Ocean Math Ideas

Triangle Fish:
Cut a 9 x 12 piece of construction paper from corner
to corner, you now have two triangles to make 2 fish. Cut a
muffin liner into quarters. Glue one quarter to the tail,
one to the top near the right angle and one to the middle of
the bottom for fins. Add eyes and decorate anyway you wish. 

Go Fish:
Cut out fish shapes and number or whatever. Attach a
paper clip or twist tie to the mouth. Tie a magnet onto a
piece of string to use as a fishing pole. Extension: Make
red, black, white, blue and newspaper fish. Put them on some
newspaper spread on the floor; give them 10 seconds to catch
as many fish as they can with their hands. Which ones are
caught most often? Least often? Why do you think that is? 

Sink the Boat:
Students can practice estimation by constructing foil
boats and using pennies to see how many the boat will hold.
Salt of the Sea:
Using 2 clear cups, fill each with water. In one
cup, stir in 3 T. of salt. Label the cups A and B. Ask
students to predict what will happen when you place an egg in
cup A. Place the egg in carefully. Next ask the students
what will happen when you put it in cup B. Ask why? Salt
adds density to the water so objects float. 

Create and measure the length of an actual marine mammal.
Description: Draw and measure from head to fin, then to tail.

Create a life size marine mammal with
the children's bodies.
Description: Measure in the hall head to
toe length of an actual mammal and graph.

Estimate seal and sea lion beans.
Description: Use beans to create seals
and sea lions. Graph them in groups of similarities and

Play go fish with dolphin and whale cards.
Description: Matching and pairing.

Create a venn diagram of a family tree.
Description: Group the alike mammals.

Use tangrams to create marine mammals.
Description: Using colors and shapes to
create the figure of a marine mammal.

Use marine mammal variety manipulatives.
Description: Build patterns and groups
amongst size and shape.

Pattern matching of marine families.
Description: Math parents to their young by both
names and pictures.

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