Hodge Podge of Ideas

These ideas are taken from mailrings and sent to me from various visitors. I hope I gave everyone the credit they deserve. Thanks!

Here are some "magic" recipes.

Leprechaun pie
1 tablespoon pistachio pudding mix
1 tablespoon milk
1 tablespoon cool whip

Mix and serve in a portion cup.

Leprechaun Party Dip
1 pint sour cream
1 tablespoon dill
1/2 tsp seasoning salt
2 drops green food coloring

Mix and serve with green veggies.

Leprechaun Punch
1 can limeade
1 liter 7-up
1 qt vanilla ice cream

mix in a punch bowl and serve

When the class comes in from recess, they find cups with
almost 2 Tbs. of powder in them and a note from a
Leprechaun who dropped by. He tells them to stir one half
cup of milk in the magic powder and see what happens.
We make guesses and are amazed to see the powder turn green
and thicken to make pistachio pudding that most of them
have never tasted. One package of instant pistachio pudding makes 4 servings.
There is a little over 7 tablespoons of pudding in a


1. Creative Writing on shamrock shaped paper: What would you do if you found a pot of gold, What is really at the end of the rainbow, A leprechaun came to room 6, what would you do with a 100 LB potato.

2. Make a class graph of whether or not your students believe in leprechauns.

3. Get a 5 LB bag of potatoes. As a class estimate how many potatoes are int he bag. Arrange them from biggest to smallest. Estimate how many teddy bear counters the biggest and smallest weigh, check your answer. Estimate how many eyes are on all the potatoes in the bag. When you are done, make potato soup (see the recipe below)

4. Bring in different types of potato dishes for your kids to taste, baked, fried, mashed and scalloped. Graph which they liked best.

5. Bring in green foods such as Jell-O, lettuce, broccoli etc. Graph the green foods you like best, then write a green food book!

6. Go on a tour of your school, write down everything green you see. You can make a class book A Wee Bit O'Green at the _______ School.

7. Place some lucky charms in a bag for each student. You can graph the different marshmallows. You can also do story problems like add your horshoe marshmallows to your rainbow. Etc.

8. Make potato prints.

9. Go on a leprechaun hunt. Ask one teacher in your building to hold a leprechaun doll and a pot of chocolate gold coins or some other treasure. Ask other teachers to hold one color of the rainbow. Tell the class you are going to the end of the rainbow. As you travel to different classes you will get a red card, orange card etc. from each room. When you get the violet card from the last teacher, you have earned the leprechauns pot of gold!

10. Make rainbow writing...Make a rainbow shape on each ray have a frame Something that is red is _______, Something that is orange is _______, etc. When they finish they can draw what they would like to see at the end of their rainbow!

11. Cut strips of all the colors of the rainbow. Each child will trace and cut out a cloud shape and hang the different colors from their cloud.

12. Fill your estimation jar with chocolate gold coins, or rainbow Skittles!



MATERIALS (for the creative writing activities below):

green paper cut in shape of shamrocks,black magic marker,glitter

black paper cut in the shape of a pot

writing paper,pencils

leprechaun pattern(s)


Students create their own leprechaun stories from ideas written on the shamrocks. Students brainstorm their own ideas to write on the shamrocks: (glue glitter around the edge of each shamrock)

  • A leprechaun who lost his magic powers

    I woke up one morning and the world was green

    A wizard cast a spell on all the leprechauns

    The blarney stone is missing!

    I finally caught a leprechaun

    The day I found, not a pot of gold, but a pot of leprechaun dust!

  • Final drafts are written on white paper and leprechaun pattern is placed over, near or behind the story so it looks as if the leprechaun is holding the story! (or pattern can be traced over the story for a nice effect)


    Draw a very large outline G on a piece of green paper using a black magic marker or use white paper and a green magic marker. On the G write green things:

  • Eat something green and write about it

    Make a list of "gr" words. Draw a picture of two of them (grape, grandma)

    Make a green picture; use various shades of green

    Write a story..If I Had A Green Thumb

    Bring something green from home

    Who is Captain Kangaroo's helper? (for us oldies..it is Mr. Green Jeans)

    Write these green thing words in a sentence(s) (frog, snake, olives, lizard, apple, dinosaurs, pickle)


    Cut another set of shamrocks or write these on a worksheet:

  • Double your age

    Double three sets of triplets

    Double the number of players on a baseball team

    Double the number of toes and then add your nose!

    Double three sets of twins

    Double the number of classmates in your room

    And so on



    1. green paper cut into shamrocks

      black magic marker

      construction paper made into a rainbow

      black paper cut into the shape of a pot or use a plastic black pot(place

      a small dish filled with candy behind the paper pot)

      wrapped gold papered candy


  • Duplicate about 20 shamrocks and write a different multiplication fact (or whatever concept you want to stress) on each one number each shamrock sequentially(1-20)

    Make a trail of shamrocks that lead to the end of the rainbow. (Looks great on a wall leading to a bulletin board)

    Students number their papers from 1-20 and copy the fact from each shamrock; each fact is then answered.

    When the student arrives at the end of the rainbow, an answer key is used to check all work;

    Then the student takes a piece of "gold" (gold-wrapped candy)



  • jello instant pistachio pudding

    baby food jars




  • Place one tablespoon of leprechaun dust (the instant pudding) in a jar (1 for each student)

    Add 1/4 cup of milk

    Place cap on the jar and have your little leprechauns shake away!!

    (Adding the milk to the instant pudding turns it green!!! The kids love it!!)

    Enjoy the result! Let the imaginations fly!

    Always have a camera ready...the results of any activity make a great addition to class and individual photo albums

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