have created a series of web-based astronomy lessons for the CERES Project. These classroom-ready activities for K-12 students represent a robust combination of contemporary teaching/learning strategies from the National Science Education Standards

Astronomy Smart Junior : The Science of the Solar System and
                     Beyond (Princeton Review Series)
Get ready to take the field trip of the century-the twenty-first century, that is! Bridget, Babette, Barnaby, and Beauregard take you on a tour of the solar system, including stops at colonies on the Moon and Mars. Along the way you'll learn about:        our galaxy and its stars and planets
                     twentieth-century space exploration
                     matter and its evolution
                     constellations and how to find them

History of Space Exploration Coloring Book Centers involving role play, design, cooking, problem solving, and
measurement allow students to test ideas.
Our Planet . . . Our Solar System k-2

7 Space Fun Books

The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids Super Special #4: Mrs.
Jeepers in Outer Space

Amazing Pop-Up, Pull-Out Space Shuttle puzzle word search (National Geographic) Online game. your weight on other planets.

Astronomy Smart Junior  This book teaches the concepts of astronomy (including helpful diagrams and charts) while sending the reader on a exciting tale of mystery and knowledge.

READ  Bugs in Space : A Pop-Journey Headbone. Includes teacher's guide for using this in the classroom (Shockwave required). (Gr. 2+) Concentration game. & Sky) Somewhere in the outer bands of a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way, is an average-sized middle-aged yellow star known as the Sun... of the planets is described and illustrated with hundreds of pictures. on the planet that interests you for information from the Space Encyclopedia. is the solar system? It is our Sun and everything that travels around
it. Our solar system is elliptical in shape. That means it is shaped like an
egg. The Sun is in the center of the solar system. Collaborative Thematic Unit Theme: The Solar System and Astronomy by Catherine Quattlebaum and Evelyn Pickens Focus: Students will explore the influences and characteristics of the sun, Earth and moon examining the relationship between these three
bodies and the larger solar system.
The Space coloring Book that includes activity sheet.

Read Commander Toad in Space

  All of the site below have some great ideas to add to lessons and units on space!!     These links are brought to you by Teaching is a Work of Heart: ME