Software You Will Find in My Classroom

Match Word Software for Teachers - This is a pretty cool program. I am not sure how I managed without it. It is a great resource and makes my life easier. For instance, say your class is learning a new sound, blend, or phonics pattern. You can type in the blend, sound, or phonics pattern and be given a list of words, activities to use to teach the words, and so much more. The program will make you flash cards, picture cards, bingo cards, spinners, and much more. The best part about it is you only have to click! Check it out!

Brain Bytes Galactic Multiplication/Division Ages 8-12
I love all the Brain Bytes Products. In this particular game the skills for multiplication are nicely broken down and the student must master one objective to move to the next. Most of the Brain Bytes (including this one) products allow the child to type in their name when the first begin the game. When they return to play again, they return to the same place they left off. If you feel the child needs to go back and review a particular objective, all you have to do is click on the skill box and place the child back on the objective. My students love this game too. The space theme really catches their attention and they enjoy all the positive reinforcement they receive from the astronaut who guides them through multiplication and division. has the best price for all Brain Bytes products at only 7.99. I have seen them in stores for 19.99.

Brain Bytes Bubble Band Math Ages 5-8

Brain Bytes Fraction Fireworks Ages 8-12

Brain Bytes I Can Tell Time Ages 4-7 This game is a great review of time. It is unlike other Brain Bytes products in that the game does not keep track of the child's level and systematically take them through the program. Instead, it has three parts; telling time to the hour, telling time to the half hour, and telling time in increments of fives. You can click on the skill you would like the child to work on. I think overall the game is great and cute. The two clock characters keep my students attention. What I like most is that it focuses in on only one skill - Telling Time of course!. This allows needed drill and practice of the skill.

Brain Bytes Money Math Ages 5-8 Product Description
Master money concepts by playing cashier. Under the guidance of Allison Elephant, you can learn to recognize coins and make change--down to the penny. Come laugh and learn. Money Math was originally published as part of Mighty Math Zoo Zillions, winner of multiple awards for quality in educational software.

Brain Bytes Reading Roller Coaster Ages 4-7
Product Description
Learn to read, spell, and sound out words. Jump into reading play land, where early spelling is F-U-N, and phonics makes the S - UN shine brightly all day. Come inside--Millie and her friends are ready to play. Build vocabulary skills, associate letter names with letter sounds, match pictures with printed words, spell and sound out words, and discover rhyming patterns. Reading Roller Coaster was originally published as part of Bailey's Book House, winner of multiple awards for quality in education.

Word Munchers Deluxe (Jewel Case) Word-munching froggies hop across a psychedelic game board eating up adjectives, triangles, and silly synonyms in this basic, but beneficial title. Kids get an early grasp on grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills as they gobble up the appropriate words in each game and out-maneuver creepy Troggles. Quick learners can adjust the level of difficulty for each game by grade levels ranging from first through fifth.

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade All the first grade's a stage and all the players learners in this grade-based, multi-subject program starring the marquee back-to-basics bunny himself. About to premier a variety show, Reader Rabbit discovers that the stage props and supplies mysteriously have disappeared. Heading off on any of the four paths from Town Square (each lead to a different subject area), kids help to collect items so the show can go on. Fun-filled activities include money-counting, character-identifying,...

JumpStart 1st Grade Since I teach in a Resource Room I usually will stick one of the Jump Start CD ROMS in a computer when we have center time. I can pick the grade level I feel the child is on and let them work independently on reviewing the skills. What I really like about this program is that you can print out a report of the child's progress. The kids seem to like it too. They really enjoy the idea of collecting stamps. They get so excited when they get stamps. It seems to be very motivating to them. I have to admit when I choose software for my classroom, I prefer products that focus on one skill. The Jump Start Programs focus on a variety of skills and allows the child to pick the skill they would like to work on. Still, the kids love it and It is great for an educational reward or free computer time. Also, I would recommend the Jump Start programs to parents.

JumpStart 2nd Grade

JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

Dr. Seuss ABC Click here to see Aunt Annie riding on an alligator. Click there to meet a Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz. Only Dr. Seuss and Living Books could make the alphabet so unpredictably entertaining. More than 400 alphabetically inspired surprises hidden within 26 pages show children that learning words and letters can be fun and even silly! Izzy and Ichabod guide young readers through this action-packed title, which features Seuss's distinctive brand of humor, rhyme, and illustration. (Ages 3-7)