Ocean Bulletin Boards


Bulletin Board Ideas

A School of Smart Fish
We're Sharp Little Sword Fish
See our Sea Work
We're "hooked" on the Ocean! (with fishing rod)
(With a picture of an Octopus) We're Armed for a Great Year!
Ship out with us for a great year!

On Good Notes:

"Sea" what a great job I did!
I'm a Sea Star!
You've been an "angelfish" today!
Fishing for a compliment? Here ya go!
You're "hooked" on good behavior!
Seal of Approval!

Susan Nixon
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Use a classroom wall or bulletin board to bring the ocean into your classroom.  Here are some suggestions to get you started!

  • Use fish net as a back drop

  • Attach clear or blue plastic wrap over the scene for water

  • Use plastic plants to add greenery

  • Add blue tissue paper and shiny bubbles

  • Use painted pasta in different shapes for coral and shells

  • Use painted packing peanuts as coral, shells, or sea life

  • Display drawings of scuba divers

  • Suspend twisted blue crepe paper streamers from the ceiling

  • Cut brown butcher paper in the shape of an ocean floor and glue sand, small shells, tissue paper plants, and paper creatures to it

When displaying student work on your ocean bulletin board, try using one of these creative captions:

  • Catching Great Work

  • "Sea" Our Great Work

  • What a Catch!

  • Swimming into Great Skills

  • Hooked on Math

  • Fishy Facts

  • Sea Star of the Week

  • Glad to "Sea" You

  • Swimming in a School

  • School's Out for Summer