Motivating Students
We all need a little motivation!  Thus, I have created this page where I will frequently add ideas on how to motivate your students.  If you have an idea, please send it to me and I will add it and give you credit for it.  Thanks!
First Aid
(motivation to read)
I think this is the cutest idea.  My cooperating teacher (when I student taught) gave me the idea.  I have expanded on it a little.  What you need to do is retype and print the below on colorful paper and then place the note and the needed materials into some kind of case (zip lock bag or yogurt container will do.)  Get some video labels and print a first aid symbol on it and the title READING SURVIVAL KIT.  Place all of the below in the labeled container!
*Your kit includes:
1.)  RUBBER BAND - Reading stretches your imagination.
2.)  MINTS - Reading can open a "mint" of information.
3.)  BAND AID - Reading can mend the soul.
4.)  SWEET TARTS - Reading gives the sweet satisfaction of learning something new.
5.)  CERTS - Reading a good book is like a breath of fresh air.
6.)  EMERY BOARD - Reading can take the rough edges off your day.
7.)  Q-TIP - Reading helps open your ears to the meaning of words.
8.)  GUM - Reading is something you should stick with.
~~Remember to spend time reading with your child -- it's a gift that will last a lifetime
Beat the Ice
If you often find that you students do not stay on task you may want to try Beat the Ice.  This works great for timed multiplication and I am sure it would work for other subjects too.
Challenge each student to complete a predetermined amount of his assignments before the ice melts.  As the students work, hold the ice in your hand (over a towel or bowl), and toss it back and forth from one hand to another.  Congratulate all who finish with a cold handshake.
Classroom Wall of Fame
Positive reinforcement goes a long way!  Show students that you appreciate their best effort with the Classroom Wall of Fame.  When a student makes significant progress in a certain subject, photograph him or her holding their great work.  Mount the photo along with a caption describing the achievement on the board entitled "Our Wall of Fame."  At the end of every nine weeks take down the photos and read the captions to the class, as you hand out the photos to the students to take home to share with mom and dad.

1 pack of Smarties Candies - to boost your test taking brain power
1 pencil -- to help you record the knowledge you have learned
1 sticker -- to help you stick with the task at hand
1 eraser -- to use when you check over your work
1 Hershey's Hug -- for all the hard work you put into the test
1 highlighter -- to highlight all your success
1 pencil grip -- to get a grip on the task at hand


1    night of restful sleep
1 nutritious breakfast
1 positive attitude


Improved Test-taking Skills
Good Grades

Last updated April 18,1999