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Rainbow Fish Literature Extensions for Math and Reading

These files are suggested to be used with a Rainbow Fish or Rainbow Themed Unit.  You will find games, centers, a craft, and activity sheets for math and reading.  I suggest you use these with a preschool or kindergarten classroom.  The skills covered are on a Preschool and Kindergarten level.

1.Rainbow Fish CD Craft Template—print out template to easily make this fun craft.

2.Rainbow Fish Math Board Game—Practice adding 1 to 3 .  Practice subtracting 1  and 2.  Be the first to fill your fish with 10 scales and win!

3.Rainbow Fish Emotions Pocket Chart Pieces and Independent Activity Sheet to match!

4.Roll Scales Dice Game—Decorate a fish with shapes (scales).  Great game for review of dice, shapes, and colors.

5.Counting Puzzles—One in color so you can print on cardstock laminate and reuse as a center.  One is black and white.  Students can glue this to the given sheet and then color.

6.Fish Color Match Pocket Chart Printables—Use during whole class instruction/ circle time.

7.Mini Book—students color the book and take home to use as a retelling of the Rainbow Fish story.

8.Counting Fish Activity Sheet—cut and paste activity

9.Beginning Sound Cover-Up—Page 1 contains the game board for this activity.  Page 2 is the letters to cover up the pictures that start with the given sound.  Can be used as a center activity.


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Clipart for these files are purchased from:  Johnston Kindergarten, Graphics From the Pond, and Krista Walden—Individual sheets state where graphics are from.  Microsoft Office was also used.
Individual Sheets will state where graphics were used from.

All Activities Copyrighted 2013—By Colleen Gallagher Check the blog for updates;