Great Graphics For Teachers!!!!

Often, teachers wonder where to get great graphics for their Web Pages, Activity Sheets, Newsletters, Power Point, and Emails. I have been pretty lucky with finding graphics for these types of things. So, I thought I would take a moment to share some tips and great places to get graphics...

Let's start with some graphic tips for teachers!

Pasting graphics into Word Documents, Emails, Paint, and other Windows Documents.

1.) Find the graphic you want

2.) Right click on the graphic. A box will appear.

3.) Drag to the word copy in the box.

4.) Click on copy

5.) Go into the document where you would like the picture to appear.

6.) Right click where you would like the graphic to appear and drag to paste. Click on Paste. -- OR -- Go to file and drag to paste.

Putting Graphics in Emails

Before you can place graphics into you emails you have to make sure that you email account is setup to except the HTML code. This is easy to do and you only need to do it once.

1.) Make sure you are logged into your mail program.

2.) On the tool bar click on tools and a box will appear.

3.) In the tools box drag down to options.

4.) A new window should now be open. The folder will probably have tabs at the top of the folder.

5.) Click on the tab that says send.

6.) Now you should be on a page that has a few options. One of those options should give you the choice to choose HTM over plain text.

7.) Make sure HTML is checked rather than plain test.

8.) Now just hit the button that says ok and you are ready to insert graphics.

9.) Find a graphic you would like and right click on the graphic. A little box will appear.

10.) In the box - Drag to the word copy and right click.

11.) Go to the mail message you wish to paste the graphic in and right click in the message and drag to paste.

12.) Magic your picture will appear...

To download an image to your computer ... click your right mouse button on the graphic ... and then select the "SAVE IMAGE AS" menu option.

Paint programs allow you to resize images ...
and to flip or mirror images ...

Still Confused or want some more ideas??? Try these sites!

Great Email Tips

Adding Graphics to Word Documents

Creating Teacher Webpages


Sets For Online Pages or Newsletters

School House Graphics - A Set for a Web Page A Cute School Set for your page.
School Related backgrounds Many Free Sets - I use some of these
sets on my pages!
School Sets for Web Pages Cute Mice at School Set
The Graphic Cupboard - I use her sets on my pages
often. (seasonal, holidays, kitchen, baby, and birthdays)
Cute Colors - Click on free sets. I also
use these sets on my pages!
Graphic Garden - Here is another one of my favorite
places to get sets! Click on English, graphics, theme/sets.

Various School Related Graphics

Microsoft Search - I use this all the time for worksheets,
newsletters, powerpoints, and more! All you do is type in
a keyword and the site brings up many graphics that match!
Great selection of education and school related clip art for all of your needs.

Animated Graphics - These are great for emails and powerpoints!

The Animation Factory - This is always my first stop when
looking for animated graphics!
Animation Station - When I am looking for animated holiday graphics I stop here!

Math Related Graphics - Geometric Shapes. - Math Graphics.
Moving numbers, moving signs, and calculators that work!


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