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Below you will find a hodgepodge of egg & chick ideas, links, books, printables, and more. 
There are all different grade levels represented, so be sure to take a look at all the activities
and hopefully you may find an idea suitable for your class.

Update March 14, 2003
Still working on this... Have more to add!


Some of My Favorite Activities

A hanging chart that reads:
I found a little egg on day and out hatched a _____
What do you think I heard it say? __________________________  

1.)  Read the story Seven Eggs by Meridith Hooper to your class. 

2.)  Once the story is finished start a discussion on eggs and the animals that hatch from eggs. 

3.)  Have a student tell you a name of an animal that hatches from an egg.

4.)  Write the students response on a sentence strip.

5.)  Have that student pick a friend to tell you the sound that animal makes.

6.)  Write the students repines on a sentence strip.

7.)  Repeat steps 3-6, three-five more times.

8.)  Now call on a student to come up to the hanging chart and place two of the strips in the corresponding places.

9.)  Next, take down the students response and place the used strips aside.

10.) Call on another student to repeat step 8.

11.) Repeat until all the strips have been used

An Egg Craft

Cut giant Easter eggs from 12x18 sheets of construction paper or tagboard. Mix sweetened condensed milk with food coloring to create several colors of "egg paint". Paint this mixture onto the eggs and let dry thoroughly. The eggs usually take 24 hours to dry! When dry, the eggs sparkle!

An Egg Game
Draw and cut out two large cardboard eggs. Decorate them with paint,
markers, or crayons. Have each player choose a partner and give each
pair of players two eggs. To play: In each pair, there is a hopper and a
helper. Starting at one end of the room, the helper places an egg on the
floor in front of the hopper, who hops onto it with both feet. The helper
then places the other egg a little way ahead and the hopper jumps onto it.
This continues until the pair gets to the end of the room. Now players
change roles. The first pair back to the starting line wins.

This activity will 'egg-up' visual-discrimination skills and could be used as a center game.  

You need to make one or more:
1.)  Repeatedly trace a three-inch jar pattern onto a large posterboard cutout.
2.)  Trace and cut out a matching number of white construction paper eggs.
3.)  Using colored markers, decorate the jar as desired and program each egg cutout with different patterns.
4.)  Cut each decorated cutout in half.
5.)  Glue 1/2 of each cutout atop a different oval on the jar cutout.
6.)  Laminate for durability and store store the halves of the eggs in an egg bag.
7.)  Attach a laminated bunny cutout to the back of the jar.  

This is how it works:
1.)  The student draws a egg half from the bag.
2.)  Then places it next to it's matching half on the jar

Provide a basket of assorted colors of plastic eggs and a few empty egg cartons.  Cut construction paper egg shapes in the colors that match your plastic eggs.  Glue the eggs shapes in various patterns onto tagboard and laminate.  Have your students select a pattern card, then extend the pattern by placing plastic eggs in the egg carton.

Dye eggs the natural way, kids think this is neat. Explain that the earliest Easter eggs were died this way. Here are some ideas for colors:

Green: Frozen spinach (the block that comes in a box)

Purple: Blackberries

Tan: Onion Skins

Yellow: Coffee

Pink: Beets

Peachy color: Carrots

You will need to boil the colors till they are the color you would like. This project takes awhile but it is worth it.

Students will make cotton ball chicks in real egg halves.
For each chick - one egg shell cleaned with bleach and left to dry. One yellow cotton ball. Two
googly eyes or black eyes made with hole punch. Small orange triangle. glue
Students glue the cotton ball in the egg shell. Add eyes and mouth.


Some Ideas From Our CDROM # 3
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Writing Center Idea!

You could use these strips as you wish. 
One idea is to use them as a writing center.
Have them posted at the center for your
students to read.  Then have them copy
the sentences and pictures into their own book
to take home.  A sheet is provided on our CDROM
if you choose to have them use this as a writing center.
Each strip has a sentence and illustration to match the strips say...

What's inside the eggs?
See the eggs inside the nest.
See the eggs begin to crack.
See the eggs hatch.
See the baby chicks.

Click Here to learn more.

Picture Coming...

Sentence Strips - It Started as an Egg!

In the box on the right you will see sentence strips.
Each strip has a sentence and a picture to match it.

It started as an egg.
Crack, crack, a snake is hatching from an egg.
Crack, crack a robin is hatching from an egg.
Crack, crack, a frog is hatching from an egg...

