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With Super Bowl 2011 around the corner I have had many requests for ideas to use with a Super Bowl or Football Theme. As a result, I started searching back in 2009 online for educational activities that were realted to football or to the Super Bowl. The pickings are very slim out there. I did list the links I found and some may be helpful to you as you plan your Super Bowl or Football Theme/Unit in your classroom. I also included a few ideas and pictures that were sent to me. Also I created a few printables you could use with the unit. Hopefully this will help you plan a football or Super Bowl Theme Unit in your classroom. Lastly, you will find party ideas for those having a Super Bowl Party.

Teaching Heart Teachers Share Some Football Ideas!

When I worked with pre-kindergarten students, the teacher had Super Bowl Friday. The students had a choice of dressing up in the colors of the team they wanted to win or dress up like cheerleaders. We had a mock football game in the classroom on the carpet (where we have circle time) or we had it in the hallway. The teacher would bake two cakes in the shape of the football. She would have the students take turns decorating the cakes with frosting.   Stephanie

We do a Souper Bowl and collect cans of vegetables and boxes of rice and pasta to donaate to a soup kitchen.  You can do a pictograph with the cans and boxes which involves patterns and sorting for the younger groups.  You can talk about volunteerism with older students.  You can talk about homeless people.  You could do a drive between classrooms.  It takes a team to win a Super Bowl game.  It takes a Team to collect the vegetables and help less fortunate people.  My classes donate to my church's soup kitchen and volunteer at the Soup Kitchen in February.  I've done this with my 3rd grade for the last 3 years and they really enjoy it.  This year my BETA club is doing it and the 4th and 5th grade students are colelcting the canned goods. Lynn in Valdosta

Divide the class into 2 teams.  Designating a color of tile for each team (red vs blue tiles).  Each team gets a colored nerf football that corresponds to the color tile team they are.  When the whistle is blown and the timer begins for 2 minutes, each team passes footballs to their teammates only and count successful passes.  Jumping to catch a pass is allowed as long as they land with at least one foot on their tile. Two nerf footballs are going simultaneously.  They must keep at least one foot on their square at all times and may not move to another square until the end of the 2 minutes and "scramble" is announced.  The older grades (4th +) are allowed to intercept footballs forcing the opposing team to start back at zero.  If a ball hits the ground due to an unsuccessful pass the counting starts over with zero count to the player who retrieves the ball.  The counting needs to be loud enough for all the hear which keeps the excitement high.  At the end Cooperation and encouragement are emphasized.  It comes natural for the success of this game and the kids catch on right away.  The only thing you may want to watch is that they are not passing back and forth to the same person.  The ball must not ever go back to the person it was passed from. Sally

Here are some "academic activities" that will be/have been going on in our building regarding the Steelers:
**  Phonemic Awareness using players names...counting syllables/same beginning sound
**  High frequency word football game:  I made a football field on the could get really creative and make a more colorful one, but mine worked.  I drew the 10yd. lines.  I had two Steelers, one Denver.  The kids were in two teams.  I flashed a sight word and the first student to say the word, their ball moved ten yards.  When they made a "touchdown" the captain got to choose anyone on their team to spell a word of my choice.  I used Roethlisberger, January etc...I had on a Ben shirt and January was on the board, so if they used their "resources"  they were able to spell the words!  You could also do this with math facts/number recognition. 
**  Upper grades wrote their own Steeler fight song.
**  Football Toss-measurement
**  Copy the info regarding Steeler logo off the internet.  Have the kids read it and do comprehension questions. - Terri Lombardo
(Remember, you can modify Terri's great ideas to go along with your favorite team!)

Terri Lombardo's Kindergartners are pretty excited about the black and gold! Below you can see some of the ways her class is getting ready for some football and learning at the same time. All the clipart found in Terri's pictures came from the Steeler website/kid zone. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Terri!!!

Students get to put the football next to their favorite player. Terri's class happens to be in Steeler Country so her only choices were for Steelers numbers. Still you could do this for any team or you could use players from two teams. Once your students make their choice and place it on the graph, you can discuss the graph and practice reading the graph as a group. For the older students, you could create a questions sheet about the graph and have them read the sheet and answer the questions independently.

What Steeler did the students pick the most often?

How many students picked number 43?

What Steeler had 2 votes?

Which Steeler was the favorite?

Which Steeler was the least favorite?...

These little football Steeler players are so cute. You could use the same pattern and change the colors to go with your favorite team.

These helmets are great. They would also make great covers to a book. You could have your students write about their favorite team to place inside the helmet. The links on the bottom of the page will take you to a football helmet pattern. Print the pattern and your teams logo and create these great helmets.

Everything looks so nice displayed on a door or bulletin board!

Football Vocabulary Words For a Football Word Wall
Here are some words that you could write on little football graphics and place in a pocket chart.
Your students could practice reading the words and using the words in sentences.
You could also pick a few to add to the weekly spelling list.

bench championship defender flagposts forward foul
linesman pass player referee opponent receiver
touchdown fumble helmet huddle tackle punt

For the Super Bowl, print the logos for the two playing teams on slips of paper. Give each logo to each student, so that they have one of each (Pittsburgh - Seattle). Have them fold a sheet of paper in half and write, I think this team will win the Super Bowl on one side. On the other side of the paper have them write, I think this team will not win the Super Bowl. Then allow the students to glue the logo under the statement of their choice. Then hand out envelopes. Have your students place their votes in the envelope, seal the envelope, and write their name on the outside of the envelope. Collect the envelopes and create a graph with the results. Hand out the graph and have the students answer questions about the graph. When the Super Bowl is over, hand out the envelopes and allow the students to see if their guess was the right one. Then you can discuss percentages with older students.

Free PDF Printables From Teaching Heart

Football Drop Game
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Football Rhyme Activity
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Like our free printables?
You'll love our CDROMS and packets!
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How about some crafts?

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Make this and it can be used as a centerpiece come game time.



Just for fun... Check Out This Party seen below. Looks like some fun!


And look at these cupcakes. O, so cute!!!

You can see the
recipe here.

I love cake pops. You can see how to make the ones below, here.

I love how the ones below are displayed... Learn more here!

Here is my try at Steelers Balls. I used the Oreo Recipe to make these. You can learn more here!

Check out Family Fun for these Touch Down Treats and more...

How about making some football sandwhiches. Mmmmm!

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Football Books To read To Your Class!

More Football Fun!!!

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