Ocean Science and Social Studies Ideas

Science Ideas

1) Discuss and compare the individual respiratory of the marine
Description: The way they breathe, differences and

2) Discuss the food chain of the marine
Description: What marine mammals eat and who eat them.

3) Discuss and compare salt water environment to the fresh water
Description: Weight of salt water compared to fresh water.

4) Discuss the difference in water temperatures for each marine
mammal and why.
Description: Differences in temperatures according
to geographic location.

5) Discuss bottle nose dolphin and orca
killer whale communication by echolocation.
Description: Sound communication.

6) Discuss the human impact issues that have affected each
marine mammal.
Description: Boating with manatees,
furring of seals, tuna netting of dolphins.

7) Discuss the differences in marine mammal
blubber to human skin.
Description: Differences between fur blubber, leather
and flesh.

8) Compare the characteristics of seals,
sea lions, walrus, manatees.
Description: Comparing their physical characteristics:
ears, whiskers,flippers, tails, nails, skin.

9) Compare the characteristics of bottle-
nose dolphins and orca killer whales.
Description: Comparing their physical characteristics:
skin, proportion of blow-hole, dorsal fins.



Social Studies

1) Create and mail a postcard of your
favorite marine experience.
Description: Draw and post a self-made

2) Get to know the natural habitat of the
marine mammals.
Description: The ocean.

3) Map the geographic location where these
marine mammals live for an art bulletin board.
Description: Create a map of the world
and use marine mammal stickers to mark.

4) Compare the geographic environment to where we live.
Description: Compare Arizona to Florida-Manatee¼etc.

5) Create a family order tree for each
marine mammal.
Description: Class, order, family, genus species.

6) Discuss family names for marine mammals.
Description: Sea cow, calf...etc.

7) Observe jobs related to marine life.
Description: Marine Biologist.

8) Discuss what makes an animal endangered.
Description: Manatee boating, seal and sea lion fur trade.

9) Compare the ocean to a tank.
Description: Natural habitat to
Sea World's habitat.