Money and Time Lesson Ideas - The students will be able to describe and analyze what time is to them. They students will also be able to tell time and make their own clocks by the hour. They will become familiar with time and have an meaningful experience to relate to. The students will be able to correlate time from an interesting and age­appropriate book as well as through classtime (timer). - Telling time lesson

Pizza Server Lesson - your students can order a virtual pizza with all the fixin's — and solve math problems based on their order. Kids can choose toppings like green M&Ms, nuts and bolts, and firecrackers to adorn their pizzas. You can have your pizza delivered over the Web or to your e-mail address — and it'll arrive complete with a bill. But before you let your class order, make sure to give them a budget and have them read the menu so they don't overspend!

Lemonade Stand - Here kids can pay rent and advertising fees, and calculate the number of cups of lemonade they'll try to sell based on a daily weather report. The game is set up to show kids the realities of dealing with expenses and profits in a real-world situation.

Coins Primary grade students can use this web based learning site to learn all about the basics of money.

Counting on Coins Lesson - Students utilize a variety of activities to learn about money. - C'mon in and learn all about banking at KidsBank.Com™! Have some fun in this learning website. We hope to help you and your children explore some of the fundamentals of banking. We explain some of the basics of banking services and hope that your children can use KidsBank.Com™ to learn a little more about how savings, interest, checking and other banking things work. - Poems, Activities, and Literature for your unit!

SHOPPING Lesson -Grades K-2 -- Students are often taught money skills through the use of worksheets. They're seldom given a chance to apply the skill in a realistic manner and often become bored with the drill of worksheets. This lesson provides them with practice opportunities prior to going into the community to shop.


Grade Level: 2-4 Lesson You have just won a $100 gift certificate to buy some toys! You must try to spend as much of it as you can without going over. Let's go shopping and have some fun!

Money : A Thematic Unit (Thamatic Units Series)

Bank at School Lesson Plans - This is a fun (if somewhat time consuming) exercise for counting money. Have your students try to list all 293 coin combinations. - The learner will identify the value of a penny and nickel; count groups of pennies and nickels. - Grade 2 Money lesson

Money Unit (Mini-Society)

Let's Go to the Grocery Store