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Eight Excellent Eggs Mini Book

This book is for the students to create.
The words are written and the students illustrate
to match the text. When they are finished, they
have a great book to take home and share. Here
is the text from the first four pages of the nine page

On Monday the first egg hatched and out came a fish.
On Tuesday the second egg hatched and out came a spider.
On Wednesday the third egg hatched and out came a turtle.
On Thursday the fourth egg hatched and out came a chick...

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Help Mother Hen Put Her Chicks in Order

This center can be used in a pocket chart
or make more than one center and place them
in baggies for your students to take pack to their
seat and complete. Find graphics of chicks
and give each chick a name. The student
must then place the chicks in ABC order.
I have the students complete a center sheet
after they finish this center. This allows me to view
the sheet later to ensure the student understood
the concept of the center. All the materials for this center
and the center sheet are included on the CDROM!!!

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The Talking Eggs: A Folktale from the American South

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by Robert san Souci

The activities below can be used with the above book.  This book may be a good idea to use with the theme of eggs.

Reading the Book

1.)  Show students the cover and ask them to predict what they think it might be about based on the title and the pictures. 2.)  Write three-five predictions on the board and have the class vote on which prediction they think will be most accurate. 3.)  Tally the votes next to the predictions. 4.)  Read the book and pause at appropriate moments and ask children to predict will happen next. 5.)  Allow the students to examine the details in each picture, and discuss them. 6.)  When you reach the middle of the story look back over the predictions.   7.)  Have the class add more or take away some. 8.)  At the end of the story, discuss which prediction was most accurate. 9.)  To encourage critical thinking discuss the following? -Do you think you would of done what Blanche did?  Why or why not?  Why do you think Blanche was able to control herself so well? -What about Rose?  Did not following orders make her a bad person?  Why or why not?


1.)  In The Talking Eggs, the author uses similes to create pictures in the reader's mind.  Discuss the term simile with the class.  Tell them that similes use the words like or as to compare objects or people in order to show similarities.   2.)  After the above discussion, hand a piece of paper to the students. 3.)  Have the students fold their paper to make four squares. 4.)  Tell the class that you a re going to read a sentence from the book that is a simile. 5.)  Tell them that you want them to picture in their mind what they see when you say the sentence. 6.)  Once they have written the sentence you dictate and write on the board they need to draw a pictures of what they see.   Here are some sentences from the book you may choose to use... *They lived on a farm so poor; it looked like the tail end of bad luck. *Blanche was sweet and kind and sharp as forty crickets. *These chickens did not cluck, but whistled like mocking birds. *A Cow with two heads, and horns like corkscrews, peered over a fence...   7.)  Have students share their drawings and explain the picture they saw.

  Egg Book  IDEA

  Have each student bring in an egg recipe from home.  Have each child draw a picture of their recipe.  Type up the recipes and bind them with copies of the other projects done.  Allow the students to take the books home.

Egg-stra Special File Folder Game

Use egg patterns and write halves of compound words from the story on egg halves.  Have the students match the words to form complete eggs. Suggested Words: +afternoon +cakewalk +matchbox +underbrush +handsome +breakfast +tonight +woodpile +corkscrews +mockingbirds +anything +backwoods +something +anywhere

  The Magic Wishing Well

1.)  Reread the part of the story where Blanche meets the old aunt at the well. 2.)  Tell the class to close their eyes and imagine that they have come across a magic wishing well. 3.)  Discuss the following questions and record the students responses. >What wish would you want granted? >Why do you want it? >Why would getting your wish make you happy? >Who would you share your wish with? >How would you life change with your wish? 4.)  Now show the class a premade wishing well.  The center (wall) of the well should have lines on it. 5.)  Tell the class that now they will write a story on the wishing well about what they would wish for and how it would come true.


Great Books To Match This Unit!!!!
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Rechenka's Eggs (Paperstar)

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Inside an Egg (Lerner Natural Science)

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Egg to Chick (I Can Read)

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Chickens Aren't the Only Ones

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Chicken's Aren't The Only Ones Thematic Unit (AWESOME)

The Chick That Wouldn't Hatch

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A Nest Full of Eggs (Let'S-Read-And-Find-Out Science)

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Owen's Marshmallow Chick

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Daisy and the Egg

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Who's Hatching? (A Sliding Surprise Book)

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An Egg Is an Egg (Paperstar)

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An Extraordinary Egg

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Emma's Eggs

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The Egg (First Discovery Book)

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Eggs and Chicks

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This Little Chick

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Fleecy Friends: Fleecy Chick

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See How They Grow: Chick

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Dora's Chicks

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Horton Hatches the Egg

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What's Hatching - Activities for Horton Hatches the Egg

Great Things To Print!


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